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  1. the future
  2. Replicel timeline
  3. Has anybody heard of this - mexispatent? Lotion for androgenetic alopecia...
  4. New Article: Lin28a.
  5. When will we know Nigam is scam or not?
  6. Follicabio
  7. Gluten Free Hair Growth
  8. Anyone willing to take the Bimatoprost plunge?
  9. Advice on something I can use NOW
  10. Follica European Trials
  11. Non-Everclear options for Ethanol for RU mix
  12. wtf is going with HISTOGEN phase 2b?
  13. maybe a dumb question
  14. Kaidax spray Tricoxidil
  15. Stratus Media / Restorgenex acquires 2 biopharmaceutical companies
  16. article about someone trying to find funding for hair loss cure
  17. piloxll:new israeli method combines wounding+ zi/cu ions to destroy dht in the scalp
  18. Is pilofocus the closest cure?
  19. Scientists create skin from stem cells.
  20. RU
  21. Historgen/HSC - stop spazzing out
  22. Local Antiandrogen Therapy for the Treatment of Male Pattern Baldness
  23. Interview with gail naughton ?
  24. Aderans and Boseley
  25. dermarolling+minox 2 young log///
  26. Anagen growth factors FROZE.
  27. S Equol?
  28. Any test results on Kane RU Batch #20131010
  29. ACell vs ExCeltrix
  30. dr klein: new growth stimulant coming soon~~~
  31. any news about piloxll
  32. Diet vs Kane.
  33. George Cotsarelis and upenn new article today
  34. this forum should have sticked Warning
  35. Article: Skin molecules that cause baldness, unwanted hair identified
  36. Pilox is the Answer
  37. I'm new to this, after some information please
  38. CB 03-01 What Is The Status
  39. Replicels 3rd Quarter Financial Report
  40. Columbia University Medical Center Abstract
  41. I've been gone from the forum for ~1 year -- Is this a cure?
  42. Theradome??
  43. Thymus Peptides Treatment
  44. Skin molecule that causes baldness..
  45. Study shows effectiveness of thymus peptides in preventing hair loss
  46. what about this RU sides?
  47. May 2014 be the year of the cure
  48. 2014
  49. FUE ultrasound
  50. new KERATENE product
  51. Replicel's approval for TSX Venture exchange
  52. Dermarolling protocol - success or fail?
  53. DS Healthcare's Topical Treatment
  54. Progress on Donor Regeneration
  55. The thought of a cure or de facto cure
  56. For those annoyed by the pace and cost of clinical trials
  57. Biologixhair
  58. Epilobium.
  59. Dermarolling Scalp 1x a week might be too much.
  60. Replicel Patent in Japan (and also Sheiseido is doing their own trials)
  61. Cure for baldness......when?
  62. Kidney grown from stem cells by Australian scientists
  63. Thymus peptides – effective for multiple hair loss conditions?
  64. What are the future treatments for maintenance?
  65. THERADOME and Laser Treatments
  66. More Players
  67. Aderans???
  68. First Study to Convert Adult Human Cells to Hair-Follicle-Generating Stem Cells
  69. news- what does this mean
  70. Researchers create epithelial cells from iPSC
  71. Cellmid, new treatment
  72. bbc reports major stem cell breakthrough in Japan
  73. Compounded Finasteride/Minoxidil
  74. The timeline are the same as last year? HSC and Replicel.
  75. Histogen Update from Ziering Medical
  76. National Taiwan University Hospital
  77. Clinical trial starting using Jahoda's method !
  78. Possible new cure or BS??
  79. Male contraceptive to stop baldness ??
  80. Pilofocus - snakeskin?
  81. First 3D Printed Liver is Now available to accelertae human trials (Organova)
  82. Killer stack for border line baldies
  83. Iontopherosis community trial
  84. Switch Biotech
  85. Patent application: Azole Derivative
  86. Sm04554
  87. Jcm are you still out there
  88. Regrowth photos from a reddit post
  89. Future treatments overview
  90. Human lung created in the lab
  91. Histogen Upcoming Events - 2014 update
  92. Alopecia 2014 - Alopecia Androgenetica e Rigenerazione Cellulare bSBS
  93. PGD2 review by Garza
  94. Hairloss cured ?
  95. Induchem
  96. I did it, "just shave it off"
  97. Ecuri: more stamcell snake-oil
  98. Final Days: Chinese Scientists Have Solved the DP Culturing Problem! (2014)
  99. Mysterious Tweet by Craig Venter responsible for Human Genome Project
  100. 8th World Congress For Hair Research - Korea (2014)
  101. A Hypothetical Vehicle for CB-03-01 (Cortexolone 17-alpha-propionate)
  102. Input from experts?
  103. So what's the progress on MPB for 2014?
  104. Insightful Optimistic Article
  105. Sponsoring somebody to go to WCHR 2014
  106. Reply from Upenn medicine
  107. Crowdfunding for Dr. Xu
  108. replicel news
  109. Are we sure we need whole new follicles?
  110. Crescina - has anyone tried it?
  111. when will bimatoprost be commercialised ?
  112. Dr. Wesley Pilofocus
  113. Major Shedding on MSM/Vit C
  114. What's happeneing with Histogen?
  115. Neosh101
  116. Major breakthrough in stem cell manufacturing technology
  117. Another approach !
  118. Possible Treatments
  119. what you think?
  120. We have 3 companies working on topical "side free" finasteride equivalents
  121. Laboratory-grown vaginas implanted in patients.
  122. What really is dermal sheath cell?
  123. Carlos K. Wesley, M.D. (NYC) Discusses Future Trends in Hair Restoration
  124. Histogen buys biomed skincare line
  125. Scientists Create Stem Cells From Adult Skin Cells
  126. Scared to use RU
  127. Something to consider about Follica and others.
  128. Funding Desmond to go to WCHR 2014
  129. george cotsarelis has a patent in hair growth based on his PGD2 findings
  130. replicel
  131. "8 Things to Look Forward to in 2014"
  132. BioD Amniogenix stem cells and PRP
  133. Can Someone Post Some Good News Already!
  134. DNA modification now a reality?
  135. Anyone seen CBS today?
  136. Questions for Desmond at Hair Congress 2014
  137. CBS tonight at 11PM
  138. Ds Healthcare files New Patent
  139. Starting point for learning
  140. WCHR 2014 Presentations (Community-funded)
  141. adipose-derived stem cell protein extract
  142. Pilofocus timeline
  143. Allergan Corproate Takeover Bad for Bimatoprost
  144. Mitigating RU side effects
  145. Chaparral Extract?
  146. Q&A with Dr. Aaron Gardner
  147. Discussion of Dr. Gardner's responses
  148. Is it safe to use RU?
  149. Bottom Line as we head into Summer '14
  150. Call me crazy
  151. Scientist regrow teeth using lasers
  152. Cotsarelis Presentation - PGD2 inhibition was reversed with blocker
  153. about bio-3d-printing
  154. Future Treatment
  155. Piloxll update ?
  156. Dkk1 Stimulate Hair Follicles For Hair Growth When They Appear Dead
  157. new method for stem cell differentiation
  158. What Treatments are we going to have?
  159. New Treatment?
  160. alternative treatment list
  161. Supression of the COX2 gene
  162. hasson and wong topical fin
  163. did we stepped back?
  164. Laser caps?
  165. PiloFocus: Dr. Carlos Wesley
  166. Dr. Xu and ramatroban
  167. ISO-SILVAN c/cafeinne
  168. Interesting: Pumpkin Seed Oil Helps to Regrow Lost Hair
  169. Drug called Xeljanz and hairloss (Yale study)
  170. Yale scientists successfully use arthritis drug to regrow completely bald man's hair!
  171. Does the donor section on the back of our head grow back after FUE?
  172. Topical Finasteride
  173. Is male pattern baldness related to immune system ?
  174. Platelet Rich Plasma injections
  175. Dr Lauster's Team (Berlin University of Technology)
  176. ReCell
  177. Dr Aaron Gardner's Research (2014)
  178. Balloon surgery
  179. Mesenchelial Cells Discovery
  180. Scientists have figured out how to create blood vessels in 3D printed organs
  181. acell - its a dud
  182. Clinical Trials by National Taiwan University Hospital
  183. Temples Regrowth
  184. Xeljanz
  185. Anyone see this before? Topical Argan Stem Cell Solution
  186. Crowd funding website
  187. Article on piloscopy...
  188. any one knows a sonic hedgehog agonist ?
  189. Just got diagnosed...HELP
  190. I need an educated guess of when we will cure baldness, details inside.
  191. Are we at another 5 year standstill ?
  192. The Bottom Line
  193. Pilofocus questions for Doc Wesley
  194. Anageninc premade ru58841
  195. Ask Spenser about Histogen?!
  196. Theradome Proof? Pictures in included
  197. The crazy coating idea
  198. Hair Growth Promoting Solution (Chlorine Dioxide)
  199. So, Desmond, what's with that website?
  200. Topical Cannabis sativa?
  201. Is culturing DP cells the FINAL obstacle ?
  202. China: "We have maintained DP hair-inductive characteristics using eCTGF in culture"
  203. Hair Cloning
  204. Interesting articles
  205. Army to 3D bioprint skin for soldiers wounded in battle
  206. Let's start an AAPE clinic in the Caribbean
  207. Japan stem cell laws (fast track)
  208. A PGD2 blocker (GPR44 blocker) which has finished phase III trials
  209. Dr oscar kline passed away
  210. can Micropigmentation interfer with future treatments?
  211. More evidence for topical finasteride(July-August)
  212. could histogen or repicel Help repair transplant patients
  213. Find it ourself
  214. Question: Extracting Entire Donor for Shaved Back & Sides Look.
  215. New ******* Release
  216. Bee Venom for hairloss?
  217. New Product? Cenegenics
  218. Pilox Update
  219. Possible cure for alopecia areata : ruxolitinib
  220. topicals delivery enhancers (iontophoresis, galvanic current devices)
  221. If Everclear Isn't Available, What Can I Mix RU58841 In? (& KB Question..)
  222. ruxolitinib and/or tofacitinib?
  223. Health and wellbeing competition / kick starter alternative?
  224. A new topical fin solution?
  225. Ruxolitinib is the cure?
  226. Revive Serums
  227. Follica Device Patent
  228. really red after dermaroller on strip scar
  229. Where exactly does Cosmo state they used hydroelectrophoresis?
  230. minoxidil dark eyes
  231. Drug combination accelerates healing, "regrows follicles" in surgical excision wounds
  232. Lets Get CB-03-01 DONE. We are SO close.
  233. What we need to know about topical finasteride
  234. "Wonder pill" to cure MPB in 5 years.
  235. "Wonder jab" to cure MPB in 5 years.
  236. Yale: One More Step Closer to Stem Cells (new. not the AA findings)
  237. links to autoimmune disease
  238. low systemic absorption technology
  239. Does RU54881 work on its own?
  240. Will Delivery Of Current Topicals Solve Hairloss?
  241. A traditional hair loss lotion from SouthEast Asia contains natural JAK inhibitor
  242. UW professor may have found cure to hair loss from chemotherapy
  243. Printed skin with follicles
  244. stem cell news: iPS cells reverted to pristine state
  245. World's 1st iPS cell transplant performed in Japan
  246. Method developed to ‘print’ replacement tissues using stem cells
  247. Primer on Iontophoresis
  248. ionic liquids facilitating deep skin penetration - helpful for topical dut/fin?
  249. CB-03-01 Efficacy Question
  250. No money in a cure