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  1. Dr. Dan McGrath Answers a Question About Propecia and Hair Transplants
  2. Jeffrey Epstein M.D. | 29 Year Old-Traction Alopecia and Male Pattern Baldness
  3. Dr. Dan McGrath|Austin Hair Transplants| Are Cysts After a Hair Transplant Normal?
  4. Eyebrow Transplant | Dr. Jeffrey Epstein Explains The Process
  5. FUE Vs. Strip Hair Transplant | Dr. Glenn Charles Responds
  6. Is a Hair Transplant Advisable When Losing Hair Rapidly?|Dr. Robert True, New York
  7. Am I Too Young For A Hair Transplant? | Dr. Glenn Charles Boca Raton Fl.
  8. Bad Scalp Reduction - Can I be Repaired? | Dr. Jeffrey Epstein, Miami
  9. Risk of Wide Scar With Megasession Hair Transplant|Dr. Victor Hasson, Vancouver
  10. Is Having More Than One Hair Transplant Necessary? | Dr. Edmond Griffin, Atlanta
  11. Lost Hair From Accutane. Is A Hair Transplant For Me? | Dr. Robert Reese, Edina, MN.
  12. Will Another Hair Transplant Make a Difference ? | Dr. Robert True, New York
  13. Hair Transplant Gone Wrong. Can I be Fixed? |Dr. Bernard Nusbaum, Miami
  14. Large Sessions, What's The Truth? | Dr. Jeffrey Epstein, Miami
  15. Healing Time - Hair Transplant | Paul McAndrews, M.D., Los Angeles
  16. 28 Year Old Female Seeks Hair Transplant Advice | Dr. Robert Reese Edina, MN
  17. 27 On Propecia-Considering A Hair Transpalnt | Dr. Edmond Griffin, Atlanta
  18. 35 On Propecia-Considering A Hair Transplant | Dr. Jerry Cooley, Charlotte, NC
  19. Best Hair Transplant Method For Short Hair | Dr. Glenn Charles, Boca Raton, Fl.
  20. Will My Hair Transplant Ever Begin To Thin ? | Dr. Robert Dorin, New York
  21. Is Having A Hair Transplant In The Crown Only Advisable? | Dr. Jerry Wong, Vancouver
  22. Unhappy With My Hair Transplant - Can I be Repaired? | Paul McAndrews, M.D.
  23. I Had Two Hair Transplant Consults – How Many Grafts Do I Really Need? | Dr. Arocha
  24. What Is The Best FUE Technique? | Sara Wasserbauer, M.D.
  25. Mike's Hair Transplant With Dr. Scott Boden
  26. Densely Packing and FUE
  27. FUE/.8mm punch verses 1mm/DeYarman
  28. Q&A with Dr. Bernstein: Developing FUT
  29. Dr. Bernstein Answers: How Long After Hair Transplant Can Grafts Fall Out?
  30. Dr. Bernstein Interview pt 1: Strip Harvesting to Robotic FUE
  31. Dr. Bernstein Interview pt 2: Does ARTAS Robot Speed Up FUE Procedure?
  32. Dr. Lindsey Trichophytic scar video
  33. Dr. Bernstein Interview pt 3: Robotic Hair Transplant Recovery Different Than FUT?
  34. Tejinder Bhatti, MD speaks with Spencer Kobren
  35. Dr. Bernstein Interview pt 4: Robotic Hair Transplant Useful for Women?
  36. Dr. Bernstein Interview pt 5: Robotic FUE Increase Candidates?
  37. Dr. Bernstein Interview pt 6: Propecia & Rogaine
  38. Hair Transplant Patient Of Dr. Marc Dauer
  39. Dr. Marc Dauer- Eyebrow Transplant Video
  40. Hair Transplant Patient Of Dr. Marc Dauer
  41. Dr. Bernstein Interview pt 7: Repairing Old Hair Transplants
  42. Dr. Bernstein Interview pt 8: Why A Transplant Works
  43. Dr. Bernstein Interview pt 9: How Do I Know If I'm a Hair Transplant Candidate?
  44. Hair Transplant Patient Of Dr. Marc Dauer
  45. Hair Transplant Patient Of Dr. Marc Dauer
  46. Hair Transplant Patient Of Dr. Marc Dauer
  47. Dr. Hakan Doganay INTERVIEW
  48. FUE 3000+ Journey 5 Month Result
  49. FUE Hair Transplant Patient Of Dr. Marc Dauer
  50. Dr. Marc Dauer- Patient Testimonial
  51. Eyebrow Transplant Testimonial
  52. Dr. Lindsey What is Shockloss video?
  53. Hair Transplant Patient Of Dr. Marc Dauer
  54. FUE Hair Transplant Patient Of Dr. Marc Dauer
  55. DR. AROCHA -FUT Hairlines Results
  56. Hair Transplant Patient Of Dr. Marc Dauer
  57. Hair Transplant Patient Of Dr. Marc Dauer
  58. Dr. Arocha FUE Journey 3000+
  59. Dr. Marc Dauer - Eyebrow Transplant On Good Morning America
  60. FUE Hair Transplant Patient Of Dr. Marc Dauer
  61. Hair Transplant Patient Of Dr. Marc Dauer at 7 Months
  62. Hair Transplant Patient Of Dr. Marc Dauer at 9 Months
  63. Hair Transplant Patient Of Dr. Marc Dauer at 10 Months
  65. Dr. Robert Bernstein on the Appropriate Age to Begin Considering a Hair Transplant
  66. Dr. Robert M. Bernstein: Why the Extraction Phase of FUE is Suited to Robotics
  67. Dr. Arocha- Welcome to Arocha Hair Restoration
  68. Dr. Robert M. Bernstein: Can Grafts Fall Out After a Transplant?
  69. Dr. Arocha Natural Results FUT 1910
  70. Dr. Lindsey 10 month frontal result McLean VA with video
  71. Dr. Arocha African-American Women FUT 2000
  72. Dr. Arocha- FUT 2700
  73. Before and After Results- FUT 2700
  74. Dr. Marc Dauer- Patient Testimonial and Explanation of Planning
  75. Dr. Arocha- Corrective Surgery Results
  76. Dr. Arocha-Restoration of the Crown and Hairline
  77. Dr. Marc Dauer On E Show Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills
  78. Dr. Marc Dauer Performing FUE On E Show Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills
  79. Dr. Lindsey GWU grand rounds lecture on Hair Transplantation McLean VA
  80. Dr. Lindsey Lecture on Hair placement into Scar Tissue McLean VA
  81. Dr. Dauer Patient- Actor Grainger Hines Describes His Experience Undergoing His HT
  82. Dr. Arocha -Before and After FUT 2023 Diffused Thinning
  83. Hair Transplant Patient Of Dr. Marc Dauer
  84. Hair Transplant Patient Of Dr. Marc Dauer
  85. Physician Hair Transplant Patient of Dr. Marc Dauer
  86. Pilioscopy - Advancements in Surgical Hair Restoration
  87. Post Op Healing after Hair Transplant
  88. Dr. Bernstein Answers: Propecia & Rogaine: Do They Work on Front of Scalp?
  89. Why Are Medical Publications So Important?
  90. How Does Hair Transplantation In Women Compare To Procedures For Men?
  91. Do You See Hair Transplant Patients from Outside the United States?
  92. Can a Hair Transplant Fill in Thinning in the Temple Area After a Facelift?
  93. Dr. Arocha- Hairline Video
  94. Dr. Lindsey Discussing Hair Characteristics Using Trees as an Analogy
  95. Dr. Lindsey Discussing FUE of fine and thicker hairs using plants as an analogy
  96. Dr. Robert M. Bernstein Answers 'Can Grafts Fall Out After A Hair Transplant?'
  97. Brother BOBMAN: a Hair Transplant ADVICE & UPDATE video
  98. 9-month 2500 FUE Donor Area - Dr. Patrick Mwamba in Europe (Belgium)
  99. Hair Transplant Turkey - Joe Tillman’s Undercover Consultation In Turkey
  100. Dr. Karadeniz Interview at 2015 Mediterranean FUE Workshop
  101. Joe Tillman and Dr. Emorane Lupanzula
  102. Piloscopy ISHRS Recorded Lecture 2015 - Dr. Carlos Wesley, New York
  103. Bad Hair Plugs and How They are Repaired
  104. Refining Current Techniques in Hair Transplantation
  105. Dr. Lindsey discussing PRFM
  106. Dr. Lindsey MFUE technique in a patient with previous FUE and strip, McLean VA
  107. Dr. Lindsey More planting trees and discussing selected hair topics. VIDEO
  108. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey reviews 2 VERY challenging heads McLean VA
  109. FUE Vs. FUT - Why FUE Alone Might Not Be The Perfect Solution
  110. Can the ARTAS Robot Make a Hair Transplant Look Natural?
  111. Video. Dr. Lindsey First case in younger patient. Case filmed, rationale discussed.
  112. More On Young Patients Having Hair Transplant Surgery Too Early - Dr. Marc Dauer
  113. Hair Transplant recovery period Time Line?
  114. Hair Transplants - A watched Kettle Never boils. Be patient as Growth takes time!
  115. FUE Vs. FUT - Hair Transplants For The Younger Patient
  116. VIDEO Modified FUE repair case in female who had MRSA infection postop Dr. Lindsey
  117. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey female scarring alopecia patient at 8.5 months McLean VA
  118. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey MFUE suture removal Day 10
  119. VIDEO This is why a lot of guys have hair transplantation Dr. Lindsey McLean VA
  120. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey repairs FUE with MFUE
  121. Dr. Arocha Female FUE Procedure
  122. Dr. Arocha-Corrective Surgery Video
  123. Can a Hair Transplant Restore My Adolescent Hairline?
  124. For a Second Hair Transplant, Do You Recommend FUT or FUE?
  125. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey MFUE into Asian female trauma scars McLean VA
  126. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey 11 months after front, now having crown +PRFM McLean VA
  127. VIDEO- Dr. Arocha- 2000 Corrective FUE
  128. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey Early growth on crown at 5 months McLean VA
  129. Dr. Bernstein Explains Diffuse Patterned and Unpatterned Hairloss
  130. Dr. Arocha- 4030 FUT Video Testimonial
  131. Does the ARTAS Robot Speed Up a Hair Transplant Procedure?
  132. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey 2nd stage scar excision on young female with chemical burn
  133. VIDEO: Dr. Bernstein Talks About The Science Research in Developing FUE
  134. Why Don't Hair Grafts in a Hair Transplant Fall Out Over Time?
  135. The Personal Impact Of Hair Transplantation
  136. Dr. Arocha- Six Month Post Surgery Results Video
  137. VIDEO What in the world are hair plugs??? Dr. Lindsey video McLean VA
  138. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey Female MFUE temple results and scarring at 6 months. McLean VA
  139. Dr. Arocha- Artistic Hair Restoration- Hairline
  140. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey Combination FUE and MFUE case McLean VA
  141. 2 VIDEOS of repair case Dr. Lindsey McLean VA
  142. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey talking to patient 1 year out and during 2nd case
  143. When Should I Speak To A Hair Restoration Physician?
  144. Why is a Hair Consultation Important?
  145. Dr. Lindsey 4.5 month checkup on repair of automated FUE sparse hairline with strip
  146. VIDEO Excellent cleaning by UK patient Dr. Lindsey McLean VA
  147. Dr. Bernstein Describes Improvements In Hair Transplant Procedures
  148. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey Female frontal hairline surgery and 1 week check
  149. VIDEO. Graphic. Dr. Lindsey Scar excision at 5 weeks.
  150. Is Hair Transplantation Different with African Hair than for Other Ethnicities?
  151. VIDEO. Dr. Lindsey patient 4 years out from FUE, now for MFUE
  152. What Are the Advantages of Robotic FUE Over Manual FUE Procedures?
  153. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey Crown growing in nicely at 8 months
  154. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey 6 months out from 3000 up front plus PRFM
  155. FUE/FIT Pioneer Paul Rose., M.D.: “ There’s No Perfect Technique.”
  156. Is Mosaic Hair Restoration The Next Logical Step? Paul Rose., M.D., J.D.
  157. No Shave Long Hair FUE Video - Shapiro Medical Group
  158. VIDEO GRAPHIC Dr. Lindsey Keloid scar excision and 3 layer closure McLean VA
  159. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey Evolution of MFUE scars in repair of FUE case McLean VA
  160. Video Dr. Lindsey shows Asian strip scar at 1 month checkup.
  161. VIDEO A "crusty" patient gives cleaning advice. Dr. Lindsey McLean VA
  162. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey 5 month check of MFUE scarring in case to repair FUE
  163. VIDEO Do your research before your 1st case. Dr. Lindsey repair video
  165. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey speaking with a repair case at 2 years
  166. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey day 7 check on repair case, also video
  167. Dr. Lindsey Female Hairline Repair with VIDEO
  169. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey MFUE repair of FUE 6 month check
  170. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey Update on my own facial scar...Vitamin E and scar care works!
  171. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey discusses rationale for "frontal U" cases
  172. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey Female frontal third case
  173. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey 26 months out from starting 2 cases in hairpiece patient
  174. Dr. Mohebi Live Snapchat Schedule for the week of 6.13.16
  175. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey Small frontal checkup at 4 years.
  176. VIDEO SUPERB cleaning patient tells what he did. Dr. Lindsey
  177. 2 VIDEOS Dr. Lindsey PLUG REPAIR
  178. Parsa Mohebi Live Snapchat Schedule for the Week of 6.20.16
  179. Female Strip Hair Transplant, 2400 Grafts
  180. Parsa Mohebi Live Snapchat Schedule for the Week of 6.27.16
  181. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey 50 weeks out from a small frontal case
  182. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey Uses Frontal "U" to repair patient with 3 previous cases elsewhere
  183. Online complaints - Are they always legitimate?
  184. GRAPHIC VIDEO Dr. Lindsey scar excision 16 year old hairline
  185. The Hair Transplant Lock In - The Art Of Locking Patients Into Needing More Surgery
  186. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey 6 month early growth fine hair +PRFM
  187. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey 1 year out from Frontal U, fine hair
  188. VIDEO Hair greed. Repair case wants more! Where to put it?
  189. Dr. Lindsey Crown/Scar results, 2years, black athlete
  190. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey MFUE repair female eyebrow scar
  191. GRAPHIC VIDEO Dr. Lindsey Combo scar repair/crown repair
  192. Video Discussion and presentation of a plug repair case Dr. Lindsey
  193. Video Dr.Lindsey 18 months out frontal U and crown
  194. VIDEO: Layer shaving FUE HT, ARTAS, 1,000 Grafts
  195. VIDEO: Dense Packing FUE, 1862 Grafts
  196. Video Dr. Lindsey Frontal third and sequential cleaning
  197. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey Outstanding early results up front
  198. Strip Vs. FUE - Don’t Base Your Decision On Price Or Pressure
  199. VIDEO: Scar Repair with FUE, 1500 grafts
  200. Video Dr. Lindsey 7 month scar repair update
  201. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey Repair case/cleaning issues McLean VA
  202. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey 6 month update on hairline scar excision
  203. Video. Dr. Lindsey discusses multiple donor scars
  204. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey Dense pack repair case
  205. Parsa Mohebi Live Snapchat Schedule for the Week of 8.29.16
  206. Video Another DO NOT do this after surgery by Dr. Lindsey
  207. Video Dr. Lindsey 6 months out from 2nd case, fine hair
  208. Parsa Mohebi Live Snapchat Schedule for the Week of 9.6.16
  209. Dr. Lindsey 2nd case on professional, with video explanation
  210. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey Post transplant hair styling issues
  211. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey Planting hair and trees part 2
  212. Dr. Lindsey UK guy 28 months out from frontal U VIDEO
  213. FEMALE hairline advancement VIDEO Dr. Lindsey
  214. Video Camouflage your case by wearing bangs, Dr. Lindsey
  215. Dr. Lindsey 6 week visit in repair case
  216. Graphic Video Dr. Lindsey complex scar revision
  217. Dr. Lindsey VIDEO 3 month update on female eyebrow repair with mfue
  218. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey 5 years out from frontal hairline black male health care provider
  219. Questions to ask BEFORE a hair transplant #1 Dr. Lindsey
  220. Dr. Lindsey Update on Multi-FUE procedure class 6, with video of mfue last year
  221. Detailed video, strip repair of fue with several topics explored, Dr. Lindsey
  222. TBT UK Contributor Spex's Interview on BBC's 5 LIVE
  223. Dr Kapil Dua elected Board of Governor to ISHRS, USA
  224. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey Early and excellent growth 6 months fine hair
  225. The Importance of Creating a Natural Female Hairline
  226. Congratulations to Dr. Lupanzula and Medikemos Hair Restoration
  227. ABHRS - “ In order for the board to mean something, we have to stand for something.”
  228. Video Dr. Lindsey Fixing a hairline and why not to sprinkle hair
  229. Video Dr. Lindsey Scalp Stretching Exercises
  230. Fantastic FUT Strip Scar after 2700 Grafts.
  231. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey Female hairline repair case at 6 months
  232. Video Dr. Lindsey 2.5 year out from front repair, 1 year out from crown and one scar
  233. BUYER BEWARE Dr. Lindsey reviewing a poor FUE result
  234. 24th WORLD Hair Transplant CONGRESS ISHRS 2016
  235. Can Wearing A Wig Damage Your Hair?
  236. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey FUE and discussing variables
  237. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey UK guy at 4 years
  238. Dr. Lindsey Update on FUE into scar at 11 months, video
  239. Video Dr. Lindsey shows 2 FUE cases, thin and fat hair
  240. Video Dr. Lindsey 6 month checkup fine hair, medical professional
  243. May the Hair force be with you
  244. VIDEO: Female MPB, 2nd Procedure, 2587 grafts
  245. VIDEO: How to Create a Perfect Hairline
  246. VIDEO: How to Create a Perfect Hairline
  247. Shapiro Medical Hair Transplant Documentary #5
  248. VIDEO Dr. Lindsey Hair transplant into Burn Scar part #3
  249. Dr koray erdogan - asmed clinic - national geographic channel
  250. Dr. Lindsey Class 7 patient after 1st case, planning second, fine hair