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  1. Does anyone here even want to feel better?
  2. I wish BHT were a viable option
  3. BTT should start our own *** company
  4. Snake Oil Venture Capital Firm Proposal
  5. The world doesn't owe you anything
  6. Is this just a phase?
  7. Bald Guy = Bad Credit Score
  8. Minoxidil sucks!
  9. Hair loss just in time for wedding photos.
  10. Dr. Frankenstein
  11. I am so made.
  12. Why Mr. Anderson, why...
  13. Not really a rant, actually a bit funny...
  14. Devastated
  15. What if i end up looking like this?!!!
  16. phyialogial feelinga for older gusyl
  17. The end is near - can almost see the light
  18. this life...aint worth living
  19. Anyone seen recent Family Guy on baldness?
  20. The good news for most guys
  21. Feeling effin' great lately, with or without hair
  22. Some days man I feel the weight of it..
  23. What Norwood am I?
  24. update on hair growth and the not shaving it experiment
  25. Meh, another shed
  26. cutting proscar bit of a nuisance!!
  27. Misconceptions
  28. Girl made fun of friend for thinning hair
  29. There is no hope
  30. Ball ache, not even on fin, and other modest analyses (?)
  31. So how much important really is a hairline
  32. Tortured by my indecisivness.....
  33. HighLander, you were right.
  34. you are bald so what?
  35. I hate how looks matter so much
  36. You're bald, give it up
  37. Chill out
  38. Why everyone fears being ugly.
  39. I just want to be normal....
  40. Why me
  41. Maybe this is all pointless
  42. A joke from me to you.
  43. Balding Cure
  44. Hair is in the air!
  45. sheds suck
  46. Has anyone successfully beaten BDD?
  47. Would George Clooney still be a sex symbol
  48. what hair loss did too me... to you?
  49. I 'was' excited about the 'scarless' technique until i realized this.
  50. So many scams in the hairloss industry...
  51. make sure to place your order for generics early
  52. Transplant before Histogen?
  53. Do antidepressants really cause hair loss?
  54. Guys who have amazing hair but let themselves go to sh*t
  55. Bald men have a lower societal worth
  56. I hate rain
  57. This Site
  58. I have not improved in a year....
  59. Haircuts suck
  60. What's so bad about Transplants in Turkey?
  61. My hair is f*cking unacceptable
  62. Can't stand hiding it anymore
  63. Fear of Finasteride
  64. How in the hell is there no cure?
  65. Vellus regrowth is a big middle finger from the gods
  66. Race, Hair loss, Height, And Fitness
  67. Worst Advice to Give
  68. Young and pissed off
  69. No hair, no life
  70. Scorpion was basically right
  71. I give up, Im getting a hairsystem
  72. sustance abuse/self medicating
  73. Expecting to see a NW5 get "laid off" today
  74. Looking in the mirror just makes me sadder and sadder and sadder!
  75. Hair loss research needs to be a TOP priority
  76. For guys <NW4 who refuse oral DHT inhibitors, what do you think is the end game here?
  77. Am I wierd for not wanting to cut my hair short to a #1,2...Sad cuz Im a Norwood 7
  78. I surrender to hair loss
  79. Reconsidering my position on reproducing with the balding gene
  80. How important is Rogaine and Nizoral?
  81. Quick vent
  82. A freakin CURE!!
  83. The Real Reason Hair Loss Will Never Be Cured
  84. Have to discuss anonymously!
  85. i hate having to register for virtually every websitse on the internet
  86. We must just forget about baldness and try to improve in other areas.
  87. This sucks
  88. lonely nights
  89. For. ****. Sake.
  90. Lost at sea
  91. A moment of weakness: Why the **** must I lose my hair?
  92. I cant take this anymore!
  93. 18 and losing my hair, recently started finasteride.
  94. will a Lamborghini, and a good job get me more chicks than your typical ladies man?
  95. Dr Lewenburg's formula
  96. Propecia sucks so far
  97. Most common things the NW1's will say about your balding...
  98. Balding - how can it happen so quick!!
  99. How do you do it?!?!
  100. The Earth Is Evil
  101. Don't fcking waste away your life!
  102. 16 - failing school - do I have hair loss ? Please help
  103. The stigma of being a balding man...
  104. Nizoral made me lose my libido
  105. i want real answers for my doubts
  106. WTF? Just noticed major thinning
  107. Why does everything have to go wrong in my life? I'm so ugly.