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  1. Researchers Develop First Successful Hair Cloning Technique
  2. About Histogen
  3. Any updates on histogen?
  4. ARI Purchases Intercytex Assets
  5. Aderans Research Expands Clinical Studies
  6. Aderans update
  7. creatine phosphate
  8. Adrans News, Photos from Trials and Release date
  9. Hair Regeneration
  10. histogen?
  11. Hair Multiplication
  12. A Possible Cure for Baldness And recoverup AAA
  13. So Far, Allergan’s Baldness Cure Is Better at Growing Its Stock Than Hair
  14. European scientists have reprogrammed stem cells to grow skin and hair cells
  15. Recoverup!
  16. Aderans!
  17. First Successful Hair Cloning Technique
  18. Trx2?
  19. What exactly is beta sitosterol?
  20. Allergans Update
  21. Unihair gets a grip on baldness
  22. I don't know if this is for real??
  23. More Good News!!
  24. Is HM almost ready?
  25. Avodart
  26. HT and cutting edge treatments
  27. Researchers successfully developed artificial hair-bearing skin
  28. Renokin
  29. New Hope in Recent Stem Cell Studies
  30. Who's going to try TRX2?
  31. Pharma’s 4 Best Shots at a Cure for Baldness
  32. Future Technologies Hold Promise for Hair Restoration
  33. Histogen Update - Spencer Kobren Speaks With Dr. Craig L. Ziering
  34. Hair Loss Science
  35. ASC-J9. Anyone heard of this?
  36. Hair So New
  37. Balding in 20s linked to doubled risk of prostate cancer
  38. Researchers Accidently Reverse Baldness, Alopecia in Mice
  39. Regrowing Hair: Researchers May Have Accidentally Discovered a Solution!!!
  40. Spencer Kobren Speaks With UCLA Scientist About Latest Hair Raising Discovery
  41. Giving the gift of hair
  42. Cure for MPB?
  43. Haarfollikelzüchtung at the Technical University of Berlin
  44. TrichoScience clinical trial
  45. New hope for bald heads
  46. TRX2 Results ONLY
  47. Showh some Support for an interview with the german researchers at the TU Berlin.
  48. The Benefits of PRP
  49. Hair cloning will be DOA?
  50. ICRAH 2011 - Aderans (March 20th)
  51. HT vs Cells reactivation
  52. Hmm Capixyl?
  53. Updates?
  54. Hair Cloning Restoration Procedures Studies Approved
  55. CB-03-01 - new antiandrogenic
  56. Re trx2
  57. Is Dr. Gho using false photo evidence in a peer-reviewed journal?
  58. Qr 678
  59. Dr. Niedbalski & hair cloning...
  60. CBS Program on Hair Transplantation, Hair Loss Features Interview with Dr. Bernstein
  61. Anybody see this?
  62. Bioregenerative Sciences
  63. Hair cloning with Acell
  64. Footballer Wesley Sneijder had hair multiplication with Dr. Gho
  65. Hair-Multiplication Vs. Balding-Reversal: LET'S VOTE!
  66. What company in Italy?
  67. What's happening with Follica ?
  68. New Therapies for Hair Loss
  69. Low Level Laser Therapy
  70. Umbilical Cord Blood Derived Stem Cells
  71. Replicel
  72. Call out to doctors to explain prp growth factors
  73. Cupping Treatment for Hairloss
  74. QR678 w/ pics
  75. USC research reveals clues about communication in hair stem cell populations
  76. Is Dr. Gho's HST the real deal?
  77. Has TRX2 worked for thinning hair?
  78. Orogen vs Acell
  79. Nanogen's "VEGF"
  80. Latisse has been used on hairlines with some success
  81. Finding a PRP doctor
  82. Why the Interest in TRX2?
  83. Gene Therapy?
  84. NEOSH101 - Where did it go?
  85. Perspective on the future
  86. David Nassif Joins Histogen as President and CFO
  87. HSC questions
  88. Histogen won Patent Ruling (thats it) :-)
  89. Possible cure for baldness?
  90. ACell Matri Stem
  91. Rooney gets a HT
  92. anyone tried crescina stem
  93. List of possible cures and solutions
  94. Bristol Myers/Squibb
  95. Nitric Oxide Gel for Promoting Hair Growth
  96. Astressin B Test Update
  97. Dr. Cooley and ACell
  98. new hair regrowth product H3 MATRIX
  99. Nanogen has a new product on the market.
  100. Anyone heard of this new treatment
  101. Latisse
  102. Thymosin beta 4 - activation of hair stem cells
  103. WNT and Noggin (Question for Dr. Ziering)
  104. Lab-made organ implanted for first time
  105. Spencer to do an interview with Replicel ?
  106. Noggin
  107. Embryonic stem cells
  108. Hair Cloning News Update -- July 2011 (Aderans)
  109. Molecular Hair Regrowth
  110. Breaking: Cooley OWNS Cole in autocloning debate
  111. plastic surgery with bald head ?
  112. give up?
  113. Cyberhair
  114. go go gho!!
  115. No hair cloning in the near future?!
  116. Avodart - need some advice
  117. I have an idea, need some help...
  118. Peter Gabriel Tempted By Baldness Cure
  119. so these were all PROVEN hair loss treatments that I saw on ************.com or w/e
  120. Restoration Robotics
  121. A highly probable method could apply to hair
  122. PRP treatment in Canada seems to work
  123. Prp+acell good news i think
  124. Thymosin B4
  125. Economy
  126. PRP and shedding?
  127. Potential new hair loss cure
  128. Anyone heard of this
  129. New baldness remedy in clinical trials (Latisse)
  130. astressin B, grows hair
  131. Berlin - New Hair formed
  132. what i'd like to see from trial photos
  133. Weird e-mails Recoverup
  134. spencer kobren
  135. another new discovery
  136. bimatoprost
  137. Scientists Find Stem Cells That Tell Hair It's Time to Grow
  138. Werewolf syndrome to cure baldness
  139. Spencer Kobren Speaks With RepliCel Life Sciences' CEO and President David Hall
  140. Yale's research & a new experiment u can try now
  141. Hair regrowth belt ??
  142. Hairmed
  143. Let me get this straight....
  144. Botox for Hair Loss
  145. Histogen Results 9/15
  146. Gho's 'franchise' model - up and running?
  147. dean saunders new hair
  148. Gho HSi patient had close up pictures
  149. ACell is failing?
  150. Aderans News Update.... tells us nothing
  151. Show this week?
  152. Ishrs conference highlights
  153. New Follica patent (!)
  154. Consult w/ Dr Gho on Weds (Oct 12th), what do you want me to ask?
  155. Found records of the ISHRS alaska meeting
  156. Transection
  157. Surgeons responses to gho's procedure
  158. Replicel Blog
  159. off topic
  160. Aderans - clinical trials
  161. Spencer Kobren Interviews Dr. Gary Hitzig - The Future of ACell for Hair Loss
  162. How will Replicel or Aderans technique be used?
  163. cygenx
  164. Replicel Trial Update
  165. RepliCel - Tobin Smith of Fox News and NBT Equities Interviews CEO David Hall
  166. RepliCel - Spencer Kobren's Follow Up Interview With CEO David Hall
  167. Fake Hair Implants
  168. Is HASCI for real?
  169. Biostem
  170. Who has contact to scissorboy for the shaved head thing
  171. Transcript of an Gho appointment a user had
  172. Successful Cell Implantation on Mice
  173. Did anyone try Spectral f7?
  174. Will New Website Help Hairloss?
  175. Capixyl
  176. Why no complaints about HASCI/ Gho till today
  177. plancher de bois franc
  178. Aderans expands clinical trials.
  179. Dr cole and acell update
  180. CIT vs. HST?
  181. Hydrogel promotes the formation of blood vessels and skin, including hair follicles
  182. Scar free donor sites - Sometime soon?
  183. Tocotrienol (vitamin E) may reverse male pattern baldness
  184. 2017 is the year when hair loss will be a past!!
  185. Melatonin (for Female Hairloss)
  186. ATTN Hair Restoration Surgeons: IF YOU OFFER HST, THEY WILL COME
  187. new hair tranplant procedure?
  188. Progress of upcoming treatments
  189. Being a hair treatment Guinea pig
  190. 19 Year Old, Intro and Dr. Gho
  191. news - anti-oxidant
  192. Cotsarelis Interview
  193. HST Stem Cell Petition
  194. Follica Phase 3?
  195. natural remedies hair essentials
  196. Dr. Carlos Wesley's New Technique
  197. Quick question about all these future treatments
  198. Partnership HSI Worldwide
  199. Gho HST regrowth pics!
  200. Aderans Research update
  201. First use of stem cells in humans show no adverse effects
  202. If mice grow hair so well...
  203. Skin Stem Cells
  204. Dean Saunders spotting-thea latest
  205. Replicel Stock question
  206. Dr. Marwa Fawzi Regrows Large Amounts of Hair
  207. hsc update
  208. Buying replicel stock thread
  209. Adipocyte Precursor Cells Stimulate Hair Growth
  210. Re topical minox with antiandrogens
  211. New Gho Videos
  212. Capixyl's back!!
  213. Hair Regeneration Pilot Study
  214. Something new?
  215. Capsaicin and Soy Isoflavones Promote Hair Growth
  216. Hitzig's at it again!
  217. Human hearts can now be replaced
  218. Fin binds & inhibits 5AR...wheres the science behind inhibiting *DHT*?
  219. gc83uk - Hasci sept to march
  220. Cutting edge treatments in conjunction with HT
  221. This is a news website article about a scientific paper
  222. Tim Akkerman after 1 year of HASCI
  223. Intrepid Therapeutics tests drug to cure baldness, acne
  224. sintov study flutagel
  225. PGD2 causes hair loss according to Dr. Cotsarelis
  226. Gho- Final Proof?
  227. Stem Cells
  228. Gho vs Umar
  229. Two questions for the old-timers
  230. Attention All Balding Males: Resveratrol To Your Rescue
  231. My "cutting edge" regimen?
  232. Histogen update
  233. Selling out and getting a celebrity hair piece?
  234. Recap of all future treatments
  235. Anybody read this promising article?
  236. Curis
  237. Does this bristly mouse hold the secret cure to baldness?
  238. Histogen and Aderans
  239. OC000459? (Yes that's its name)
  240. Spencer, please help us end the debate on Dr. Gho's HST procedure!
  241. I apologize guys
  242. Replicel will start the next phase of trials, Sign up Now!!
  243. New hope. Not gho.
  244. Replicel - FAIL
  245. Replicel results released on yahoo
  246. Spencer and Replicel VS. Gho
  247. WTF?!? Did Replicel work or not???
  248. Spencer Kobren Interviews Replicel's CEO Concerning Latest Clinical Trial Results
  249. It is well past time to stop this negative BS concerning Replicel.
  250. negativity vs positive negativity