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  1. Replicel causes E.D., depression, gyno, and baldness!!!!
  2. Valporic Acid, Better than Minox??
  3. Replicel NW7 to NW1!!!???
  4. New treatments could come from another angle altogether
  5. Clinical Trials
  6. what do people on this site need for a cure?
  7. Have scientists studied the following...
  8. Dr woods on dr gho
  9. New Replicel Interview
  10. Scalp Micro pigmentation
  11. Histogen Phase 2 Update!!
  12. asc-j9
  13. For Those on Watch, Hope Springs Eternal as Hair Trials Inch Along
  14. SkinMedica
  15. can someone explain dr gho to me?
  16. Aderans
  17. Problem with histogen
  18. Dr. Lindsey's thoughts on HST
  19. What's wrong with transected hairs?
  20. New business idea!
  21. chemical castration cycle
  22. Bitmopost (allergen)
  23. Cutting edge products summary
  24. A Very Interesting Article
  25. What Physicians are Saying About the HST
  26. Hey Spencer we want a Histogen (and Aderans) Interview... when do we want it? now!
  27. PGD2 or DHT
  28. So when can we expect news on whether PGD2 inhibitors work or not?
  29. PGD2, betamethasone valeratel, and hair growth....
  30. I Just Solved the Baldness Problem
  31. Ketoconazole (shampoo or creme) and PGD2, cox2, etc.
  32. Computer Model Successfully Predicts Drug Side Effects
  33. Bioluminescence imaging lights up stem cell therapy for hair growth
  34. Struck by lightning
  35. Prostaglandin Graphic
  36. Ten-year-old girl gets vein grown from her stem cells
  37. Follica Phase 2 Results
  38. Dr. Cole and HST - Good news
  39. If it were PGD2.....
  40. Spencer Kobren Speaks To Dr. Craig Ziering - Histogen’s HSC Update 6/16/12
  41. Hair-loss prevention with Korean Seaweed?
  42. Neogenic by L’Oréal
  43. Balding men offered hope of waking their 'sleeping' hair
  44. Dr. Cotsarelis interview about PGD2.
  45. Why isn't Spencer one of Dr. Ziering's Histogen test subjects?
  46. Any topical treatment to look forward to in the future?
  47. Science + L'Oreal
  48. List of treatments and which one you think will actually work?
  49. FGF5 inhibition
  50. To the naysayers
  51. alopecia areata
  52. Temple loss
  53. Grow Capelli - Hair Demand
  54. Equol
  55. What brings you to the forum?
  56. Histogen / free ice cream
  57. Tsuji-lab (Team Tokyo)
  58. Histogen and hair transplant
  59. S-Equol in Phase 2 for BPH
  60. Getting HSC treatment now and Micropigmentation
  61. New Product
  62. Plucking and Acell patients
  63. Artificial jellyfish made from rat cells
  64. Vitamin-Boosted Stem Cells Show Promise in Curing Baldness
  65. Why we should all love the University of PA
  66. A War on Baldness, Fought in the Follicle
  67. hair loss genetics
  68. Cost/Benefit analysis of future treatments vs Micropigmentation
  69. Tb4
  70. What has happened to Capixyl?
  71. Safety of Histogen and Wnt protein
  72. Vitamin D3
  73. WHY :( WHY there is no cure of mpb out there yet WHY :(
  74. Is this the cure?
  75. Follica? Side effects of Bimatoprost, Equol, cb-03-01??
  76. Latest news on any of the big companies?
  77. Spencer, can you send Joey to the Netherlands?
  78. Does Histogen/Aderans/Replicel awaken follicles or just thicken damaged ones?
  79. Interesting study: Wnt10b signals anagen.
  80. Future treatments compatibility w/ HTs
  81. Is this the secret PGD2 Inhibitor that Cotsarelis was referring to?
  82. realistically, when can they make a safe alternative for finasteride?
  83. Vitamin D cure?
  84. Dercos aminexil pro man vs neogenic
  85. News on future treatments
  86. Off topic joe staton island
  87. Hidden Gem -> MSM/Vit C & TRX2 - a fin alternative?
  88. IS Finasteride better than untested treatments
  89. Question
  90. News on the october conference?
  91. ISHRS conference.... mere days away!
  92. Cetirizine
  93. Histogen show "cosmetic" results oct 2012 update
  94. Histogen – TrichoScan analysis vs. side-by-side comparison
  95. I guess this woman doesn't know what she is talking abt
  96. Follica
  97. Stem Cell Research: "Only our grandchildren will benefit"
  98. Selling a bunch of experimental ingredients/products
  99. Histogen update from the ISHRS 2012
  100. Mercks developing PGD2 Blocker!
  101. Kobren researched & promoted FUE but not Gho - why?
  102. Some news for you JFSI - not sure what it means though
  103. Grey hair
  104. Making Follicles - hair from a German laboratory | Tomorrow Today video
  105. Another PGd2 thread...
  106. Important questions about cell based treatments!
  107. Aussies are trialing Stem Cell Therapy for Baldness
  108. Latisse
  109. maxhair is a tool
  110. New Stemcell Treatment Photos... wow?
  111. Bimatoprost Study (11/14/2012)
  112. Would you cry if a cure/something close to a cure comes out?
  113. Platlet Rich Fibrin Matrix
  114. Realistically, are we going to see true regrowth in the next decade?
  115. Derm hair clinic
  116. Theoretically, would PGE2 stimulation+ PGD2 inhibition+ DHT inhibition= growth?
  117. Histogen at the ISHRS conference
  118. List of treatments being trialled Part 2!(December 2012 edition)
  119. Hair for sure
  120. Topical Fin
  121. Another Piece to the Puzzle found
  122. Could a new (working) hairloss treatment arrive unexpectedly?
  123. Man’s sight restored with stem cell transplant
  124. About to start RU, need directions...
  125. New: DS Labs Spectral DNC-S
  126. Dr. Cole's opinion on Acell, Histogen and Follicle Regeneration
  127. New FDA approved drug?
  128. 2013
  129. Scarless Donor Surgery Vs. Traditional FUE: Preliminary Results Clinical Trial
  130. PRP Treatment for Crown Area!
  131. Sensory hair cells regenerated, hearing restored in mammal ear
  132. PRP with Fibrin matrix
  133. Shampoo
  134. New product to use with finasteride
  135. Ramatroban - anybody?
  136. What's new?
  137. Dr Nigam - Hair Multiplication
  138. Future treatment game plan
  139. Dr. Lauster HM research
  140. Highlights from the 2012 ISHRS meeting in Bahamas
  141. KÉRATENE Alphactive ® Retard
  142. Bimatoprost offers a novel approach for treating AGA?
  143. Combination of RU and Fin/Dut
  144. Sorry for the double post! this topic can be deleted!
  145. Dermal papilla Culture (cloning)
  146. Hair Cloning
  147. Quitting fin weight gain
  148. Sept 2012 patent: Natriuretic Peptides shows terminal hair growth in weeks
  149. Am in San Diego, just visited Histogen
  150. My new ridiculous attempt I am signing up - check it
  151. Cosmetic Gene Therapy
  152. 3D Printed Embryonic Stem Cells
  153. Histogen Vs Aderans
  154. Next 10 years
  155. New Topical DHT blocker
  156. Dr. Jerry Cooley, IAHRS: Summery of Clinical Observation With ACell MatriStem
  157. the only trused sources experimental hairloss products
  158. Aderans hopefully soon
  159. Is there anything coming out that can regrow hair?
  160. Is any one of histogen/aderans/replicell meant to grow new hair
  161. Fat burner with propecia
  162. S-equol again
  163. http://www.myhairgrowth.org/
  164. Treatments are never coming
  165. Hair Cloning/Multiplication
  166. When will propecia be done?
  167. RU frequency
  168. Have you guys tried just ditching shampoo?
  169. Better than topic this will cover until a good treatment is out
  170. Histogen and Aderans
  171. Inside info on Aderans was Leaked
  172. Natural alternatives to hydrocortizone
  173. What 'could' be going on in India...
  174. injecting minox into the scalp?
  175. Grey Market Treatments
  176. Anderans underwhelming?
  177. Histogen Upcoming Events
  178. Totalis Vs. AGA?
  179. formula 82m
  180. Clinical Pipeline Products
  181. Has anyone used Latisse/Bim off-label/on their hair?
  182. Please come to market new technologies
  183. Started RU 3 Weeks ago
  184. mpb treatments ru58841 plus
  185. Scarless surgery by Dr Wesley
  186. Mousseigne, french doctor, on the road of donor regeneration
  187. Dr Nigam-Neversaynever update-hair doubling
  188. Vehicle of CB?
  189. PGD2 Blocker is now available on mpbtreatments
  190. InVitro5000G HAIR DOUBLING to 10000G@DRNIGAMS
  191. InVitro5000G HAIR DOUBLING to 10000G@DRNIGAMS
  192. gene therapy
  193. Scientists want to "de-extinct" 22 species of animals.
  194. In Vitro Hair Doubling of 6 Single FU to 13 Single FU @Dr.Nigam's for Documentation
  195. Luis Garza is focusing on interleukin 6
  196. 50 grafts patch test in Vitro Hair Doubling as requested by GC @Dr. Nigam's
  197. Vitamins interesting read
  198. Irrefutable Evidence Fin Can Exacerbate Hair Loss
  199. Baldness cure still ten years away:(
  200. quick question
  201. Send Spex to the Intetnational Investigative Dermatology meetingŕ
  202. Dr Nigams - NSN Donor regeneration!
  203. Keratene DHT levels
  204. Found some info on Follica...
  205. Radiofrequency has impact on Hair Follicle Cells
  206. Dr Nigam patients Qs!
  207. THE real Cutting Edge hi end transplant?
  208. how will the ht evolve the next 3 maby more years?
  209. magnetic field affects stem cells
  210. what's is this new treatment?
  211. Ovation Cell Therapy...
  212. Please let this be the year
  213. How does Dr. Wesley's Scarless Pilofocus work?
  214. Two VERY critical questions
  215. A case of NW7 for in-vivo Doubling / HM / DP - Day 1 @ Dr. Nigam's
  216. RU - new to THIS forum - important!
  217. Community Petition for Winston
  218. DESMOND... Where you at?
  219. SPEX going to the 2013 International Investigative Dermatology in Edinburgh
  220. Is Histogen the cure for baldness
  221. Differences between In-Vivo and In-Vitro (SHD)!
  222. 7th World Congress for Hair Research (2013)
  223. Stem Cell Regenerative Therapy [Biostem]
  224. anyone think the next gen of treatments will come from the forums?
  225. REPLICEL NEWS: what does it mean?
  226. Vancouver Biotech Receives U.S. Patent for Hair Regeneration Technology!
  227. brg1 curcuit
  228. Hair Congress
  229. Indomethacin
  230. Merck study
  231. Has anyone gotten stem cell therapy in states??
  232. Bulge Cells!!!!
  233. Shout-out to Kane for his zero-loss policy.
  234. Big Replicel news
  235. Difference between replicel and histogen
  236. 2013: nothing is still coming to cure baldness... shame
  237. CIT - Dr. J.Cole.
  238. FORUM Section Reordering and Reorganization
  239. Hellouser's RU Log (with Minox, CB Nizoral and Saw Palmetto)
  240. Complete RU58841 Usage Guide
  241. Crowdfunding Clinical Trials?
  242. buying stock
  243. A cure??????
  244. bridging and eligibility for new treatment
  245. Biologix Hair
  246. vampires for baldness!!!!
  247. Reducing T&DHT on the scalp? the best topical anti-androgen ??
  248. sonic the hedgehog cure!
  249. TAKEAWAY FROM WCHR 2013 Edinburgh, UK @ Dr. NIGAM
  250. Spencer and RU Skeptics: Explain Hellouser's Results