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  1. ARTAS Robot: How Does It Locate and Dissect Follicular Units?
  2. ARTAS® Robot - New York Hair Transplant Surgeon Provides His Opinion
  3. Dr. Robert Bernstein Describes FUE with ARTAS System
  4. Artas Robot FUE Houston
  5. Artas robot harvest arm
  6. Robotic Follicular Unit Graft Selection
  7. ARTAS Robot - The Evolution of FUE
  8. Artas Robot FUE Houston suction
  9. State of the art hair restoration the role of the ARTAS robot
  10. ARTAS Transplant - 2200 Grafts - Dr. Gregory Turowski - Chicago
  11. ARTAS Recipient Site Creation - Robert M. Bernstein, MD, New York
  12. ARTAS robotic hair transplantation results Dr Gregory Turowski Chicago
  13. ARTAS robotic hair transplantation by Dr Gregory Turowski Chicago
  14. ARTAS Robot- A New Era in HairTransplant Surgery - Dr. Craig Ziering, Beverly Hills
  15. Artas robot systems check
  16. Artas robot punch calibration check
  17. ARTAS robotic hair transplantation with a robotic site making and PRP by Dr Turowski
  18. ARTAS Transplant w/ 1171 Grafts to hairline - Dr. Craig Ziering, Beverly Hills, CA
  19. ARTAS Robot Discussion With Spencer Kobren - Parsa Mohebi, MD, Los Angeles, CA.
  20. ARTAS Assisted Hair Transplant - 1135 Grafts, Dr. Glenn Charles, Boca Raton, FL
  21. Commentary on Robotic FUE in Hair Transplantation - Robert M. Bernstein, MD, New York
  22. ARTAS Robotic System with Dr.Scott Alexander in Phoenix, Arizona
  23. Long-Hair ARTAS Robotic FUE - Dr. Robert Bernstein, New York
  24. ARTAS - More Experienced Surgeons Seem To be Choosing To Do Robotic Surgery
  25. ARTAS Site Making
  26. ARTAS results 8 months Dr Turowski from Chicago
  27. My experience- Artas Robotic Hair Transplant- Just did 3300 Grafts-April 2015
  28. Stealth donor site option for FUE ARTAS or Neograft patients Dr Turowski Chicago
  29. ARTAS Hair Transplant - It Takes A Skilled Team For Best Results
  30. Dr DeYarman/Artas Robotic Surgery with amazing results
  31. ARTAS Patient Motion Tracking and Compensation
  32. ARTAS robotic results FUE Dr Turowski Chicago
  33. Manual FUE v/s ARTAS
  34. Artas Hair Restoration with multiple surgeries
  35. Gray Hair mature man ARTAS hair transplant Dr Turowski Chicago
  36. Stealth donor site ARTAS by Dr Turowski Chicago
  37. Real Results with ARTAS 13 Months Post-op
  38. Long-Hair Robotic FUE - A Case Study
  39. Artas Robotics 36Yo male patient, pre-op, Immediately post-op and day after
  40. Artas Robotics 36Yo male patient, day after and 10 days post-op
  41. ARTAS crown and top of the head restoration Dr Turowski Chicago
  42. ARTAS robotic frontal hairline restoration Dr Turowski Chicago
  43. Dr. Scott Alexander Speaks With Spencer Kobren - ARTAS Hair Transplant Phoenix
  44. Front hairline restoration using ARTAS FUE by Dr Gregory Turowski Chicago
  45. ARTAS robotic hair transplant 10 months result Dr Turowski Chicago
  46. ARTAS top of the head resrtoration by Dr Gregory Turowski
  47. FUE donor site inconvieniernce solved by Dr Turowski in Chicago
  48. ARTAS huge milestone 20 000 000 hairs harvest! Gregory Turowski , MD Chicago
  49. Dr DeYarman San Diego/1500 Artas/previous strip
  50. Dr. Craig L Ziering ARTAS Robotic patient 1170 G 13 mon post op Ziering Medical
  51. Exciting new app for ARTAS ultimate consultation experience available for Download
  52. ARTAS Hair Transplant - Avoiding Damage To Existing Hair
  53. ARTAS 2700 grafts by Dr Turowski Chicago
  54. Dr DeYarman San Diego/Artas Robotic surgery live on twitter now
  55. Why are FUE Pioneers Choosing The ARTAS Robot?
  56. ARTAS robotic site making and harvest Dr Turowski Chicago
  57. ARTAS robotic hair transplantation patient testimonial Dr Turowski Chcago
  58. ARTAS hair restoration with robotic site making personal story Dr Turowski Chicago
  59. The Evolution Of The ARTAS Robot, Making Hair Transplants Safer - Dr. Scott Alexander
  60. Dr. Robert Bernstein / Norwood Class 5 / 1,886 grafts
  61. Facial hair transplant moustache, gotay, beard Dr Turowski Chicago
  62. Frontal hair restoration ARTAS DR Turowski Chicago
  63. Dr. Arocha Artas Procedure 2000 FU
  64. ARTAS Hair Studio Results 32 YO Male- Dr. Craig L. Ziering
  65. ARTAS hair restoration by Dr Gregory Turowski Chicago
  66. Dr. Arocha- ARTAS FUE 2074 FU
  67. Dr. Arocha- ARTAS Female FUE Procedure
  68. 1504 FUE ARTAS grafts - before, immediate post, and 18 months post-op
  69. Dr DeYarman/San Diego/Artas 1250 grafts @ 9 months
  70. ARTAS robotic site making
  71. ARTAS robotic hair machine unleashed :-) Dr Turowski Chicago
  72. The Evolution of ARTAS - The Future Looks Bright
  73. young surfer's hairline restored ARTAS by Dr Gregory Turowski Chicago
  74. ARTAS FUE 1 week after the procedure Dr Turowski Chicago
  75. Dr. Arocha- ARTAS FUE- 6 Months Post Surgery-DONOR AREA
  76. ARTAS robot site making and existing hair preservation by Dr Turowski Chicago
  77. Frontal hairline restored byh ARTAS and Dr Turowski Chicago
  78. Numbers are in: Top 20 busiest ARTAS Robotic Clinics in the world (7 in the USA)
  79. Dr Scott Alexander, Phoenix Az - 1913 FUE via ARTAS with ACELL
  80. ARTAS Beard Transplant by Dr. Arocha
  81. ARTAS front and top of the scalp restoration Dr Turowski Chicago
  82. As promised - ARTAS robotic site making video Chicago Dr Turowski
  83. ARTAS 2016 Conference: Alan J. Bauman., M.D. Speaks with Spencer Kobren
  84. ARTAS 8X: Improving the Patient Experience
  85. The Evolution Of The ARTAS Hair Transplant: Paul Rose, MD, JD - Miami
  86. ARTAS 8.x and ARTAS AHS educational videos
  87. Working Out The “Kinks": ARTAS 2016
  88. ARTAS restoration Dr Turowski Chicago 3000 mega session
  89. ARTAS: Perfecting More Precise Graft Implantation
  90. New Research into Improved Robotic Hair Transplant Methods - Parsa Mohebi., M.D.
  91. Dr DeYarman/Artas 1500 grafts/one year
  92. Dr. Ken Anderson - 1779 grafts - ARTAS and PRP with ACell
  93. 2500 Graft ARTAS result/Dr. Arocha/8 Months Post
  94. Technician Run Hair Transplant Surgery Vs. ARTAS - Dr. Gabe Zingaretti
  95. Current Advancements in The ARTAS Hair Transplant System - Dr. Craig Ziering
  96. African American Hair Transplants - Is ARTAS The Best Choice?
  97. Dr. Arocha -ARTAS
  98. ARTAS - Redefining Hair Transplant Technology With The Patient In Mind
  99. ARTAS For The Novice, Experts Agree It's The Safer Choice - Dr. Glenn Charles
  100. ARTAS Donor Harvest Below Occipital Protuberance
  101. David Platt Had An ARTAS FUE Hair Transplant - Dr. Bessam Farjo
  102. Female hair transplant using ARTAS and lasercap - patient experience with Dr Turowski
  103. Dr DeYarman/ San Diego/Artas Robotic 3rd day po
  104. ARTAS and body hair transplant combo Dr Turowski Chicago
  105. ARTAS .8mm Punch - The Evolution Continues
  106. ARTAS Upgrades: Understanding the Process
  107. ARTAS - The Truth About FUE Punch Size
  108. Dr DeYarman/ San Diego/Young Asian Male
  109. ARTAS speed record
  110. Is speed a good thing for ARTAS cases? Does it compromise quality?
  111. ARTAS - Lessening technician Fatigue Equates to Better Results
  112. ARTAS Chicago Dr Grgory Turowski Young man temples fix
  113. ARTAS FUE - Knowlege Is Power
  114. ARTAS grafts freshly harvested vs. trimmed and prepared by surgical technicians
  115. ARTAS - The Advantage of Accurate Follicular Unit Graft Selection
  116. Creating Recipient Sites Prior To Extraction - Nuances of ARTAS assisted FUE
  117. Dr. Ken Anderson sets NEW WORLD RECORD for ARTAS efficiency
  118. Hair Transplant Patients Deserve Real Data - Will ARTAS Ensure Clinic Transparency?
  119. ARTAS - Is The Baseline Standard Being Raised?
  120. 1756 FUE ARTAS grafts before, imm post, 1 year post-op
  121. 2200 FUE ARTAS procedure 1 year post op Dr Scott Alexander
  122. ARTAS FUE - Will This Finally Help To Create A Globally Consistent Standard Of Care?
  123. ARTAS - Setting Priorities In The Interest of Patients
  124. Long Hair ARTAS FUE - A Good Option For Those Who Prefer Not To Shave Their Head
  125. 32 yo male ARTAS FUE hair restoration Dr Turowski Chicago
  126. ARTAS Mega sessions how is it done - our specialty Dr Turowski Chicago
  127. ARTAS - Getting Past The Old Narrative To Better Serve Patients
  128. Dr DeYarman/San Diego/1800 front and back/ 1 year
  129. ARTAS FUE - Are There Any Limitations Pertaining To Graft Count Per Session?
  130. ARTAS Hair Transplant patient results - Paul Rose, M.D., J.D.
  131. ARTAS FUE - A Candid Discussion
  132. ARTAS FUE 1665 Grafts - Ken Anderson MD, Atlanta