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  1. Depression after 13 months
  2. Getting an FUE Procedure Soon; Questions About Circumstances
  3. Electrolysis Hair Transplant Repair? Dr. Cooley Documentary Part 4
  4. Post 6 month FUE: overharvested?
  5. About to take the plunge - my story
  6. LPP after hair transplant
  7. diffuse hairloss, still want to get HT
  8. Lurker here -- just had 1500 FUTs and now I'm recovering
  9. New member needing advise
  10. Can my kind of thinning be helped with a hair transplant?
  11. The Guardian covering Hair Loss and Hair Transplants
  12. Will you be annoyed? Hair transplant patients.
  13. Question about my current transplant(7 months post op)
  14. My Nw0 Ht. Density, Color And Shape Issue
  15. Peace of mind would be nice
  16. Did I get a bad hair transplant?
  17. Did my hair transplant doctor miss a spot?
  18. Looking to hear about experiences with Dr. Rahal
  19. Any HTs with dr Paul coterill in Toronto
  20. Who is the Best Hair Transplant surgeon in Texas
  21. Recommendation for Doctor in San Francisco Bay Area
  22. 8 Months Post-Op. How are my results?
  23. Im 25 years old male and thinking about HT
  24. Trailer/Preview of my visit with Dr. Bernard Arocha and Arocha Hair Restoration
  25. Meet Dr. Arvind Poswal in Las Vegas, Sep 24 - Oct 2
  26. 25 yo thinking of getting a HT / Poll: How did you pick your HT Surgeon?
  27. 5 months post-op, transplanted hairs are falling out again. Any ideas why?
  28. What to expect shedding and growth
  29. Minoxidil and shampoo advice
  30. Study Measures Benefits of Hair Transplantation
  31. My Reintroduction...
  32. Hair Transplant Documentary Series, Dr. Ron Shapiro Part 4
  33. DR RAHAL - UK representative?
  34. Best Hair Transplant
  35. Where to go UK?
  36. Am I a good candidate?
  37. Can somebody walk me through the timeline of hair transplant growth
  38. Hospitals W/O Borders?
  39. Do NOT Have a Hair Transplant!!!
  40. The doctor's plight - Concerned Observer
  41. Hair Transplant Down Time
  42. FUT in Malaga with Dr Casqero Vinci Clinic
  43. Opinion-scheduled and nervous
  44. 6 months post HT (Before after photos)
  45. Number of Hair Transplant Sessions required ?
  46. The Importance of The Hairline
  47. Dr Ozgur and The Hairline Clinic
  48. Hair Transplants - Post Op Growth Timeline
  49. My Hair Transplant Journey. NW Stage 6 bald guy to thinning hair guy in 7 months
  50. Conflicting advice about how many grafts I may need
  51. Hair Transplant Documentary, Charlotte North Carolina, with Dr. Jerry Cooley
  52. Lurker turned poster...
  53. 7 months post hair transplant results
  54. Skin after hair transplant
  55. World FUE Institute Workshop - This is For Doctors AND BTT Members!
  56. Concerned about grafts
  57. Going bald after a hairline restoration procedure
  58. What's with my hairline?
  59. Hanson and Wong - Canadian or US Dollars?
  60. Launch of 'BESTHAIR' Mobile App by Dr. A's Clinic
  61. Confused about being suitable for a FUE transplant!
  62. Hair Transplant Questions Answered !
  63. exactly what WOULD happen if someone else's hair was grafted in to my head?
  64. Fungal Infections that cause hair loss?
  65. Continuous hair shedding after 3 months of HT
  66. Hair Transplant 3 clinics Glasgow/Malaga
  67. @ What month did YOU experience most growth?
  68. Longevita Istanbul Turkey
  69. Free Consultations with Parsa Mohebi, Open House 10/29/16, 3-5pm
  70. Jose Canseco Hair Transplant With Dr. Mohebi
  71. Parsa Mohebi Live Snapchat Schedule for the Week of 10.17.16
  72. Worried about Post-Op look
  73. Skype Consultations with Spex
  74. Consult MYWHTC's New Team of Expert Doctors in Atlanta
  75. Early growth for FUE from PRP? Dr. Arocha patient at 2 months
  76. 9 days post fue - slightly worried
  77. Why is your hairline important?
  78. Chronicle pain after HT
  79. My surgery with Dr LUpanzula 13/10
  80. Best transplant clinic based in London?
  81. Norwood 2 - 1700 grafts FUE - CLINICANA. Dr. Rawad Attar. Istanbul, Turkey 10/18/2016
  82. Objective advice/discussion about Turkish clinics
  83. What happened to the Bald Truth show?
  84. Considering Hair Transplant....I have questions.
  85. 6-month Post-Op. Not too happy, expected it a little thicker...or am I wrong?
  86. Red spot on hairline
  87. Overwhelmed looking for a doctor in the tri state area.
  88. Hair transplant reversal
  89. Hair Transplant Texture Issues
  90. Why is Dr Ali Emre Karadeniz not on IAHRS anymore?
  91. Are there now any good HT Doctors in the UK?
  92. LEGAL Ruling - Delegation of Surgery in Hair Transplantation
  93. Congratulations to Dr. Lupanzula, awarded at the 6th ABCRC Congress!
  94. Bald Truth Show on Hiatus
  95. Shiny skin texture in receipient area
  96. Concerned about FUE results so far in month 7
  97. New Hair for Life: 23 Year Old (2401 grafts): Carlos K. Wesley, M.D. (NYC & LA)
  98. 4000 grafts FUE - Dr.CINIK, Istanbul, Turkey 18 Oct 2016
  99. Dr Acar - Cosmedica 4700 grafts FUE Istanbul / Turkey
  100. Shedding 6 months post op ~200 a day
  101. Bandanna
  102. January is the month!
  103. What are my options?
  104. Best Surgeon in Toronto?
  105. Clinicana or Cosmedica in Istanbul for FUE
  106. Betadine after hair transplant
  107. Opinions on Reinforcing Hairline, FUE with 1600 Grafts
  108. Hair transplant? 26 year old (pics)
  109. My FUE hair transplant story at Adem & Havva in Istanbul
  110. Need Some Advice Re. Erdogan for FUE
  111. 3382 FUE - Lupanzula
  112. Scheduled An FUE Session: Need Some Advice!
  113. Venturing into Hair Transplants ?
  114. Dr Hakan Doganay - my experience documented
  115. Are There Any Good HT Doctors In Australia?
  116. LA Consultations for Dr. Scott Alexander
  117. 22 year old with diffuse thinning
  118. My Hair Transplant with Dr. Tejinder Bhatti
  119. Hair loss after Hair Transplant, What's happening?
  120. Parsa Mohebi Live Snapchat Schedule for the Week of 12.12.16
  121. FUE 2 months post op. 3000 grafts. Your opinion please.
  122. 22 Year Old Seeking Hair Transplant Advice
  123. worried after my 3rd HT
  124. Hair Transplant in Turkey: How to Pay
  125. NEOGRAFT FUE Transplant--2 years after Treatment
  126. What's one issue that you feel never gets addressed in forum discussions?
  127. Smalle hair transplant
  128. FUE Over harvest-How common?
  129. Shock loss or accelerated MPB ?
  130. ARTAS robotic site making success in Chicago by Dr Turowski
  131. Dr Scott Alexander - 11 month update (2,000 grafts)
  132. baldlivesmatter transplant experience
  133. Is there any way to get to the shedding phase sooner?
  134. Transplant without Finasteride / Propecia
  135. Am I balding/thinning/etc?
  136. Dr raghu reddy - the private clinic - advice
  137. What might happen if you shave hair in the recipient area too soon?
  138. Any1 from Toronto do surgery in turkey?
  139. Considering HT. Need advice.
  140. How long to keep discrete?
  141. Turkey - Which one ?
  142. Fue uk
  143. Living with a Hair Transplant-25,000 hairs over 25 years-HT Class #4
  144. 2nd transplant before and post op pics - expert review requested
  145. hair loss on donor site
  146. The Run up to Hair Transplant Surgery
  147. Hair transplant advice for 22 year-old
  148. Dr. Lupanzula, MeDiKemos // UK consultations / London, January 28th 2017
  149. Dr. Lupanzlua Consultations in London, January 28th, 2017
  150. Did my research ready to take the plunge
  151. Fue Hair Transplant In Australia - Dr Woods, Dr Alam
  152. Advice Needed
  153. rejuvenate clinic Harley street
  154. Carlos K. Wesley, MD (NYC) 2019 grafts - Intraoperative and 12 months later
  155. Advice Needed On Travel Please; Worried
  156. PRP + Acell journey
  157. The Bald Truth LIVE Tonight 8pm EST.
  158. Stopping hair loss with science and perseverance
  159. hair transplant 20 years old
  160. Please Help Me Choose A Strip Surgeon For First hair transplant On Virgin Scalp
  161. Mohebi Open House 1/21/17 from 3-5pm
  162. F.U.E into freshly harvested Doner area
  163. Never new Dr Ball (Maitland clinic) had undergone a HT, Just read this article
  164. anyone hear of asli tarcan hair transplant clinic in turkey?
  165. Parsa Mohebi Live Snapchat Schedule for the Week of 1.16.17
  166. My visit to Arocha Hair Restoration - Part 1 - Hair Transplant DocuSeries
  167. Does it matter which solution is used to store harvested grafts for during HT?
  168. Is it good to have PRP treatment during HT?
  169. Question on shaving and concealers post op
  170. Looking for reccomendations for UK, midlands idealy but open to suggestions elsewhere
  171. Excited for my hairtransplant with dr. Jerry cooley
  172. Is the bald truth radio show gonna be on tonite
  173. Advice urgently need. Joe, advice would be great please
  174. ARTAS Question (Auto-stop after reaching graft count?)
  175. ARTAS Cost per graph?
  176. Will using the big 3 work on hairline recession when I have no vertex thinning?
  177. Is my hair thinning?
  178. Increasing Graft Survivabilty Through Cold Therapy?
  179. Scalp laxity
  180. Dr. Lindsey UTAH consultations Feb 3-6
  181. Advice/suggestions
  182. Would You Guys Recommend Dr. Baubac?
  183. Am I Balding Or Due To Excess Straightening?
  184. Had my hair transplant today with dr. Jerry cooley
  185. 1 month post op HT scar
  186. Admin, could you delete this thread please?
  187. Dr. Sanusi Umar Reviews PLEASE
  188. Pricing structures for Hair Transplants
  189. The Biggest Secret In The Industry
  190. Aloe (Fresh Picked) Applied To Transplant Area
  191. Minoxidil & Hair Transplant for Someone with No Hairloss
  192. 10 months post-op, still low density. Any chance it will improve?
  193. arenamed Istanbul
  194. Anyone Seen Dr. Baubac of Alvi Armani? What Do You Think of Him?
  195. Drones & Hairloss Concealers? A Perfect Match For My Next Video!
  196. Hair Transplant Documentary Part 8 - More Dr. Lupanzula and Donor Scar Repair w/FUE.
  197. FUE into scar
  198. Hair transplant for male with seborrheic dermatitis Questions
  199. Smartgraft FUE...
  200. 3900 Grafts done in India FUE
  201. Physicians & Patients Invitation : International Hair Restoration Platform 2017
  202. HLC in Turkey (Dr. Ozgur Oztan) or BHR Belgium (Dr.Bisanga
  203. Dr. Ali Emre Karadeniz from AEK Hair Institute, Turkey any success Stories
  204. Stunning Result with Arenamed Hair
  205. Feature in newspaper regarding your positive HT experience?
  206. Dr. Lindsey's Wendy, gives advice on a typical call
  207. Arenamed in Turkey or Dr Kapil Dua India?
  208. Relocating Hair Grafts
  209. Donor area looks horrible, over harvested?
  210. Help and suggestions needed.