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  1. Any suggestions for treatment in Mexico
  2. Free Hair Transplant Seminar -22nd Aug 2015 (Saturday) -(Delhi & Mumbai)
  3. Concealers after HT
  4. surgery scheduled 4th of November 15
  5. Could use some input on long-term hair transplant strategy
  6. How was your duckling phase
  7. Buyer beware. Is this what you expect from 6800 FUE?
  8. FUE Dr. Hakan Doganay 2835 grafts
  9. Hair transplant removal
  10. Dr. A's Clinic (Gurgaon) open for patients from 1st Sep 2015 onwards.
  11. Dissappointed... and confused
  12. Dr. A's Clinic wishes you happy Raksha Bandhan.
  13. 20 and balding
  14. Advice on blood work results appreciated
  15. My 3500 graft in Turkey
  16. Total Grafts Available
  17. HT cobblestone
  18. Need a doctor in Switzerland or Europe
  19. Video Dr. Lindsey discusses larger case design/plan McLean VA
  20. FUE - Ali Emre Karadeniz
  21. Which doctor do we see to find out if we have MPB? Is there genetic testing?
  22. Online Pharmacy for Proscar in USA? Is Proscar safe?
  23. need some advice
  24. Dr. Cole Botched My Repair Procedures: $36,000 and Zero Growth
  25. Keeping "negativity" out of the forums
  26. Salicylic Acid (acne wash) to address lingering redness
  27. Doctors are transplanting teenagers as young as 16.
  28. Question that has been making me go insane!
  29. question about a technical issue in a HT
  30. Long-term FUE results
  31. Dr De Reys vs Dr Hakan Doganay - Who is better from your opinion?
  32. PLEASE put my mind at rest
  33. Dr. Wesley Co-Authors HRS Overview
  34. Retransplanting transplanted hair
  35. Hair Transplant for Receding Hairline
  36. Inauguration of Dr. A’s Clinic Hair Counselling Centre at Gurgaon.
  37. What makes a good candidate for Hair Transplant surgery?
  38. Results of 2000 FUT w Dr. Scott Alexander from April 1st 2015
  39. Beard transplant hair falling out
  40. Do I have DUPA?
  41. My hair transplantation 3900 graft.
  42. My Hair Loss Story and FUE Treatment
  43. Anyone had exsperience with Dr. Hakan Doganay or Dr Koray Erdogan
  44. What percentage of botched hair transplants are because of patient?
  45. my FUE hair transplantation
  46. Young hair transplant victim in depression seeking help in repair options
  47. Been thinking of a HT for a long time. Your honest opinions please
  48. FUE in London?
  49. Advice on Clinics in UK
  50. Shock loss around the scar
  51. Good Morning, Matt from NYC here!
  52. Are hairs on the back really immune to DHT?
  53. Colorado Surgical Center and Hair Clinic is a good clinic and I'm living proof!
  54. shock loss after fue
  55. My norwood
  56. Balding at age 19?
  57. HOT WATER: Is this bad?
  58. Laxity of scalp
  59. Post Op FUE - Scabs!
  60. Almost 25 and need advice for my second procedure.
  61. Dr Scott Alexander Phoenix Az - ARTAS Open-house Wednesday September 30th
  62. Desperate
  63. How many grafts/How feasible of a hair transplant would this be?
  64. Hey Joe Tillman, rahal new site?
  65. Free Hair Transplant Seminar -26th Sept. 2015 (Saturday) -(Delhi & Mumbai)
  66. UK TV series would like to speak to men that had hair transplants in the 70s, 80s 90s
  67. Dr. Parsa Mohebi, Los Angeles, Open House Thursday, October 8th
  68. where to start, hair transplants london
  69. Bill Gates is going bald
  70. Hello from West Yorkshire
  71. ugly duckly stage
  72. Dr Ekrem Civas 9 month post fue pictures and experience.
  73. A Discussion of Current Techniques
  74. Why do people get hair transplants?
  75. Should I Get an HT?
  76. Hair curls/curves the wrong way?
  77. 4500 grafts DR. Koray Erdogan
  78. FUE vs scar revision
  79. Shapiro Medical Group FUE study: Comparing 0.9mm sharp vs. dull punch
  80. Has anyone had a hair transplant with Dr. Daniel Mcgrath?
  81. Do all surgeons require arbitration agreements signed?
  82. Female Deciding FUT 2200 Bernestein
  83. Follicular Unit Extraction
  84. Hair transplant expectations vs reality
  85. a bit confused help?
  86. Scabbing after FUE hair transplant
  87. Is a HT the right thing to do?
  88. 27 y/o balding Male looking for advice
  89. How many grafts/hairs were implanted? (photos included)
  90. My Horrible Experience with Alp Aslan Istanbul
  91. Have an appt with Dr. Konior in 2 weeks (pics of hair)
  92. 3 months post op
  93. My Experience with Dr. Scott Alexander, Phoenix AZ
  94. Norwood 5
  95. Where am I on the Norwood scale?
  96. Dr Ken Anderson, Atlanta Hair Restoration Review of My Experience
  97. Can fue method hairs transplant be planted anywhere on the head?
  98. Quit FIN after 12 years, immmediate loss... advice
  99. Is this normal?
  100. Shapiro Medical-FUT (Strip) vs FUE Study***Looking for candidates***
  101. Strange hairline since birth. How many grafts would fix this?
  102. Hair Transplant "Victims" - How do you cope?!?!
  103. So dis day...
  104. Don't skimp on graft counts, particularly in the crown. Dr. Lindsey McLean VA
  105. Dr. Scott Alexander Las Vegas Consultations Friday 22nd January 2016
  106. Any good examples of good crown restoration?
  107. Project Repair - A true pro-bono hair transplant repair program
  108. Minox question
  109. Is NeoGraft the Best Hair Transplant Method?
  110. Joe Rogan discussed his hair transplants on his Podcast this past week.
  111. Hair Stemcell transplantation
  112. Just had my first consultation
  113. HT with Dr Lindsey
  114. Facial hair transplant Neograft FU- gotay and mustache by Dr Gregory Turowski Chicago
  115. Anybody Here Done Both Strip Method & ARTAS?
  116. Did I Lose Grafts?
  117. 11 months Post Op... Short fine hairs, thin, continue growing?
  118. Grafting into areas with native hair present. Which Docs take the time to do this?
  119. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey's patient's hairdresser discusses his hair transplant
  120. Dr Tejinder Bhatti A brilliant doctor
  121. Is that a 3200 grafts?
  122. workout post surgery
  123. is 33 a good age to go for an ht?
  124. Strange hairline for 25+ years. How many grafts will cover this area?
  125. Question about FUT after FUT
  126. KSL Glasgow clinic
  127. 2015 No one has to suffer: My hair Restoration Story
  128. Ishrs honors janna shafer of smg with 2015 "distinquished assisant award
  129. May the festival of light fill your life with joy,,,Happy Diwali-Dr. A's Clinic
  130. Anyone shaved their head bald after hair transplant by choice?
  131. HT surgeon recommendations
  132. Hair Transplant Down Time / Recovery Time ?
  133. Trichophytic closure explained. Dr. Lindsey McLean VA
  134. Thinking of getting Hair Transplant
  135. Can I cut my hair before a consultation?
  136. Why balding hurts you. Coming to terms
  137. Hair Restoration - Humorous
  138. What to expect – shedding and growth
  139. Considering Surgery with DR Varona
  140. BLONDE HAIR - Considering Hair Transplant....... need advice
  141. Potential hair transplant and need donor area opinion
  142. Need some advice on fue
  143. Hairline
  144. Hair loss
  145. Do you think I could go from this hairline to this hairline?
  146. Hairline restoration: Expectation and immediate post-op preoccupation
  147. Clinics in Manchester
  148. Opinions on poor FUE, What?
  149. Need to wear a hat after hair transplant surgery
  150. Do you think it's too late for me? And what would the cost be? (pics included)
  151. Native shock loss
  152. Should I pursue hair transplant outside the USA? Is Mexico a legitimate option?
  153. Hair transplant with diffuse thinning?
  154. Question about Private Clinic Birmingham
  155. Viviscal for Men
  156. The 10 stages of going bald.
  157. Red or blonde hair transplant
  158. The Balding Survival Guide.
  159. FUE hair transplantation results after 4 months
  160. Your forecast for tomorrow’s hair loss is…
  161. FUE in Bay Area, CA
  162. Opinions on the following clinics.......
  163. Went for a consultation yesterday. What a joke.
  164. L-Arginine
  165. Temporal points restoration: How is it done effectively? Is Rahal good for this?
  166. I'm 27 years old at a crossroad in my life in terms of taking finasteride?
  167. New York City Surgeon
  168. Donor repletion - bht in scalp
  169. Blonde hair transplants
  170. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey Trichophyic closure in military man at 30 days. McLean VA
  171. Dr. Robert Leonard - Why the Bad Rap?
  172. Hair Transplant Laser Removal
  173. Travelling from UK to Phoenix see Dr Scott Alexander for my 3rd HT
  174. Could this experimental FUE work?
  175. Improving hair density and hiding the scalp
  176. Update on Dr. Mohebi Hair Transplant Contest Winner, Marc
  177. Hair transplant - my biggest regret
  178. finally shaved
  179. Fue Hair Transplant Cost
  180. scabs / crusts fall off and reform after 2 months - transplant hair stuck in crusts
  181. Poor job of hairline transplant, requires fixing
  182. post artas smoking and sexual activity
  183. Hairmax Prima 7 Lasercomb for sale
  184. Whoa, the post-op woes and anxiety for new growth…
  185. Wondering about a HT
  186. Dr Raghu reddy, the private clinic, Harley street
  187. Dr. Lupanzula/ FUE Seminar/London, UK/ January 23rd, 2016
  188. Hair transplants
  189. My Hair Transplant Hell - where do I go from here?
  190. My hair transplant; depressed and sad
  191. Diffuse Thinning???? PLease help
  192. 50% of all patients wind up regretting getting a hair transplant
  193. FUT - 18/12/15 - 4030 Grafts - NW6 - Dr Karadeniz - 18/12/15
  194. Happy Holidays!!!
  195. Merry Christmas- Dr. A's Clinic
  196. Goosebumps after hair transplant!!
  197. Will Rogain work on transplanted hair only.
  198. 1 year recap HT scheduled for Jan Please see pics to make sure I am a good candidate
  199. Elevated liver enzymes
  200. Anybody who is Canadian and got an HT from Dr. Rahal?
  201. some story and need some suggestions for new products.
  202. the "MPB itch"
  203. New in the US. Where to get Propecia? Please help
  204. Artas fue vs fut???
  205. Reminder: Dr. Mohebi Open House Event Saturday, 1/9/16
  206. Amending the hairline can you check my pic
  207. Happy New Year 2016 - Dr. A's Clinic
  208. Soften the hairline
  209. Young patients??
  210. Diffues Thinning- Advice
  211. Is that reason for hair loss?
  212. Permanent Accutane Hair Loss/Receding Hairline
  213. Electrolysis for transplanted hair removal?
  214. 0.25mg of propecia log.
  215. 5 months and 14 days post FUE with poor growth
  216. Should I take propecia
  217. Dr. Henrique N. Radwanski
  218. Balding (obviously) Fvck me
  219. What limits the donor area? I want them all
  220. Prohairclinic heist op den berg experience
  221. Cold weather affect on newly transplanted grafts
  222. Long term minoxidil effectiveness
  223. Brian Urlacher
  224. 2nd Annual Free Hair Transplant Opportunity with Dr. Mohebi
  225. styling and grooming transplanted hair
  226. Shock loss - How do HT surgeons avoid this?
  227. Best FUE doc in the US/Canada?
  228. Hi Joe Tillman.. Got Questions, Before I See Rahal, Please
  229. Hair growth
  230. Losing transplanted grafts? How to tell?
  231. Recommendations for HT surgeons in Australia?
  232. Bald Truth Talk is LIVE! January 12, 2016
  233. Hair Shedding after Transplant (Photo attached)
  234. 3,245 Grafts with Dr. John Frank
  235. Is a consultation even worth it?
  236. Correlation between fapping and hair loss?
  237. Post fue 5 months and a half
  238. 1st FUT Post-Op Questions
  239. Messed up Donor!
  240. My 6 months FUE results
  241. The hairloss continues (after 5000 grafts).
  242. Dr. Lindsey UTAH consultations Jan 29-30
  243. Do you think this case is too aggressive for a 24 year old?
  244. Do you think this case is too aggressive for a 24 year old?
  245. People regreting HT
  246. Temples HT
  247. concerned about hair transplant at 5 1/2 months FUE 2100 hairline
  248. I think I really got the reason for shockloss!
  249. Will be getting 1450 FUE HT on Feb.10, 2016
  250. Diffuse thinner considering hair transplant in the future. Suggestions?