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  1. starting fin before hair loss
  2. Skin quality/thickness and AGA. Are there any studies?
  3. Polichem
  4. Masturbation can cause more hair loss/DHT to those who are genetically prone to it.
  5. accurate algorithm for cell reprogramming
  6. Why are we so adverse to FUE?
  7. Generic Fin
  8. Will FUE interfere with upcoming treatments?
  9. Are we cured ? :)
  10. Follicum Announces First Healthy Volunteer Dosed With FOL-005
  11. User "FearTheLoss" found a vehicle that works with CB-03-01
  12. Deltacrin WNT
  13. anyone ordered ru from this company?
  14. New Topical Finasteride: Anchoring liposomes at the skin level (serum levels: 1/18th)
  15. What do we have now? Seems like everyones jumping ship on RU
  16. Newbie RU Questions
  17. Progress in Hair loss Summary
  18. About Follica
  19. extending health and life by cleaning the body of dead cells
  20. Dr. Roland Lauster an cloning
  21. Involvement of Mechanical Stress in Androgenetic Alopecia
  22. In 2015, researchers in Orlando came a step closer to a natural treatment aft
  23. Alternatives to minox and fin?
  24. Powerful all natural combo topical... prevent further loss strengthen hairline
  25. Dr Paul Struab, Torrance CA. So far all bad.
  26. Anyone Tried JAK Inhibitor for Hair Regrowth?
  27. Any news about Ederlmario trials ? ( Calcium blocker like calcipotriol, Calcitriol)
  28. first fully approved off the shelf stemcells launch in japan
  29. Treatments and Science - Read Only
  30. Natural product nutrigrow
  31. Depleted layer of fat under the balding scalp
  32. 21 year old boy from receding hairlines .NW 3.😢
  33. It has been TWENTY FIVE YEARS since the last hair loss drug was released
  34. Ideas for the Near Future
  35. Leftover Sodium Valproate (VPA) if you're interested
  36. New Italian DGLA poduct - due 2017
  37. what is the official stance on cox inhibitors and their affect on hairloss?
  38. Where is Desmond gone?!?
  39. The effect of Switching from minoxidil to PRP
  40. just few question on minoxidil..???
  41. Could any of these things increase balding?
  42. A Question for the RU experts - Nanoemulsion
  43. Generics vs propecia
  44. Keep changing finasteride
  45. MPB or something else?
  46. can some please explain the effect of cAMP upregulation on hair growth?
  47. Scalp Micropigmentation in arizona
  48. T-flavanone
  49. Gene causing grey hair identified
  50. What happened to CB-03-01?
  51. Alias, have you looked into Kerastem?
  52. Scientists Generate “Naïve” Pluripotent Stem Cells from Human Embryo
  53. Where are FGF11, CHEMICAL, DESMOND? Why them are not active anymore?
  54. Crown thinning at 23 ?
  55. Anyone doing group buy on CB-03-01?
  56. Propecia journey
  57. weight lifting, creatine and hair loss
  58. Legacy87 wnt + seti + 6bio + ru log
  59. Shiseido trials to begin
  60. Tsuji labs teams with Japanese pharma company!
  61. Topical Fin/Propecia
  62. [ot]human hearts from stem cells
  63. New topical from Turkey University
  64. Hair sprays to conceal thinning areas or bald spots
  65. Danish Clinic Harklinikken
  66. is rapper tyga wearing a hair piece, or does he have his hand on new treatment???
  67. Aclaris buy Vixen rights
  68. Miracle cure or BALDfaced lie?
  69. What are SM04554 and RU58841?
  70. Aclaris aquires Vixen (JAK inhibitor research)
  71. When was Vixen Pharm established?
  72. again, skin with hair follicles derived from iPS cells
  73. programming language for biological circuits
  74. for young lads who is losing hair
  75. Thorn Medical Clinc
  76. Desmond -- Update us on your topical fin experiment?
  77. N2c creme for hair regrowth
  78. Anyone planning on taking the *new* Hasson and Wong liposomal topical fin?
  79. Follica at it again?!
  80. Histogen news
  81. Regrow ACT : to Speed Development of Regenerative Medicine
  82. Switching between finasetride brands
  83. Antihistamines for pattern hair loss?
  84. SM
  85. Topical penta-peptide Gly-Pro-Ile-Gly-Ser increases proportion of thick hair in AGA
  86. How to Replicate this Product? & Why E.coli?
  87. Finasteride and HORMONES!!!
  88. Increasing 3-Alpha-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase to Treat Hair Loss?
  89. whats going on with the JAK drugs ?
  90. another cell reprogramming success
  91. Takahashi: Lgr5+ preserved using topical Ruxolitinib for GVHD; hair follicle recover
  92. Future treatments....
  93. Surgeon in Atlanta to Offer Hair Loss Treatment Using Micro-droplet Fat Stem Cell
  94. It Begins. I purchased all the items for the Prostaglandin Protocol. Wish me luck!
  95. New Treatment Pipeline update?
  96. New Crowdfunding Campaign for Life Extension Research
  97. Repair genes to cure baldness?
  98. How to apply custom topical
  99. Interview with Dr. Takashi Tsuji.
  100. Is my hairline receding?
  101. Setitpirant (PGD2 Receptor inhibitor) Phase 2A trial
  102. Has any one experimented with Pumpkin Seed oil
  103. Topical JAK inhibitors are the cure for androgenic alopecia!
  104. Topical jak inhibitors. Work for AGA.
  105. Hair breakage and hair on hands
  106. Moving Towards Experimental Regimen/advice Needed
  107. Oka Clinic
  108. Rivertown Therapeutics
  109. Histogen... Whats happening?
  110. cloprostenol - helpful or harmful
  111. RU58841 Question
  112. Good news! Kyocera teams with Riken (Dr.Tsuji)
  113. REJOICE: HF Regeneration by Transplantation of a Bioengineered Hair Follicle germ
  114. ITV UK Health Show looking for Propecia Users to Discuss their Experience with Drug
  115. Rosemary Oil vs Minoxidil 2% for the treatment of AGA.
  116. Question about Replicel
  117. Tsuji - What exactly is he doing.
  118. Baldness cured, according to Shiseido.
  119. Hurtubuse Hair Treatment
  120. Samumed SMO4554
  121. Does pge2 even work???
  122. castor oil best ingested for results?
  123. Is Cb-03-01 Actually Safe? Haven't Found Many Studies
  124. I restore laser helmet comes with serum with Redensyl®,
  125. ruxolitinib
  126. Orange County
  127. Am I balding?
  128. L'Oréal 3D printing
  129. cb 03 01 info
  130. L'Oreal is attempting to 3D print living hair follicles
  131. Pge2 groub buy from kane/anagenic inc?
  132. experimental hair growth stimulants? anyone tried any with success?
  133. Follica's updated website
  134. Topical Progesterone used to combat male androgen alopecia
  135. Drug reverses one baldness type; is male pattern next?
  136. Using IBM Watson for cure
  137. Dustasteride protects Dopamine Nuerons
  138. Hait Cloining Article
  139. Thoughts on taking alternating finasteride doses of 0.25 mg and 0.5 mg?
  140. Propecia and rogaine problems
  141. Is it happening?
  142. topical dissolved oxygen
  143. Hairloss at 17
  144. Goosebumps may hold key for skin cancer, baldness and burns treatment
  145. No News is Bad News?
  146. Capsaicin / TRPV1 hair-loss , very important !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  147. RU application
  148. New Cots./Perelman School
  149. Significant Hairline/Temple Regrowth (Finasteride)
  150. Does anyone use Topical Finasteride (DualGen-15)?
  151. Hair Medica Infusion
  152. Adipose-derived Stem cells vs PRP vs Acell
  153. Is this RU legit from Anagen inc?
  154. 20 yrs old hair losing hair quick!
  155. Thank you download trump speeding up FDA process this could be good news
  156. Keno-complex with melatonin Keno-Complex is a powerful activator of the hair follicle
  157. Frontal region thickened significantly on dut 1.5 mg.
  158. Alavax?
  159. RU58841 Warning
  160. Am I balding?
  161. Over 200 genes identified for MPB
  162. Follica
  163. So that is the dead end!??
  164. Dutasteride swelling side effect, will it go away?
  165. Treatments for grey hair?
  166. Ecohair®
  167. Checking in
  168. DR HAKAN DOGANAY/2020 GRAFTS/9 MONTHS/FUE+Implanter Pen
  169. DR EKREM CIVAS, 3400 grafts, fue, 7 months
  170. So whatever happened to all of these new 'cures'?
  171. Propecia help
  172. Anti-aging protein reverses hair loss in mice
  173. New Discovery: Hinokiol reduce DHT at site!
  174. 4D printed hair
  175. No cure and no better treatments in our lifetime?
  176. Finasteride week 1
  177. Is my hair receding ? Im 16
  178. Has my hair transplant surgeon 'missed a bit'?
  179. Thiocyn – new product patented and being sold in Germany
  180. Shampoo That Worked Really Well For Me
  181. Dr. Alexey Terskikh interview
  182. Grey Hair?
  183. Finasteride
  184. DR HAKAN DOGANAY/ 3322 GRAFTS/ 1 YEAR/ FUE+Implanter Pen
  185. Scientist find cure for baldness, again.
  186. Dr Yetkin Bayer or Dr Emrah Cink
  187. Pfizer starting with gene editing trial (not hair related)
  188. Blue laser low level laser therapy
  189. New Hair Growth Mechanism Discovered
  190. PolarityTE
  191. Anti-inflammatory immune cells directly activate skin stem cells
  192. How do you know when your hair has stabilized
  193. Foligen - Hair loss supplement
  194. Finasteride Shedding
  195. How to solve receding line?
  196. isn't FUE the best solution until hair cloning or hair multiplication?
  197. Actressin-V
  198. Targeting of CXXC5 by a Competing Peptide Stimulates Hair Re-growth
  199. 3D Printed Hair
  200. Got my Re-boost order
  201. Generic Finasteride
  202. What are some of the more promising hairloss "cures" and what are their timelines?
  203. Is my crown balding?
  204. Hair Transplant – Dr.Ekrem Civas - 3400
  205. New baldness cure, hair signaling.
  206. Possible Hair Cloning Progress
  207. 19 and starting to notice hair loss
  208. Adding Taurine to my regimine, has anyone on here had experience with this?
  209. Rogaine / regaine help please. How do I know if it has lost effectiveness?
  210. turkey hair transplant
  211. Could Be Useful
  212. Breakthrough Device Heals Organs with Single Touch
  213. Non prescription Finasteride/Dutasteride
  214. Another good one
  215. Drug to cure baldness?
  216. Propecia suddenly lost effectiveness?
  217. I think I'm having MPB
  218. Female hair losas anyone got recommendations for hair systems ?
  219. Scalp Flap Surgery/Fleming/Mayer Flap
  220. Wasbi three times more effective than minoxidil
  221. Acupuncture
  222. PRP destroyed my hair
  223. FUE making you uneligible for Replicel like treatments?
  224. AIVITA Biomedical
  225. Cutting Edge Update Suggestion.
  226. Comparative transcriptome profiling provides new insights into mechanisms of AGA
  227. Holy cr@p! AA is cured by using fecal matter!
  228. Follicas Cure for Baldess might be (Wounding + Minoxidil + FGF9 + Setipiprant)
  229. HairCell
  230. Sometime next year in Japan
  231. Starting a new Regimen here!!
  232. DUT mesotherapy every 3 months with no serum level changes
  233. Russian peptide company high strength minoxidil 7%+15% ru58841
  234. What happened to CB?
  235. Why No Doctor Will Talk About PRP
  236. My regimen
  237. So Any New Treatments/Cures?