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  1. Development of portable iontophoretic drug delivery device for androgenetic alopecia
  2. What is there to look forward too?
  3. ElectRx
  4. another article about dr. Xu creating hair follicles
  5. I think we should try to get the ADSC clinics to offer AAPE
  6. First successful hair cloning experiment was done in 1970!
  7. What is happening with Allergan?
  8. Don't Mean to be Rude
  9. Rate of Technological Advancements
  10. 3D Printing skin ?
  11. Histogen and Replicel : stem cell meeting on the Mesa
  12. igrow comb and super laser comb
  13. Bimatopros clinical trial. Does anyone know anything about it?
  14. Vasalgel
  15. Everyone in here, now.
  16. Effects and side-effects, why patience is needed
  17. We have a vehicle for CB-03-01: VERSAPRO
  18. Scientists ready to test lab-grown penises on men
  19. Let's Get Iontophoresis Done. (Knowledge and Data Dump)
  20. Crowdfunding (Experiment.com)
  21. Collecting RU-58841 pictures!
  22. Stem cell treatments surging into clinic (article on Mesa meeting)
  23. How Do You Mix KB with RU?
  24. "Hedgegog"
  25. So can we update the vehicle for RU also now?
  26. DERMATEK (anticancer.com)
  27. RU vs CB-03-01 and shedding
  28. RU58841 Compatibilities
  29. SABA Gel
  30. Please just answer this question.
  31. Questions about CB-03-01
  32. Potential "topical by design" low systemic technology to halt hair loss
  33. Cyclodextrines: A potential non-systematic vehicle for CB and RU?
  34. Versapro: How can we all get it?
  35. Desmond, What Do You Think of Chlorine-Dioxide Based Routes?
  36. Paralysed man walks again after historic spinal cord treatment by British doctors
  37. Anageninc
  38. black caster oil
  39. Hair doubling and elimination of FUE white dots by Mwamba in 2015?
  40. Topical Fin or RU?
  41. Ruxolitinib
  42. Histogen's Presentation 2014 (video) thanks to noisette
  43. Replicel's update 23 October 2014
  44. Umm Someone Smart Dumb this Down for me LOL-Spermidine Promotes Human Hair Growth
  45. Histogen and Replicel (and others)
  46. RU58841 and pregnancy
  47. Follicum
  48. could this be a break through
  49. Dr Guillemat's work (Spain) on hair doubling to be announced in January 2015
  50. Redensyl now available from uk company
  51. Selenium Chloride
  52. Website RU-solutions possibly scammers
  53. Bimatoprost finishing up Phase IIb trial!
  54. DA-4001C new Drug
  55. New/future treatments
  56. This could be good for Follica
  57. kanes premixed RU
  58. Premixed RU- solution
  59. Oral Fin necessary if on Topical Fin
  60. restoregenex
  61. CB probably is not that great
  62. Wiki - Experimental treatment of androgenic alopecia
  63. Mibelle AnaGain
  64. 0.25mg finasteride + ru?
  65. Trial for Male hairloss / baldness
  66. Shall i try CB at 5%???
  67. Ataric Acid potential dht blocker
  68. Dr.Angela Christiano
  69. Doctor Stefano Cotrufo - alternative to Minoxydil and Fina
  70. Androgenetic Alopecia Pathway Update and Finding The Cure
  71. Atraric Acid a Potent Antiandrogen
  72. Ramatroban
  73. Vitiman c and garlic good for erectile dysfunction propecia sides
  74. baicalin, active ingredient against AGA
  75. Italian forum says that new trials of Pilofocus have started and Dr Rahal uses it
  76. New alopecia treatment (RK-023)
  77. Another mice gets hair. Astressin-B
  78. main target for hairloss : hormonal pathway
  79. Any have access to this paper?
  80. Will this help bring down the price of hair transplants?
  81. Thank you Hellouser
  82. Dr Mwamba to offer cutting edge procedures from January 2015!
  83. lilpauly journey to a nw1 and my regimen.
  84. New topical DA_4001 from South korea
  85. Neogenic
  86. The Cure Is Here!
  87. Dr Angela Christiano: in Alumni Auditorium at Columbia University
  88. RU sides
  89. These guys too claim they are onto something.
  90. New type of stem cell discovered.
  91. Propolis
  92. Exogenous IGF-1 promotes hair growth
  93. 'S-equol Topical made buy chemist thread
  94. another reason to add vitamin c to your topical
  95. Understanding Androgenetic Alopecia
  96. Combatting RU58841 side effects
  97. Going to order mesogun - any thoughts on which?
  98. Scalp Exercises for Hair Re-growth?
  99. it's that real ? it's the cure?
  100. How beehives could help battle baldness ?
  101. How does the approval process works?
  102. Ru: Best Vehicle & Additives (Copper Peptides)
  103. This is probably BS but..........
  104. Problem solved?
  105. 99.5% pure RU58841 liquid solution
  106. What happened to The Kane Shop
  107. AHK vs GHK: Copper Peptides
  108. BIM & Iris Colour
  109. **We demonstrated that human hair-follicle DPC can be reprogrammed to induce hair !
  110. diazoxide
  111. Bimatoprost powder
  112. some new product emerged
  113. Another piece of the puzzle: Macrophages and WNT activation (Mice study)
  114. New baldness cure
  115. 2015- Make or Break Future Treatments
  116. Vasocontrictor vs. Vasodilator
  117. Replicel results date?
  118. compounded minox
  119. Steroid shampoos?
  120. Age-associated inflammation inhibits epidermal stem cell function
  121. Age-associated inflammation inhibits epidermal stem cell function (link JAKi and MPB)
  122. Last Roll of the Dice before FUE - RU58841 + kitchen sink - My Log
  123. Crowdunding and Contract Research Organizations (CROs)
  124. Cure has accidentally been found
  125. It's time to unite, It really is.
  126. Can a tattoo gun be used to deliver topicals through the dermis?
  127. Any comment on this theory?
  128. Easing the paradigm shift in Hair transplantation - Pilofocus
  129. Tagamet is anti-androgen
  130. A plea to the community
  131. Carbon 60 Olive Oil
  132. new treatment compatible with transplant?
  133. Stem cell transplant against baldness
  134. Da Cure
  135. Human ESC-Derived Hair Inducing Cells for Hair Regeneration
  136. Anyone on the forum on the CB phase 2 trial?
  137. Derivation of Hair-Inducing Cell from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells
  138. AAAS 2015 Annual meeting 12 - 16 February
  139. Follica
  140. It is done? They are looking for candidates... ;)
  141. DP cells from IPS cells real?
  142. Sanford-Burnham's hair-raising study - Using stem cells to grow new hair
  143. My interview!
  144. Stem cell therapy!!!
  145. Isn't Dr. Greco supposed to be introducing a new PRP treatment?
  146. CB-03-01 Investor update
  147. Has anyone actually been to the Belgravia clinic?
  148. curcumin
  149. Any news??
  150. Replicel problems
  151. Kythera Acquires Rights to PGD2 Blocking Setipriprant for New Hair Loss Treatment
  152. Setipiprant
  153. kythera news
  154. is this another hurdle we have surpassed?
  155. Researchers have been able to use pluripotent stem cells ,generate cell grow new hair
  156. Replicel news and answers
  157. What is SM?
  158. Oc000459
  159. Azelaic Acid seems to work, what is your experience?
  160. setipiprant buy
  161. is this for real?
  162. New uk minoxiplus 8 in 1
  163. The hair follicle Dermal Stem Cell (hfDSC) Now Identified
  164. Emall to kane
  165. Do you think there will be a cure by 2025?
  166. The Sooner the better?
  167. Pura d'or Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo
  168. Best non-finasteride option to stop loss? Help out a returning old timer...
  169. OC and setipirant questions
  170. OC buy
  171. OC info+ use RU at your own risk
  172. MPB / Asthma link?
  173. 7-8 month supply of compounded topical finasteride with additive if interested
  174. OC and setipip news
  175. Reasonable Setipip / OC price?
  176. follicept - what's this?
  177. Chlorine Dioxide
  178. Cured by accident
  179. Call to RU58841 users: permanent side-effects?
  180. Skin Perturbation PLUS Ruxolitinib?
  181. PGD2 and adenosine
  182. MILD dermarolling to promote IGF-1 production?
  183. Theracell, new competitor in the hair regeneration field
  184. help with ru
  185. Can someone explain why exactly reversing slick bald areas is so difficult?
  186. If setipiprant worked...
  187. OC Guide
  188. All these new potential treatments - how excited should we be ?
  189. Can I mix Neogenic with OC?
  190. Whoa - Kythera stock up over 20% this AM
  191. Didn't Dr. Cotsarelis say..
  192. Carlos Wesley, what happened?
  193. What should we be excited for the most?
  194. Hair stemcell therapy - dr. Craig ziering
  195. Has anyone tried acetyl tetrapeptide-3 mesotherapy?
  196. 2015 outlook.
  197. Any hope for teens in the future (story)
  198. London UK - I have 35 ml of premade RU 2% application plus from RUsolutions for sell
  199. RU58841 Myristate
  200. Follicept Gel Night Cap Poll, Use It or Lose It?
  201. KB solution questions
  202. Where the hell is Desmond?
  203. Prp Acell vitamin D injection
  204. hair loss at 16 affecting my career
  205. Would a proper diet(etc) improve our hair quality ?
  206. Sox9 and hair follicle stem cells
  207. MPB at 18? Tell me bluntly, am I going to be bald by the time I reach mid-20s?
  208. whats the update on histogen?
  209. new acne treatment. who the hell needs CB for acne now?
  210. Where are the phase IIb results for Bimatoprost?
  211. Kythera Conference Call Tomorrow
  212. Could anyone elaborate on the science of this?
  213. True Life Research
  214. Caffeine can halt hairloss
  215. fin will be finito, and NW7 is going to be NW0
  216. Rahal news 2015
  217. Why no one sell concentrated bima ?
  218. Igf-1?
  219. Anyone have any news from Lauster/Jahoda teams?
  220. RU and Finasteride
  221. How far away are we from these technologies?
  222. How long can RU58841 be stored for?
  223. RU58441 KB? Hellouser
  224. Fact: No treaments are going to be here soon
  225. Estee Lauder Clinical Trial
  226. Hellouser's findings thread
  227. latisse
  228. Quorum Sensing : pluck hair to regenerate growth
  229. Philosophical question about getting a hair transplant vs waiting for a cure.
  230. Potential Cure?
  231. Re spectral dnc-s
  232. Wanbincell - What is this?
  233. OC for maintenance
  234. LASERS: 2015 Study says they can remove hair-- but can also GROW HAIR
  235. Does a stand alone PRP ACell injection causes any side effects?
  236. Dr. Christiano New Hair Multiplication Method?
  237. Anyone else excited with all the action?
  238. evolis ONE - can this be true?
  239. Fgf9?
  240. Paleo diet + some suplements = work ?
  241. propecia and minoxidil 10%
  242. The Evidence for PRP (including growth factors)
  243. Follicept Trials- Discussion About Trial Only
  244. AAPE Trials - I'll be experimenting with it
  245. Question about Miniaturized hairds
  246. I just wanna know when!!!
  247. Ziering - Stimceuticals
  248. Electrical Stimulation?
  249. Hair regrowth in alopecia areata patients following Stem Cell Educator therapy
  250. Further Follicept civil conversation