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  1. Kythera - KYTH-105 (setipiprant), other drug now approved (ATX-101)
  2. Latest CB vehicle developments
  3. TeamTLR Needs to See More Interest Before Selling OC
  4. Enhancing gene expression for cell culturing
  5. World Hair Congress 2015
  6. DS Healthcare begins shipping oral tablet Integra (Astressin-B / Oenothein-B)
  7. Sorry for posting this here but it's on every website I go too HR23+
  8. Hair regrowth through wound healing process after ablative fractional laser treatment
  9. the shape of the head is the problem
  10. An important from our friend Reflet
  11. S-Equol ... again
  12. The best treatments in 2015 please?
  13. Burning sensation under scalp
  14. Be a participant in cutting edge research for hair growth
  15. RU58841 - Personal Users Stories
  16. Peppermint Oil
  17. Hasson & Wong Update on Topical Finasteride
  18. Help you get better way to make the hair again
  19. Hypoxia Here i go again, thinking out the box
  20. Titanium hair
  21. StayThick's Follicept Trial (4 week treatment)
  22. Evolis One FGF5 inhibition.
  23. Help! Hairpieces and wigs in England?
  24. Update on HSC
  25. Spanish clinic announce 100% donor regeneration.
  26. TM-30089 Half Life Question
  27. trying therapy,mature hair line
  28. Who wants a whole scalp transplant?
  29. News about Theracell???
  30. Late spring, Shiseido?
  31. Tsuji Labs is dead????
  32. Where is Desmond?
  33. Topical Finasteride 0.1% Foaming Solution 60mL
  34. CB-03-01 in a Light Vanishing Cream 100mL
  35. Theracell news
  36. taiwan university update??
  37. Grey Hair cure?
  38. Leminox
  39. Podcast: Frustration with outdated FDA-regulatory process and Solutions
  40. Toppik items worth it?
  41. Ru58841 Systematic sides and having children
  42. Is there any chance to recover our hair in 5 years?
  43. Allergan buying Kythera
  44. Kythera deal
  45. Follica Update
  46. We can speed up a cure! Who is rich???
  47. How Bright is the future?
  48. When are the Replicel trials?
  49. Stem Cells cured AA
  50. Anyone willing to sell me OC?
  51. organs on a chip
  52. 3D hair follicle culture
  53. Anyone try this?
  54. electric pulse technology for skin replenishment
  55. STUDY: "this can be used for large-scale preparation of cells to treat hair loss"
  56. Summer cutting edge treatments update: 2015
  57. Finasteride and thyroid medication?
  58. CB-03-01 users: where are you?
  59. Stupid question: transplant hair from another donor?
  60. Topical Application of Oleuropein Induces Hair Growth
  61. Could a partnership Samumed/Follica = the cure ?
  62. Baldness cure on the market by 2018 !!
  63. Approved drug that could save our dermal papilla cells! 'Troxerutin'
  64. US government owned patent on hair follicle neogensis
  65. New Topical Finasteride
  66. Head Cooling to Prevent hair loss??
  67. will Replicel really work in 2018!!!
  68. 2nd procedure
  69. Wake Forest new topical & US Army
  70. Am i receding or thinning or mature hairline
  71. Topical Cetrizine for hair loss
  72. The cure is coming...
  73. Maybe Replicel will actually be the cure
  74. The 21st Century Cures Act, and its effect on next hair treatments
  75. Now is the time to fund someone to go to the 2015 hair loss congress.
  76. spencer, needs to talk about replicell!
  77. Doxycycline for hair growth
  78. Can sinus inflammation causes hair loss.
  79. thoughts of a balding teen
  80. Phase 2 Results for Future Treatments
  81. 4th International Conference on Tissue Science & Regenerative medecine(Italy-27 July)
  82. OC vehicle
  83. Conrad Prebys Donates $100 Million to Sanford-Burnham
  84. hemophilia cure through iPSC and CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing
  85. Ru58841 up regulation
  86. A Trial of Cell Enriched Adipose For Androgenetic Alopecia
  87. iontophoresis machine
  88. another hope : 3D printed comb for hairloss
  89. video about ACell
  90. regeneration
  91. Teva to buy Allergan generic drug business for $40.5 billion
  92. Tsuji labs news????
  93. Shiseido curing baldness by 2018?
  94. Who is this guy? 'Hair follicles made ex vivo that can be inserted..'
  95. Cytori ?
  96. Found this on topical lard in another forum
  97. CHINA : the stem cells paradise?
  98. replicel unveils finished dermal injector
  99. Weird HT trial, wounded skin neogenesis for AA?
  100. New Treatment from Turkey
  101. Regience
  102. Hair follicle neogenesis induced by cultured human scalp dermal papilla cells
  103. Yet another topical fin
  104. We need to do something!!
  105. Why aren't people on this forum funding a few members to test expensive chemicals?
  106. what does joe from statin island think about Replicel news?
  107. Acceleration in iPS cells clinical applications!!
  108. AntiCancer Inc. Announces Extensive Hair Growth From the Spinal Cord of Mice Transpla
  109. Replicel begins testing of new device for precise dermal injections
  110. OC Log - 08/07/2015
  111. HR peptide for hair loss
  112. BM 2341 cure Baldness?
  113. What ever happen to the Chinese solving the dermal papilla culture issue?
  114. New Graza study on follicle neogenesis through wounding.
  115. AAPE/Harg treatment/clinics in Japan
  116. Follicept news
  117. guys i'm getting bald? i'm oly 17
  118. Quick question!
  119. Documenting my treatment progress
  120. Follicum results vs Minoxidil, Great Promise
  121. BK B2 Receptor agonists for hair growth ?
  122. Person to Person HT is possible
  123. 2 Years Later: Arashi, Your Thoughts on Pilox
  124. Photoactivation?
  125. Summary
  126. Bald Wingman (Rogaine ad)
  127. 4th TERMIS World Congress (Tissue Engineering) Boston-Sept 8 to 11
  128. Fluridil or Flutamide
  129. Any other sources of OC?
  130. Any other supplierss for OC?
  131. FolliStem™ ???
  132. Formation of hair follicle using 3D biomimetic nanofibers constructs
  133. Are we sending someone to the 2015 hair loss congress or no?
  134. 3D Bio-etching is here
  135. Where is Desmond?
  136. Pax1/Foxa2- 1 of the primary genetic reasons why we balding men- are balding
  137. New Research: "Bald People Have Worse Sperm; bald virility is a myth" bald = subhuman
  138. i just wanna know when a good treatment is coming
  139. follica patent allowance. news or just stock-hyping?
  140. Old but working as per reviews from Womens forum. Go through link.
  141. New Crowdfunding Site for Anti-Aging Biotech (hair loss therapies could fit!)
  142. Crowdfund report
  143. Crowdfund 2014 AA treatment pipeline report
  144. List of Folli-something companies
  145. Anyone tried Nutrafol,
  146. CHA: South Korean challenger
  147. kerastem news with pictures!
  148. A new Source of CB-03-01! (?)
  149. Starting new therapy (almost all natural) reporting here
  150. About Kerastem
  151. PILOFOCUS. Have th trials begun?
  152. Dmso questions
  153. New breakthrough discovery
  154. Bridge to 2018?
  155. Vitamin-Boosted Stem Cells Reveal Potential to Cure Baldness
  156. Induce hair follicle neogenesis without the help of inductive HF dermal papilla cells
  157. french researcher creates first functional sperm in a dish
  158. 9th World Congress for Hair Research, Miami (2015)
  159. Dr Claire Higgins video ( new from three weeks ago)
  160. OC Ethanol- can it be dissolved in water?
  161. lets vote who thinks replicel will be available in 2018 and why?
  162. Pilofocus Realistic Discussion
  163. Giving Indomethacin another try, need info
  164. Roland Lauster's video (published on 4/28/2015)
  165. CB-03-01 From Iron Dragon
  166. The rockstar/hobo diet
  167. Theres an AMA of hair loss specialist on hairloss on reddit. Zhengquan Yu.
  168. 9th World Congress for Hair Research (Miami 2015)
  169. New paper from drs christiano & Higgins
  170. Whats left of my hair is going grey very quickly- cause?
  171. Lauster's 2010 prediction?
  172. Another Potential Cure From Israel (Not Pilox, but from Technion): Using bacteria
  173. (not hair) First therapy that undergo the new Japan law (phase 1 to commercialization
  174. Interesting Follicept Pictures
  175. loreal serioxyl Vs loreal nenogenic ?
  176. Terskikh- S&B soon with Takeda?
  177. Don´t you get it by now?
  178. Any side effects with OC-Ethanol ?
  179. Histogen Update?
  180. Increasing the hair inductive potential of DP cells
  181. Company of Wu Xunwei ( ex Aderans researcher ) 'fully functional cycling HFs'
  182. World Congress for Hair Research 2015
  183. Wounding protocol for hair regeneration (plastic surgery)
  184. so who has dates for the next big thing???
  185. Electric stimuli induces mechanisms activation of Wnt/β-catenin and MAPK pathway
  186. Improvement of androgenetic alopecia with topical Sophora flavescens Aiton extract
  187. In silicoprediction of prostaglandin D2 synthase inhibitors from herbal constituents
  188. Review: Interactions during Follicle Regeneration
  189. Group buys
  190. Stem cell transfer - new treatment in spain??? unlimited hair soon ???
  191. Blocking enzymes in hair follicles promotes hair growth
  192. New topical drug for male pattern baldnes by dr christiano
  193. Jak inhibitors
  194. Breakthrough or repetition?
  195. What happend to Pilofocus?
  196. Avodart for sell in UK
  197. Replicel- Stemcell Meeting on the Mesa 2015
  198. Trying natural Wnt activators
  199. My setitpiprant trial
  200. (for wigs) 3D printing of lifelike hair fibers
  201. Regience Japan
  202. In vitro culturing and harvesting of human plucked hair follicles
  203. hair-GEL (gene expression library)
  204. Masayuki Amagai-Professor, Department of Dermatology, Graduate School of Medicine, Ke
  205. tocopherol
  206. a cancer success story, cured by gene editing
  207. Oxidative Stress–Associated Senescence in Dermal Papilla Cells of Men with AGA
  208. CRTH2/ PTGDR2 Antagonists Reverse the Hair Growth Inhibition Caused by Elevated PG
  209. Histogen lives!!! see i told you desmond.
  210. SPHINGONY 0,5% any one herd of this apprenttly blocks Dht in the scalp
  211. Baicapil looks promising
  212. Is this legit? (patent)
  213. Green tea shampoo invented buy us scientist
  214. Cure with no side effects?
  215. Dr. Wesley has begun his 3rd 'Pilofocus' Phase Testing- I was finally involved!
  216. A million dollar new face and new hair!
  217. Topical Adenosine
  218. How about a natural approach to Swiss templess approach
  219. Proscar ireland
  220. Updated Research and Knowledge - Cutting Edge
  221. proscar vs propecia
  222. Lack of news from hairloss congress?
  223. Should i get Kerastem therapy in Siwzterland?
  224. What does the word 'regrowth' mean ?
  225. the wait is over brothers!!! Replicel 2018
  226. Am i going bald? Only 18
  227. I think I've hacked it
  228. Linking diet to acne metabolomics, inflammation, and comedogenesis [AND BALDNESS]
  229. Cell Gene Therapy World meeting- Japan Regenerative Medicine Summit
  230. get regrowth after dropping propecia? - for the people whos hair got worse
  231. Cannot use Finasteride, other options?
  232. Topical Jak
  233. Ciprofloxacin Improves the Stemness of Human Dermal Papilla Cells.
  234. New Treatment!!!
  235. Check this out
  236. What is this?
  237. Fusion Hair Tonic
  238. JAK Inhibitors and Hair Loss - Dr. Angela Christiano Interview
  239. what the difference between ru58841 solution and powder
  240. CRISPR gene editing protocol in testing to treat blindness.
  241. Why did Setipiprant win over Ramatroban / TM30089 ?!
  242. JAK trial
  243. Re-seeding hair
  244. Something for Spencer and Angela Christiano to look at
  245. After 1 year on RU (45 mg night) my body has crashed (very serious)
  246. Kerastem!!!!!!
  247. What are you looking forward to in 2016?
  248. Gh15 regrowth protocol
  249. Nanoclothing versus 3d Spheroids
  250. Will an official cure ever be found? Honestly