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  1. Diffuse thinner considering hair transplant in the future. Suggestions?
  2. hey guys thinking about a HT need advice.
  3. I hear more horror stories than success stories
  4. 2nd shed from rogaine?
  5. What age do you think is best to begin addressing frontal hair loss?
  6. Transplanted hairs
  7. My progress with the big 3 month 9 (with pics)
  8. Opinions on Candidacy for HT
  9. Anyone recommend a good FUE surgeon in Philly or Princeton NJ Area?
  10. Free Hair Transplant Seminar - 30th Janurary 2016 (Saturday) - Dr. A's Clinic
  11. Help please
  12. 13 months Post Op
  13. Will a doc transplant into existing hair?
  14. HT Milton Keynes UK
  15. Low DHT??
  16. 1980's Patient - Looking to repair old donor scarred area
  17. 3.5 months on rogaine
  18. Irish Newspaper article on Ht's
  19. Seborrhoic Eczema and Hair Transplants
  20. Dutasteride for regrowth and maintain on fin
  21. Proceed with caution #1. Robot FUE depletion with no growth.
  22. Proceed with caution #2. Young guys...Don't waste your precious hair in the crown1st
  23. topical natural DHT blockers?
  24. 4 doctors in Turkey
  25. HT surgeon advice please
  26. Dr Scott Alexander, Phoenix Az patient write up 3100 FUT
  27. Rob Brydon Hair transplant
  28. Are these numbers true?
  29. Shave or not to Shave - by Dr. Scott Alexander Phoenix, AZ
  30. **Warning dr. James Boland Colorado surgical center and hair institute**
  31. I think it's time..
  32. Dr. Carlos K. Wesley in Los Angeles, CA for Patient Consultations (Wed., March 30th)
  33. Dr. Arvind Poswal will be in Mumbai from 14th Feb to 21st Feb 2016 - Dr. A's Clinic
  34. How many FU do i need for my crown?
  35. Conflict of surgeon advice
  36. Avoid dr rawnsley in los angeles. My results and my experience were awful.
  37. 8 months after HT question
  38. Your life after a HAIR TRANSPLANT ?!
  39. Dr. Lindsey : What do you guys make of this?
  40. Need help.
  41. Have you ever seen someone in their 20s that was an appropriate HT candidate?
  42. does FUT produce "better" results?
  43. My FUT experience with Dr Lindsey
  44. How much does Rahal FUE cost?
  45. Dont mean to vent.
  46. What Norwood am I?
  47. Dr. Hakan Dogonay & Dr. Koray Erdogan (Turkey)
  48. FUE repair on older micrografts to make scalp more natural looking?
  49. Help Me
  50. Another company in the Hair market. ANYONE can do hair as a practice profit center!
  51. Right side hairline
  52. How bad is it and what can be done?
  53. Been losing my hair for awhile now what should i do?
  54. Selection of Best Doctor for Hair Transplant
  55. how can this result be real??
  56. Result like this even possible?
  57. Calling all slow growers
  58. Hey guys i just joined the forum and im looking for a dr near nyc
  59. Can Parathyroid Hormone 7-34 stimulates hair growth?
  60. Starting regenepure and have some qiestions please.
  61. Dr. Arocha Discusses Eyebrow Reconstruction
  62. Female and male pattern baldness connection
  63. Applying hydrocortisone to the scalp?
  64. When can we say " failure of hair transplant procedure"
  65. FUE Surgeon recommendation in Texas (or USA)
  66. Dr. Carlos K. Wesley in Los Angeles, CA for Patient Consultations (Wed., March 30th)
  67. What do miniaturized hairs look like shedded?
  68. Consultation with Dr. Rahal in NYC?
  69. Transplanted hairline with a hair system behind it.
  70. Dr. Lupanzula in Glasgow, Scotland April 23rd, 2016
  71. Dr. A will be in Mumbai from 12th March to 19th March 2016 - Dr. A's Clinic
  72. Just drink Black Tea instead of taking finasteride. It's much safer!!!
  73. Thoughts on new FUE hairline?
  74. How screwed am I?
  75. Serious question.
  76. Dr. Panine - 3944 grafts(FUT) - 6/28/15 - 25y/o
  77. What makes a good candidate for hair transplant? 'article'
  78. Cutting hair short post transplant
  79. 18 and freaking out
  80. Receipient area scars
  81. Decide the plan with me?
  82. Retrograde Alopecia and Finasteride?
  83. Bosley may have been a mistake.
  84. (VIDEO) of my FUT experience in Thailand (AMAZED)
  85. Great Experience with Dr. Scott Alexander
  86. Hair Transplant Doctor Recommendations
  87. WINNER of Dr. Mohebi's 2nd Annual Free Hair Transplant Campaign
  88. Happy Holi 2016. Dr. A's Clinic
  89. Farjo (fut) vs Reddy (fue) Vs Erdogan (fue)
  90. Joe Tillman visits Dr. Jerry Cooley, Hair Transplant Documentary Series 3
  91. Recommended surgeon in NJ/NY area
  92. Scratched and lost a lot hairs HELP!
  93. pattern of implantation in recipient area
  94. Surgeon recommendations (ideally Ontario, Canada)
  95. Ready for transplant, concerned though
  96. Losing hairs in the shower when starting new shampoos.
  97. Hair 'Islands'
  98. Dr. Mohebi Open House, April 30th, 3-5pm, Los Angeles
  99. Joe Tillman visits Shapiro Medical Group, Part 1
  100. Joe Tillman visits Shapiro Medical, Part 2
  101. Shapiro Medical Group
  103. Dr. Umar or Dr. Deyarman OR?
  104. breakthrough in stem cell engineering
  105. Free Hair Transplant Seminar - 9th April 2016 (Saturday) - Dr. A's Clinic
  106. Dr. Arvind Poswal will be in Mumbai from 10th to 16th April 2016 - Dr. A's Clinic
  107. Exposure to freezing temperatures 3 days after FUE procedure - Any risk to FUE graft?
  108. There Are So Many Variables with Hair Transplant
  109. Dr. Mohebi Celebrity Hair Loss Photos
  110. My Hair Transplant experience in the newspaper
  111. Did I dislodge my grafts?
  112. Combing through a hair transplant
  113. Bumping head 11 days after FUE transplant
  114. An Australian looking for information and reviews on Dr. Koray Erdogan, Asmed.
  115. Help! Are these chemicals harmful to my new grafts?
  116. Post op healing TIPS
  117. Dr. Mohebi on Snapchat
  118. Which is True?
  119. Repair surgery with Dr. DeYarman
  120. Consultations with Dr. Scott Alexander
  121. Shock loss around scar at six months
  122. LBC Radio station Discusses Hair loss and Hair transplants
  123. My HT with DHI Global - 6 months ago
  124. Joe Tillman Goes Undercover in Turkey - Video
  125. My propecia diary pics
  126. Direction of hair growth after procedure
  127. Why Are People So Anti-Bosley?
  128. Can Q-switch nd-yag / Picosure laser damage implanted hair?
  129. advice/opinions wanted
  130. Horrific scar repair
  131. Hair Transplant Surgeon recommendations for WI/IL area
  132. Body Hair transplant Dr Turowski Chicago
  133. Shedding bulbs
  134. Which is True?
  135. Shapiro Medical Group - Using Tricopigmentation to enhance repair
  136. Removing hair transplant
  137. Question About a Statement Made about Dr. Rahal in a review
  138. Yet Another "Need a Recommendation" Thread re:FUE
  139. Dr Lupanzula
  140. I am located in South America and need recommendations. Also, is it safe to travel
  141. Touching recipient area one month after surgery - Any risk to final result?
  142. WHICH IS TRUE ? 3rd Series
  143. Best FUT surgeons in Europe?????
  144. Fue are the real results worth it ?
  145. 9-11 Jun 16: Enough time to choose surgeon & get a transplant in an Istanbul clinic?
  146. New job,
  147. How many grafts for crown
  148. Dr Oztan HLC clinic Turkey
  149. Thinking of Hair transplants. Need Info Please.
  150. Transplant without meds
  151. Dr Edward Ball at the Maitland clinic
  152. Dr Bisanga
  153. Dr. Lupanzula, One on One Meetings, London, July 30th
  154. Advice about cutting hair post hair transplant
  155. Did anybody hear about dr. Jose Lorenzo?
  156. Dr. Patrick Mwamba and MyWHTC clinic hold 5th Annual FUE European Society Conference
  157. Dr. Brian Goertz
  158. HT at 40, stable loss, no fin/minox, anyone have any experience to share?
  159. Dr. Patrick Mwamba Speaks at ISHRS Regional Conference in Manchester, UK-June 10,2016
  160. PRP + Acell
  161. Which is true? 4th series!
  162. Dr. Bisanga Recommends Tricopigmentation
  163. Crust/Scabs donor area
  164. Shapiro FUT
  165. What Does Early Growth Actually Mean?
  166. David Anderson aka 'Garageland' Has Left Hasson & Wong
  167. Aestimed or other fue clinics ?? Looking to have a hair transplant in Turkey istanbul
  168. Mohebi Hair Transplant Scar Repair with FUE
  169. Dr. Scott Alexander 1:1 Consultation in Dublin - September 2016
  170. post 1 month pics of my hair transplant
  171. ASC-J9 where do i get it?
  172. Thinking about picking Dr.Umar
  173. Take a Tour of Medikemos Hair Restoration
  174. Lindsey Medical 4.4 mile Bay Swim Yesterday
  175. My 4 Years on Finasteride - When can I start considering a hair transplant?
  176. Looking for a New Delhi Surgeon to Perform FUE Facial Hair Transplant
  177. African American Neograft FUE Transplant Dr Turowski Chicago
  178. Best Surgeon for Crown restoration
  179. ARTAS Donor Destruction?
  180. How many grafts do I need?
  181. Search for HT Dr.
  182. Is this MPB or DUPA?
  183. 2200+ grafts FUE with Dr Edward Ball @ The Maitland Clinic
  184. Just had a "megasession" looking for feedback
  185. Mohebi Open House, Saturday, July 23rd, 3-5pm in Los Angeles
  186. Good At Disguising (18 years old)
  187. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey $2k TEMPORARY BREXIT Discount
  188. Advice of Hair Transplant
  189. 30yo, finally ready to take the plunge, doing my research.
  190. Ridging any help
  191. Advice on what to do?
  192. 5000 FUT Dr Wong
  193. 3,873 grafts combined FUT and FUE with Dr Karadeniz
  194. 1000 FUE grafts in less than 30 seconds!
  195. Hair clinic in Turkey
  196. Why is everyone getting a second procedure done?
  197. 2nd FUT treatment advice: Asia based doctors
  198. Ugly Duckling Phase
  199. Parsa Mohebi Live Snapchat Schedule for the Week of 7.5.16
  200. Question regarding a 2nd Fue hair transplant
  201. Shedding and no growth at 3 months following 3,000 FUE grafts. Is there a problem?
  202. Could anyone suggest some doctors who are good at strip scar repair using excision
  203. Hair Transplant Documentary, Dr. Ron Shapiro, Part III
  204. 21 Years old thinking about FUE with Bosley
  205. Transplanted Hairline behind Native Hairline?
  206. Help! Hair Transplant!
  207. Most Well Regarded Surgeon in Chicago?
  208. Hair Transplant documentation with Dr Scott Alexander Phoenix, AZ
  209. Dr Bradley wolf
  210. Finasteride tip for Target Pharmacy/CVS
  211. Is it even worth it for me?
  212. Parsa Mohebi Live Snapchat Schedule for the Week of 7.18.16
  213. How to Research Best Doc in World
  214. Concealing hair transplant post-op (Blonde and Pale)
  215. Should I be concerned with this strip suture line ?
  216. Can triclosan damage a hair transplant?
  217. Could Transplantation Help Me (Pic)
  218. Dr. Lindsey Jersey shore consultations next week Aug 3 and 4 2016
  219. Smoking and Hair Transplant
  220. Dr. Paul Shapiro
  221. Would FUE Transplant Work For My Receding Hairline? Is it the right time ?
  222. Hair Restoration working with the best Dr. Ken Anderson Atlanta
  223. 3261 grafts FUE with Dr. Demirsoy, 20/07/2016
  224. Dr. Jack Fisher
  225. My research on la surgeons - i am open to suggestions and comments
  226. How do we choose the right HT surgeon? It seems as though every surgeon has........
  227. Update on my PRP/ACell session with Dr. Cooley - 5 months
  228. While looking to have fue - i have concluded i will go with fut - surgeons ???
  229. Has anyone on here had a hair transplant with Dr. Rahal?
  230. Hair Transplant Clinic in India
  231. Do i want a DR. that does the whole procedure by him/herself or not
  232. Please Help Me Decide, Artas Vs Smartgraft?
  233. FUE 3rd week and still with Scabs
  234. Final 4 surgeons for fut
  235. Shaving Bald years after FUE
  236. Looking for some way to conceal FUE Scars
  237. Unnatural hairline, and electrolysis to fix
  238. History of FUE - Dr. Ken Anderson performs FUE in 2003 AND in 2016 - HUGE changes
  239. Decided to have fut procedure - few questions
  240. TV star reveals hair transplant
  241. 2016 1st Annual World FUE Institute FUE Workshop
  242. Choosing the right HT surgeon.
  243. Transplant Care/ Shedding (Rogaine, Finasteride, Dermaroller)
  244. *please read* 21 year old looking to get a transplant
  245. Look before you leap (corrective hair transplants - your views and queries)
  246. Results: Clinical Investigation comparing FUT vs FUE
  247. May all you guys on this site regain all your hair! :)
  248. Cialis after hair transplant?
  249. Does Dr. Feller charge tax?
  250. What is transplanted hair like compared to pre-balding hair?