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  1. 4 months out, photos
  2. Help/Advice Needed - 33 yr old considering 2500 FUT HT
  3. What happened to Dr. Wolf?
  4. FUEing to Scar
  5. Reliable Graft Count?
  6. Can I deduct my transplant?
  7. Men who will have a high risk for male pattern baldness?
  8. Spex in London 8th March 2010
  9. Travel Tips for the HT traveller.
  10. new and need advice
  11. best canditates for HT?
  12. autologous hair transplantation
  13. HTs and meds
  14. donor hair from side of head?
  15. Hair Club for Men
  16. time off from work
  17. Going for it!
  18. Two months and two weeks after HT, no growth
  19. 1st consultation, need advice!
  20. FUE using donor hair from body
  21. Pre-Op and Post-Op questions
  22. Hair Transplant Docs in the Boston area
  23. PRP + CIT "non-strip" hair transplant method testimonial
  24. How does a standard shedding look like?
  25. Second Procedure
  26. Scalp Exercises and Previous Scar
  27. 31 yo, first HT - to front only or front and crown?
  28. Miniaturization test?
  29. About 6 mos post-op, feeling "pluggy"
  30. FUE vs FUT and Doctor Recommendation
  31. Spex in DESPERATE need of a hair cut! - Suggestions?
  32. is this a Rare Complication?? Need Advice !
  33. Shaving recipient area or not?
  34. Bobman on TV!
  35. Should I try FUE? | Dr. Jeffrey Epstein Responds
  36. Hair transplant Ranking system- Input helpful
  37. Hi I'm 26 and ready with the transplant
  38. Too early to do a hair transplant?
  39. Weird, no shedding, very concerned
  40. Possible to lower your hairline after a transplantation?
  41. Hasson And Wong UK Consultant in London Wednesday 14th of April
  42. Scar itchiness
  43. Post-Op, can I shave my head?
  44. About to pull the trigger
  45. Just read a hair transplant article and now Iím confused.
  46. New here, also have a question for Doctors
  47. 29yr old Female Seeking Advice on Dr. Schweiger or Dr. Sadick
  48. Do the new transplanted hairs always fall out, before growing?
  49. Thinking about getting PRP? Doctors?
  50. Help Please, quick question
  51. I think it's time to do some serious research
  53. 3.5 months update on my necrotis area ! extremely slow healing !!
  54. Spex in London - 19th -20th May
  55. 2000 Graft FUE procedure but not happy
  56. Scar Question for Someone with Knowledge
  57. Shock loss around the scar???
  58. Hello everyone, I'm new here ......
  59. 22 yo Considering HT (Looking for Advice)
  60. Concern about scar later in life.
  61. Crusting 3 months post op
  62. Is it worth having a transplant if I wont take meds
  63. Graft loss at 3 months??
  64. Qualified MD's In Boston!
  65. advice on best option
  66. Future Hair Loss After Transplant
  67. Hair Transplant To 'Fix' A Cow Lick?
  68. Donar Scar Repair from 13 year old grafts...
  69. ht advice... time to act... 1st ever post
  70. Dr Cole CIT non shaven transplant
  71. Hair Transplant Scab Scare
  72. Hasson & Wong Los Angeles Consultation Office
  73. Just got done
  74. 2 Hair Transplants at 18
  75. Unusual 7 Hair Follicular Units
  76. i need your opinion
  77. What will it cost me?
  78. clinic in Turkey.
  79. How much will this cost me?
  80. Redness and Color Normalization
  81. Like/regret your hair transplant?
  82. 1st HT on Wednesday (June 3) with Dr. Rahal
  83. Info all inside! Thanks guys!
  84. Shock loss in donor area
  85. Second opinion needed
  86. Suggestions for quality repair work in Washington DC area.
  87. What can I expect after 8 mos?
  88. Post Op Blues
  89. 8 - 18 months is an Important time frame
  90. Pulling staples out of your own head with pliers
  91. Repair work
  92. Hairline lowering (advancement)
  93. I want to change hair shampoo
  94. Hair Loss/Shock Loss 8 months post-op - Help!
  95. Dr. Epstein - Upcoming NYC Trip
  96. Concealers and Post op
  97. Hasson And Wong Consultations In London 7th July
  98. Please help, who is the best hair transplant doctor?
  99. "Different Options in Surgical Hair Restoration" by Jeffrey S. Epstein, MD
  100. Number of Folicular Units needed....
  101. Propecia and Androgel
  102. Post hair transplant minoxidil usage
  103. Just had FUE done, Which store i can buy BIOTIN spray at?
  104. Hair Transplant Costs?
  105. Dr Rahal - New York City consults. Friday, July 9th.
  106. Cicatricial Alopecia Conference for Hair Surgeons
  107. Dr. Epstein - Upcoming visit to Las Vegas!
  108. Hasson & Wong Los Angeles Consultations July 19-23
  109. Newbie HT Advice please!
  110. Post OP 3 days, transplant doesn't seem right (worried)
  111. Worlds best?
  112. Accidentally Scratched Grafted Area - 2 wks post-op
  113. Golf hats for bald men
  114. Propecia - Denial?
  115. Dr. Epstein / Upcoming NYC Visit!
  116. chicago doctor
  117. choice between 3 doctors???
  118. Office Job - Post Surgery Advice?
  119. How bad is the scar?
  120. Hot hair dryer/blower
  121. whats the maxium follicles for hair transplant?
  122. The secret to our results revealed...
  123. Strip Scar repair with another strip procedure?
  124. Scar repair with another strip procedure???
  125. A stupid question.
  126. Hair Loss and Height
  127. Hasson & Wong patient image used on another clinic's website
  128. strip scar removal DR.????
  129. Dr Peter Williams
  130. H&W Los Angeles Consultations/August 16th - 20th
  131. Hasson And Wong UK Consultant in London Friday 27th of August
  132. Hair Transplants and Propecia - Question For Doctors
  133. Dr. Cole's South Korea Branch (are the doctors specialized in FUE in this branch?)
  134. Transplanted hairs not falling out?
  135. Seriously how long do you wait for a transplant
  136. 9.5 months after fue, hair shedding badly
  137. What part of the HT process did you find most difficult?
  138. Contracting New Superbugs from Having surgery in India and Pakistan
  139. has anyone flown(air) since having a scalp reduction?
  140. HT question: Europe vs North America
  141. Hair Transplant Doctors in New Jersey/New York/PA?
  142. my FUE @ Rahal
  143. Anapelli Hair Clinic (Dr. John Frank)
  144. Considering a transplantation, age 20
  145. Feller Medical UK Consultations
  146. Dr. Jeffrey Epstein - NYC Visit 8/26-27
  147. is mpb painfull,
  148. my FUE @ Rahal
  149. Experienced and good hair transplant doctors in South Korea? (specialized in the FUE)
  150. Am I a right Candidate For HT? Help!!
  151. my FUE @ Rahal, one week pics
  152. Need Dr Info on Dr. Frederick N Quarles
  153. 24 days post op
  154. Hair Transplants Being a diabetic ?
  155. Hasson & Wong Los Angeles Consultations in September
  156. Dr. Jeffrey Epstein / Los Angeles, California Oct. 6th
  157. Scalp Exercises, the new video...
  158. Finding other Chinese East Asian results Please
  159. John Cleese
  160. Is it possible with my budget?
  161. The Bald Truth Live Tonight 7pmPST/10pmEST
  162. I am finally ready to deal with my receding Hairline
  163. 31 and Very Much Wanting Surgery
  164. Need help in deciding on Dr. Bessam Farjo
  165. how to check if right number of hairs have been transplanted
  166. how to check if right number of hairs have been transplanted
  167. Starting to get thin hair- want a recommenced Dr. in Raleigh NC area
  168. Dr. Meshkin -- Socal
  169. The Bald Truth Live Tonight 5pmPST/8pmEST
  170. Family history of high NW - Shouldnt that signal no HT
  171. Posted photos,Need feedback
  172. Upcoming Trips - Tampa and NYC
  173. Dr. G. Charles-Boca Raton Review
  174. Anyone heard of Dr. Vories in SC?
  175. Dr Reyes.
  176. This makes me a really bad candidate for HT, right?
  177. who to chose from???
  178. i had a HT and here's pics of a balding man and wearing hair
  179. Quick Advice Needed in DC
  180. Hair Transplant by Dr Jack Fisher
  181. HT in St Louis, MO
  182. Dr. Jeffrey Epstein is on the move!
  183. TITLE: My 3rd Hair Transplant Experience - Charles Medical Group, Boca Raton Florida
  184. Mr Confused
  185. H&W Los Angeles in October, from the 11th to the 15th
  186. ISHRS VS IAHRS Help!!
  187. Scar revision/correction
  188. Anyone heard of Coastal Hair Restoration
  189. fue donor area.
  190. A very serious topic: Qualifications for Scalp Surgery
  191. Strip Scar Hell
  192. Balloonman
  193. Body Hair Transplant, how much can be transplanted?
  194. long, fine, straight hair. is a HT possible?
  195. Recommendation for surgeons in Canada
  196. Fitness Icon Monica Brant Undergoes Live Hair Transplant Surgery TODAY
  197. Realistic Expectations...
  198. Medications may be reducing effectiveness of Propecia?
  199. Thinning around Strip scar???
  200. 1500+ grafts with Dr. Charles October 6th 2010
  201. Impressive Finasteride Results
  202. 1500+ Grafts -FUT- Dr. Feller - 9/30/2010
  203. When does it fall off ?
  204. Hair Greed
  205. Will Drugs During/After Operation Cause Side Effects?
  206. Who's the Best Hair Transplant Doctor?
  207. Doctor won't return Emails?
  208. Recommend HT doctor
  209. Hasson And Wong UK Consultant in London Wednesday the 10th of November
  210. HT Round #3 - 4600 Grafts Dr. Hasson - Progress Thread w/ pics
  211. HELP: Hair Transplant - pro's and con's
  212. Dr. Jeffrey Epstein / Boston
  213. Hair dresser anxiety.
  214. Feller Medical UK consultations with Spex
  215. these people keep emailing me. Anybody ever heard of Nu/Hart Hair Clinics
  216. Dr Fellers Generosity, 2nd Surgery with Dr Feller by PhilUKrepair
  217. Sutures
  218. My HT experience
  219. MHR is officially Bosley? Is that right?
  220. If I have a somewhat thin donor area, is that the end of the road for me?
  221. Dr. Gabel will be in Seattle, WA on November 5, 2010 for consultations
  222. Can I have short hair with a transplant?
  223. H&W Los Angeles in November, 15th through the 19th
  224. Dr. Jerry Cooley -The Bald Truth Live Tonight 7pmPST/10pmEST
  225. Dr. Jerry Cooley - ACell MatriStem Slide Video Presentation
  226. Austin Hair Transplant -Dr. Dan McGrath Live Surgery On The Bald Truth
  227. HT 1500+ graphs Dr Glenn Charles on 10/29/10
  228. talk about shock loss
  229. Dr Kesser method of extraction.
  230. Another young gun...
  231. GQ Mag article
  232. "Hair implanting"?
  233. Considering Dr. Rahal
  234. time off work after FUE
  235. Hasson And Wong UK Consultant in London Wednesday the 1st of December
  236. Dr Feller - UK patient, 3300 grafts, 7 months post op
  237. No HAIR growth AFTER 5 months HT (help!!)
  238. Need some advice ..
  239. HT Reversal by Doctor Cole
  240. 6 month results
  241. 6228 grafts with Dr. Rahal
  242. Will a hair transplant interfere with...
  243. propicia/drinks!!
  244. Sometimes I notice a hair with a ball at the end of it. Transplanted hair falling out
  245. No growth in donor area
  246. Which friggin surgeon is actually reputable?
  247. Trying to understand the hair transplant protocol. Can U lend insight?
  248. Stiffness in donar area..
  249. Consult with Dr. Gabel in Seattle, WA on December 27, 2010
  250. Dr. Gary Hitzig on The Bald Truth Live Tonight 7pmPST/10pmEST