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  1. Off topic: Razor recommendations
  2. anyone watching Germany vs Greece
  3. I suggest everybody watches this...
  4. Video if anyone wants it?
  5. Been a rough month, Ive honestly considered suicide.
  6. OK Joe from Staten Island<<
  7. Aderans Acquires Hair Club-what do you think?
  8. Muscular men make bad boyfriends, study says
  9. Had a super thick beard hair yesterday
  10. Team Lindsey Medical hits NYC ironman Aug 11
  11. When can I start sending PMs?
  12. Taking testosterone?
  13. My dog has incredible hair.
  14. When Men Stop Seeking Beauty and Women Care Less About Wealth
  15. Sardines
  16. Is there any point of coming on here
  17. Dr Woods career change!!No More FUE
  18. Silly ? about class reunion
  19. ? about divorced women
  20. Chin Implant Augments Man's Testicles, Self-Esteem
  21. Highlander is right: Part 2.
  22. Study Investigates What Women Really Want
  23. Ever notice the guys on Pawn Stars hair?
  24. Can't understand women. Advice needed!
  25. Let us never forget 'OUR' Conneticut children!
  26. New drug testing processes
  27. My friend's girlfriend/fiance
  28. password
  29. Need advise on how women think...
  30. Would a health and fitness section be a good addition to this forum?
  31. Why say it
  32. In search of one episode..need community help
  33. presidents of America balding
  34. Barber gave me a haircut for thinning guys
  35. Shia labeouf NW
  36. Is this the most confident balding bad looking guy in history?
  37. Intelligence and This Site
  38. MA -vs - PhD degree
  39. What If Men Had Women's Hair?
  40. Alcohol and it's interaction with "the big 3"
  41. Spencer Kobren is Superman
  42. What Norwood are you
  43. Prom
  44. Is hair loss site down?
  45. Applying Minox On Campus
  46. Brothers, I have women issues.
  47. Uncircumcised vs circumcised Penis
  48. Science has spoken: penis size matters, relatively
  49. Women are the masters of the universe within the dating game
  50. I have no choice; I am entering cocoon mode.
  51. What is it about Patrick Stewart?
  52. Who here smokes
  53. G.Redmond The Hormonally Vulverable Woman"
  54. Beating internet addiction
  55. Goals: Attained
  56. Death Penalty
  57. Business vs Law (postgrad)
  58. Would this product work?
  59. Modification of Human genetics
  60. ? for any women out there-What does it mean when I girl says this?
  61. Ye old timey baldness cure
  62. Can you guys recommend me some TV shows?
  63. I saw this ripped Norwood 7 at the gym with 2 hot chicks melting over him.
  64. Strategies for Meeting and Approaching Women
  65. Ideal job for attracting women
  66. Dead MacBook
  67. How can I foster a better, more likable personality?
  68. Did he settle?
  69. am i the only one believing Dr Nigam will fill the puzzle?
  70. Great deal on a loan?
  71. computer experts here?
  72. The value of the forums
  73. Physical Vs Verbal Aggression?
  74. Sly bald guys forum
  75. Subscribing to every thread you post in!!!!
  76. New Norwood Scale Classification
  77. Proposal for BaldTruthTalk makeover: Reddit-style w/ "Karma" & Up/Down Voting System
  78. Vigrx Plus
  79. Private Messages
  80. Born to be bald?
  81. Looking to work in a Helpdesk/System Admin Position (Toronto, Canada)
  82. suggestion for the bald look
  83. NoFap and Hairloss
  84. Is it okay to masturbate 6+ times a day?
  85. Spex,Jotronic, and Hair transplants
  86. Good things about going bald~
  87. Grey hair - prevention?
  88. Are we limited by number of our grafts
  89. "Advanced Hair Studies"
  90. So Where's Spencer?
  91. Happy holidays to all
  92. Moving across country...
  93. non iahrs surgeon in veterans forum?
  94. For those of you debating what women want...
  95. Feeling hopeless
  96. Are we allowed to sell hair stuff on here?
  97. Confidence building
  98. I'm trying to see the positive in hair loss. I hope this outlook helps
  99. Visibly balding = Pathetic/ Loser/ Clownish.......vs. Shaved = Tough/ Alpha potential
  100. Andrew Zarian's wife is HOT
  101. Thread for ladies with hair loss
  102. Freddie Mercury was balding
  103. The movie Prisoners
  104. Relying on Ayurveda to cure Psoriasis
  105. Gay Members in London
  106. Having Penis Surgery Tomorrow
  107. CLINICAL DEPRESSION-Do you experience this?
  108. test
  109. laser hair removal
  110. Coco from GFQ's 'free for all' can definitely shave his head, and look good...
  111. What amount of money would you pay to get a full head of hair back?
  112. working on FIFA compared to FM?
  113. What is the best Christmas gift for a dentist?
  114. Saggital ridge reduction- aka cosmetic surgery for pointy head?
  115. Time after hair transplant surgery
  116. 19 yo am i balding?
  117. Andrew Zarian looks like a super model. FFA is a great show!
  118. Increased Nipple Size
  119. Would u have: Full hair (norwood 0) with acne, or Bald(Norwood 6) with perfect skin?
  120. All leading cast of Fast 7 is bald and they look awesome!
  121. Spencer Kobren looks like he's only 30 years old...
  122. Anyone have any experience with Vaser Hi Definition Liposuction
  123. Joe Tronic looks like Tom Cruise...
  124. Hair Texture and Quality During Hair Loss
  125. Shocking Scientific Link Between Hair Loss and Cancer!
  126. body twitches on propecia!!!! help
  127. I had a dream women are being brainwashed into detesting baldness...
  128. The Best Royale Hair Straightener For Your Hair
  129. found girl with same hairline as me confused
  130. Hair loss reasons - free ebook
  131. Have a HAPPY NEW 2016 YEAR EVERYONE!!
  132. Facial hair is a problem?
  133. Lyrica (Pregabalin) and Trileptal (Oxcarbazepine)
  134. Spencer Kobren looks like Ben Affleck from Batman vs Superman
  135. Online consultations
  136. Thom Yorke's hair 🎶
  137. How to delete all my post and terminate my account ?
  138. hii
  139. all problem solution +91-9929415910
  140. Website Latency Issues?
  141. Looking for a Software
  142. IAHRS Surgeon Dr. Ken Anderson takes on 22 Pushups Challenge - DAY 1
  143. Is this guy bald? If so then i want to have hair like him
  144. IAHRS Surgeon Dr. Ken Anderson takes on 22 Pushups Challenge - DAY 2
  145. Today is the 15th year Anniversary of 9/11 in the USA!!
  146. Hair transplant questions
  147. Christmas is almost here... yay
  148. I made an iOS free app for people like us!
  149. HELLO EVERYONE, Im sorry that I have been away from here again!
  150. v is made to be mounted. console is not.
  151. Can an admin please contact me?
  152. Re: Iconic Spaces in Los Angeles
  153. Peyronie's Disease
  154. Anyone tried toppik? Do you know if it can block hair growth?
  155. for its purity of bloodline
  156. This place looks like it can have good wind
  157. Both to avoid direct
  158. evil laughter and boasting
  159. the attacks in that time perios come from genuine
  160. f bad info here, so here's the scoop
  161. was from the phase of the project
  162. Cuz that's some impressive shit.
  163. t that point he doesn't even need a sword
  164. justneckbeardthings, KiA, it's all satire.
  165. Don't forget our friend the avocado.
  166. Guess we're falling behind
  167. overreach increased because Obama cool.
  168. hen these same jokers vote to
  169. he was a world class football player.
  170. April 21
  171. watch group B here in Portugal in the 80s
  172. It's funny because INHALE
  173. You're a regular Gorge Washington.
  174. Does IPL destroy/decrease follicles forever?
  175. In this video you can see a part of the text of the lawsuit
  176. I wouldn't have thought we
  177. was i genuinely curious ?
  178. Looks like a totally full head of hair in first pic.
  179. Why do so many people have such strong feelings about the man bun?
  180. What you say?
  181. Is it normal to have some exlamation mark hairs?
  182. With the right attitude it is.
  183. Admin
  184. Erectile dysfunction supplement information?
  185. Help?
  186. Help?
  187. are some people destined to be alone?
  188. as plesfased offesfsnce outward sfsbeloved by present