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  1. 05/07/13 Article about Histogen and Replicel
  2. Dr. Cotsarelis vs. Dr. Gho: The BIG question…
  3. In uk 15% and 16% minoxidil +
  4. Considering RU
  5. Bnp-32
  6. Histogen Poster presentation at WCHR 2013@Dr. Nigam's
  7. WCHR 2013 Topic Follicle neogenesis by DP Cells @Dr. Nigam's
  8. REPLICEL posts pipeline timeframe
  9. Dr Nigam , anybody else?
  10. Link to Topical Finasteride
  11. anyone tried this????
  12. Topical GF increases proliferation of human DPC presented at WCHR 2013@Dr.Nigam's
  13. I created a subreddit on Reddit about Dr.Nigam. Check it out.
  14. Histogen Email - Funding Problems!
  15. Stem Cell HM Result, 4 month@Dr. Nigam
  16. [NEW] Histogen Email Update -
  17. Replicel/Aderans
  18. For doke, are you still using cg210??? If so hows it going?
  19. Vampire baldness cure
  20. Question about all these future treatments...
  21. Getting hands on what's in HSC?
  22. Let's be a little more realistic
  23. DR NIGAM, re: Tom Vercetti, the French Moderator
  24. Dr Nigam hair doubling cost
  25. Larrea Tridentata (NDGA) CRTH2 antagonist, IL6 and serotonin regulator from hlh
  26. Dr Nigam, my own experience
  27. Pure HM result @ drnigams with forum member as witness
  28. Hair multiplication?
  29. Pantostin (Alfatradiol)
  30. Big Replicel News!!
  31. New treatments?
  32. New York Cornell University research
  33. Histogen's FINAL Phase I/IIa Results (2013)
  34. Future treatments
  35. PDG2 Lotion
  36. Dr. Cotsarelis breakthrough Discovery (June 2nd, 2013)
  37. How to think of "Cutting Edge/Future Treatments"
  38. What's the deal with Dr Lauster?
  39. Dr. Cotsarelis New Discovery that may finally cure Baldness (June 3rd, 2013)
  40. whats the problem with Gho??
  41. Hair Multiplication already achieved
  42. RU58841 Facts, Fiction, Lore
  43. Cotsarelis/Garza Genetic analysis
  44. When will it be?
  45. PDG2 Stuff
  46. Just a Suggestion - Monthly update Thread
  47. [K&B] LIQUIVAT FC 550 - What is exactly and what can be its substitute?
  48. isn't this a good news?
  49. Nanopeptide mesotherapy
  50. Arashi and KO1's Argue Thread
  51. List of Future Treatments Being Trialled Part 3!(June 2013 edition)
  52. Pilofocus + Dr. Nigam = Higher Yeild of donor doubling?
  53. K&B Solution
  54. Wnt activation: the tips of mammalian digits can regenerate after amputation
  55. Topical melatonin - clinical studies
  56. What are the cutting edge/future hair systems?
  57. Human organs could be grown in animals "within a year"
  58. we need a miracle
  59. Has Anybody Used PGD2 Blockers for 4+ Months and KEPT Balding??
  60. Spencer/Spex - can you get Dr Nigam/Dr Mousseigne on the show?
  61. Dr Cole-Dr Nigam to meet up!!
  62. Any RU Update from JLantern?
  63. Starting RU Tomorrow - Help me Dose
  64. Conpecia's Indo/Chromo/Minox Log
  65. Biologixhair - This might be good news!!
  66. Spencer! Aderans.... Now!!!
  67. Scarless FUE
  68. Head Transplants - You have got to be kidding me.
  69. Does any one gain weight on propecia and keep taking it because there's nothing bette
  70. Dr. Marc Dauer -- Spencer's recent guest -- Hair Cloning 20-30 years away
  71. 15 Graft in-vitro Doubling patch test 93Day's @drnigam
  72. p-3074 finasteride
  73. Hair Growth Factors
  74. Japanese scientists generate human organ from stem cells (First time ever!)
  75. Topical AntiOxidants?
  76. How to Apply Minox & RU at Night
  77. How to Apply Minox & RU at Night
  78. CG 210 w/ link to before/after pics
  79. RU storage and application question
  80. cetrizine vs indo/chromo
  81. Could we have a brief summary of Future Treatments?
  82. Why cant they do this for hair follicles? Seriously?
  83. Cure for baldness = Pilofocus + SMP Tatoo + Hairstyle !
  84. Good News -- I just called Aderans Research Institute in Atlanta
  85. The Best Results I've Ever Seen (fin, minox, scalpmed?, silica?, biotin)
  86. I found the article in the Journal Nature from Follica, if anyones interested
  87. Keratene Alphaactive Retard RESULTS
  88. What cutting edge hair transplants do we have r people that can't take fin?
  89. It might be Body hair
  90. Japan to offer fast-track approval path for stem cell therapies
  91. So how close are we to a new 'cure'
  92. Replicel and Shiseido Collaboration Technology Transfer Agreement for treating MPB
  93. What is "Proof of concept"?
  94. Indo/Chromo sides...
  95. Polysorbate 80
  96. treatments for temples
  97. Lets get Dr.Roland Lauster and Dr.Cotsarelis..Crowd Funding.
  98. Minoxidil+dermaroller
  99. Are HTs a waste of time?
  100. Shampoo with fin
  101. A Social Experiment - LETS END MPB TOGETHER
  102. Innovative hair loss solutions Australia before and after
  103. Scientest create new hair follicle to speed up bdness cure
  104. Man made hair follicle model that functions like real hair!
  105. Histogen
  106. will there be a cure that takes a completely bald guy to nw 0 in 10 years
  107. Dermarolling Community Trial
  108. Doctors you would love to see use Pilofocus
  109. Is RU Making my hair fall out?
  110. Any Clinics looking at introducing Pilofocus?
  111. Doubling plus stemcell inj.5.5 month result..@drnigam
  112. Team Replicel
  113. 1 Year stem cell injection result by dr.nigam
  114. Replicel Question - DSC Cell Specific
  115. Jesus Christ Almighty
  116. Bio start ups - histogen, follica, Aderans, replicel etc scams?
  117. custom growth factors
  118. biologix set to launch, soonish!
  119. very promising study results with minox + dermaroller
  120. Fgf9
  121. alvi armani cell based therapy patent(on mammal)
  122. RU + Minoxidil
  123. What's the best hair transplant you have ever seen which Norwood to Norwood
  124. Topical Fin (hasson and wong)
  125. Lots Of Ideas on the Forum: So Crowdfund
  126. It's time to say goodbye to Dr Nigam
  127. A Hair “Cloning/Multiplication” Breakthrough from China (?)
  128. Dr. Wesley's Scarless Pilofocus pricing
  129. Dermaroller + Minoxidil Quick Guide Video
  130. Absolute shit
  131. An interesting possibility
  132. Tb-500, RU, Minox. Going for it
  133. Gail Naughton thread
  134. (CB-03-01 Vehicle Research) PhD Student in Chemistry
  135. Iontophoresis device for CB
  136. Dr Nigam's rebutt to critics
  137. When will a Norwood 7 be able to have a succesful ht
  138. My Take
  139. Hair Cloning available now at IVARI?
  140. just an idea.wounding-needling
  141. giving eyes to fue and doubling...with follicle ultrasound @ world's first at dr niga
  142. Intresting articles on Wounding and hair regrowth.
  143. Low-Level Light Therapy for AGADouble-Blind trial
  144. Pilofocus honest discussion
  145. Anyone tried igrow?
  146. Dermaroller Reviews
  147. First Pics of 3D spheroidal DP aggregate @ Dr. Nigam's Lab
  148. Realistic Time Frame for Pilofocus End of 2014/2015?
  149. To Researchers and Forum Users Looking For Future Treatments
  150. Why can't we just use beard/chest hair for buzzed look?
  151. Best Fin oral replacement (Keratene Alphactive Retard VS Standardized Saw Palmetto)
  152. Listen up, this is our last stand
  153. Topical Finasteride-Available Online!
  154. the growth factor nano solution track progress
  155. Has anybody stopped there hairloss with pgd2 blocker
  156. Resveratrol + Green Tea Extract (8 months in)
  157. What options are there for those that cant tolerate fin?
  158. Histogen Schedule
  159. Histogen update
  160. Dermatologist tomorrow; Questions re: Dermarolling?
  161. Polaris Research Lab
  162. Scientists create brain from 3d culture cells
  163. is there are guys who use Bimatoprost here ?
  164. New 3D Hair Follicle Model Could Help Find Drugs that Treat Baldness
  165. Can Adam K or Hellhouser create a laymans guide to applying CB-03-01.
  166. Dont forget to use the Dermaroller on your Temple hairs!
  167. Crowdfund Salaries
  168. Pilofocus
  169. Histogen's Method of Generating Multipotent Stem Cells Receives US Patent
  170. Pilofocus - $5 per graft....
  171. Follica
  172. How close are we? Really?
  173. One more month untill the Pilofocus Announcment, what can we expect to hear?
  174. ACell & PRP
  175. MPB Treatments
  176. Follica
  177. Alvi Armani Hair Loss Research Discontinues 'Hair Cloning'
  178. Does Dermarolling cause grey hairs?
  179. HIV vaccine reported to be successful in trials
  180. lithium gel
  181. Mixing my own SABA Gel (Retin-A + hydrocortisone)
  182. S-Equol
  183. Efficiency of creating IPS cells from 1 to 100%
  184. Shaek Pills
  185. is Histogen going to start phase 2b any time soon?
  186. "Obvious New Terminal Hairs Where There Were None Before""
  187. Is this what cutting edge/ Future treatments have become ?
  188. youtube vid hairline regrowth capillogain,proxiphen,promox,saba gel, growth factors
  189. Pilofocus october
  190. Nose transplant
  191. RIP Bryan Shelton — Hair Loss Researcher Extraordinaire
  192. Hydrogel forms new skin and hair follicles
  193. Follica
  194. Crowdfunded Research
  195. Replicating Follica's method community trial
  196. Skin expansion grows new skin and hair in burns victims
  197. 200 clinical trials on hair loss
  198. RU-Solution, currently under stability testing in ethanol. Passed first 20 days test
  199. What are the possibilities for 2014?
  200. pdg2 blockers
  201. Desmond, What Are the Big Questions?
  202. carboxy therapy for hair loss
  203. Dermarolling RESULTS *ONLY* Thread
  204. Tsuji Team is Back!
  205. anyone else really stop giving a shit?
  206. Crowdfund a position in Tsuji Labs?
  207. Glycolic Acid Scalp Peel [Follicular-hyperkeratosis]
  208. Growth Factor-Nano solution!
  209. Lipogaine formula change
  210. Anyone heard of this new product
  211. Funny forum
  212. Spencer needs to interview Dr. Carlos Wesley after the ISHRS 2013 conference
  213. ishrs-2013: Dr Wesley and ... Jahoda !!
  214. New laser claims cure for baldness
  215. Any point in adding RU to fin?
  216. Laser comb
  217. Where do people get their Propylene Glycol from?
  218. Iron-dragon cb-03-01
  219. hair doubling
  220. Histogen Announcement
  221. Dermarolling Mindmap WIP
  222. Jahoda
  223. Histogen 2013 MESA Presentation
  224. Histogen - fake images?
  225. Good News! Looks Like Hair Loss Will Be A Thing Of The Past
  226. Human Hair grown in Lab!
  227. What dosage form of CB-03-01 would you like Cosmo Pharmaceuticals to develop?
  228. Whats does this mean? Very important
  229. Ishrs 2013
  230. Whats stopping the Chinese and Indians Docs from offering the new hair cloning method
  231. Cb 0301
  232. Dr. Nigam's Hair Multiplication
  233. Reason why there is still no cure in 2013 and the solution
  234. Dr. Nigam's explanation of why hair loss is increasing
  235. The Bald Truth
  236. Summary of upcoming treatments 2014/2015
  237. Other aspects to work on
  238. Dr. Cotsarelis latest discovery(Controversial)
  239. Pilofocus video
  240. The only ones that will benefit from future treatments are our children
  241. IF I am using current treatments, can I still benefit from future cures, if any?
  242. Histogen - Total Hair Count - Question
  243. Histogen - Documents and Presentations
  244. Histogen video
  245. Pilofocus for FUT sufferers
  246. CG210 - Does it work?
  247. Pilofocus and shedding
  248. Has anyone regrown hair WITHOUT using the big 3?
  249. Upside of Histogen Merger
  250. If this is true, can be considered a solution.