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  23. Ghone
  24. Does Hasci does 3000 grafts over afew days??
  25. GoodBye Baldtruth and Baldness
  26. ops
  27. NeedHairASAP
  28. donor area shaved all the way down after HST
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  31. Pls move Gho section under 'Surgical Hair Restoration'
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  44. Having HST procedure in a few weeks
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  49. I've just had my procedure with Dr. Gho and want to share the results
  50. Is 2013 year of HST?
  51. What would you like to see from future HST patients?
  52. Donor Densities & Safe Zone
  53. Hairline improvement images for Gho?
  54. gc83uk's hair line or end game?
  55. 3rd Procedure with Gho
  56. shaving head for procedure
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  64. My donor 2 months post procedure
  65. ........
  66. Can Ghos .6mm punch extract anything above 2 hair grafts?
  67. HST-Density in The Recipient Area...
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  69. Analysis of gc83uk's Donor - 2nd & 3rd HST Procedures
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  76. I'm an impatient bastard
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  79. Can someone please explain Gho to me?
  80. Anything comparable to this (gc83uk or ironman)
  81. GCs donor pic 24 days after 3000 grafts-donor density
  82. What is this?
  83. Did anyone try the London clinic?
  84. Gho photos..
  85. The 50 Graft Test Procedure
  86. GCs recipient area-closer look
  87. Donor area from a distance
  88. Is this possible with HST?
  89. Another Gho question.
  90. Gho HSI
  91. HSCI - Rates 2013
  92. Why doesn't wesley snejider do another procedure that could be stopusing derm/toppik?
  93. question for gc83
  94. gc83uk recipient from a distance
  95. Gho Veterans
  96. What density to grow long hair
  97. Raising money for 50 graft HST test procedure
  98. Misleading Claims about Dr. Gho's HST technique...
  99. where are gho's pictures ( before - after ) as the other clinics?
  100. Dean Saunders update
  101. At the point of getting a HT...
  102. Gho + Milana SMP (old timer thoughts please)
  103. Dr. Nigam's fraudulent claims about Dr. Gho's work
  104. How good is Dr. Gho's procedure
  105. HASCI - New Website!
  106. Partition to Gho to IAHRS 2013
  107. Dr Gho working on hair multiplication
  108. Anybody here had Gho procedure without shaving your head?
  109. HASCI false claim on BHT
  110. White dot scarring
  111. Can Hasci patients please say what they think about the their procedure?
  112. docs of gho listed with results anywhere?
  113. ( de zeeuw ) why the hell two clinics have done the same thing? who's lying?
  114. I know it's been asked but can anyone who had the procedure...
  115. Dr Gho vs Dr Wesley technique comparison
  116. Why so many transections?
  117. Question on Density
  118. Going for HST now! Need some feedback.
  119. Silly Question, But...
  120. is this a gho's hairline density?
  121. i'm quite loving hasci.. new pictures with grafts....
  122. Dr. Gho’s missing 3-hair grafts proof …
  123. Sneijder new ad
  124. Dr. Gho is willing to restore my NW1.5-NW2
  125. Do HASCI clinics discuss hairloss treatments with patients?
  126. Dr Gho hair multiplication studies
  127. a case study of DONOR REGENERATION with the FUE-L Technique by Dr B. MOUSSEIGNE
  128. GHO/Donor Regeneration
  129. Recipient area regeneration?
  130. There probably won't be larger HST:s than this?
  131. Recipient & Donor hair cycle?
  132. Needhair has Hair
  133. HST on Dr. Gho himself?
  134. Deemy de zeeuw unbelievable result.....
  135. Dean Saunders 3rd Treatment was his FINAL treatment?!?!?!
  136. a question for those who had HST
  137. Extracting recipient as donor work?
  138. HASCI Procedure - Can't contact.
  139. To people who question Gho's artistic ability
  140. Gaz (Gc83uk) can you give us an update.
  141. With HST, why can't you cover the whole head?
  142. Caddarik and GC83 UK - Need some Input
  143. HST reply - claims of 6-8 HSTs
  144. My new HST plan
  145. Spencer&Jotronic on HST
  146. A more accurate donor regeneration figure
  147. Poll: What do you think of Hasci and their HST?
  148. FUE before HST?
  149. Gerard Joling is doing alright
  150. Why don't non-HASCI clinics offer HST?
  151. new video from HASCI
  152. Question about my upcoming procedure
  153. a second HST session in september
  154. How long is the waiting list?
  155. HST Using Long-Hair Procedure
  156. HST/Pilofocus/Donor Doubling
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  158. Hst 2.0
  159. hairdoubling and beardhair... my experience with dr nigams
  160. 3000 grafts HST
  161. not so bad with 3 HST
  162. just had my hst
  163. Hst 1410 grafts for cocacola
  164. gc83uk's september '13 procedure.
  165. can gho do 3k or not?
  166. Dr Nigam agrees to doubling slick NW6/NW7
  167. News Directly from Dr. Gho
  168. What happened to Nigam then?
  169. It 's over. Dr. Mwamba confirmed Nigam!
  170. Dr. Nigam's "Donor Doubling" is?
  171. Debunking HASCI´s regeneration claim - an open letter.
  172. Dr Nigams new case
  173. The IronMan Procedure – 9-Month Update
  174. Dr. Mwamba confirms his visit to Dr. Nigam....he is very hopeful!
  175. Gho 50 Graft Test
  176. Using Gho Procedure in North America
  177. Despite the evidence against HST, I still plan to go for a 2nd HST. Am I an idiot?
  178. Nigam Wins!
  179. The Logic of Nigam
  180. Nigam 50 Graft Test
  181. Let's compare Gaz donor pre-op 2012 and post-op 2013, no?
  182. Veca"s case with Dr. Nigam
  183. HISTORY of gc83uk's former slick bald recipient area
  184. If you had to pick 1 Dr. RIGHT NOW
  185. Dr Nigam claims he will harvest 80-90% of Joshis donor in a SINGLE session
  186. Sponsored 50 graft test
  187. Need a confidence boost or a reality check
  188. missinghair's case with Dr. Nigam
  189. Calling on Guys Who've Had HST
  190. Pilofocus.
  191. Dr. Nigam, Can We Get an Official Timeline?
  192. lost in all these threads
  193. Dr. Nigam, Third Party Verification of Donor Doubling
  194. Nigams doubling test FAILED + proof.
  195. A letter to members& rebutt to arashi/didi@drnigam
  196. why don't you go to Mumbai, Arashi?
  197. The new patient of Dr (?) Nigam.
  198. Dr Nigam - his lies and deceit.
  199. Who's going back for a second HST? Iron Man, are you?
  200. The last man standing.
  201. And with Wesleys post my last glimmer of hope has died
  202. HST Advice Appreciated
  203. Hello Everyone
  204. Dr. Cole regeneration
  205. C5000 recipient exactly 1 year after 1st HST. Feedback please...
  206. C5000 2nd HST yesterday
  207. Nigam patient DK
  208. HST Donor Question?
  209. Gaz when is your next procedure?
  210. 4 Months Post Op Dr. Gho and a Little Concerned
  211. HASCI breaktrough information, when?
  212. a documented case of the 9 procedures= 13.000 grafts in HASCI would solve everything
  213. HASCI - Think I am going to go in for April
  214. Warning to those considering HASCI
  215. update HASCI, Arashi?
  216. Gaz when are you going for your next procedure?
  217. new post from Nigam patient (part good, part bad)
  218. HASCI - which surgeon?
  219. Wesley's nightmare with Dr Nigam
  220. Hair Transplant "Gone Wrong" - Nigam
  221. Arashi, wasn't Gho supposed to bring you (us) something substantial and convincing?
  222. what about Mwamba?
  223. and how is Gaz doing?
  224. Gho's files patent for Hair multiplication
  225. Dr. Wesley's method
  226. wouldn't BHT be a good bridging if you want to keep donor for HST's or H multipl?
  227. More proof of HASCI's
  228. Nigam's horrible HT job on Tom
  229. HASCI exposed website
  230. GC83UK After 5th HST
  231. The summer is over, but Mwamba does not report on hair doubling
  232. any news of Gaz after 5th HST?
  233. Angles of hair
  234. C5000 3rd HST Yesterday
  235. IronMan have you had your 3rd HST yet?
  236. more HST final results in pictures
  237. Advice needed for a possible first HST procedure.
  238. Donor Regeneration
  239. HASCI depleted Dean Saunder's Donor.
  240. HASCI - -How well does it work? Now we'll be able to find out!
  241. Recepient area shaved
  242. Pilofocus?
  243. Like/Regret your HST?
  244. Follicum research results will be presented at the World Congress for Hair Research
  245. HASCI Website
  246. Hasci /hst
  247. Dean Saunders MHP
  248. HASCI analysis w/ photos - results
  249. INCREDIBLY thin hair