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  1. Dealing With Hair Loss and My Concerns For The Future | Mike?s Hair Loss Story
  2. Where Are The HairMax Lasercomb Studies?
  3. Propecia Gets OK From The WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency)
  4. FDA Warns HairMax LaserComb Makers About Illegal Sales of Non-FDA Cleared Devices
  5. Hair Loss Genes Discovered, What Does This Mean For Us?
  6. Concerns About Shedding From Propecia - What Are The Chances It Will Occur?
  7. Hair Transplant Talk: Dr. Robert Bernstein Appears On Oprah Today Oct. 7, 2008
  8. Hair Loss at 23: A Young Man's Struggle
  9. Neil Strauss, Author of "The Game" - This Week on The Bald Truth 12/7/08
  10. Legendary Pick-Up Artist Neil Strauss, Shares Secrets of The Game
  11. Cheap Propecia and Guaranteed Results From Merck & Co.
  12. The Business of Hair
  13. Bad Economy Equals Strong Growth For Hair loss Biz
  14. New Hope For Hair Loss?
  15. Hair Loss Pill Fights Cancer
  16. HairDX Hair Loss Test Now Sold In Japan
  17. Spencer Kobren Tells The Bald Truth In The Washington Post
  18. The Future of Hair Transplants: This Week On The Bald Truth 3/15/09
  19. The Bald Truth Is On Hiatus!
  20. The Maximum Hair Results are in: Women Want Men With Hair!
  21. HELP! What Can I Do When I First Notice My Hair Loss?
  22. Beyond Facebook: The Future of Social Networking For The Hair Transplant Community Is
  23. Setting Hair Restoration Goals
  24. Tonight on The Bald Truth 6/7/09 - Dr. Joseph Greco and Robert Brandt
  25. Researching Hair Transplantation (and the Role of Price in Hair Transplant Surgery)
  26. Hair Loss Video Q&A | Have Your Questions Answered by American Hair Loss Association
  27. Spencer Kobren | How Hair Loss Colors Our lives
  28. Tonight on the Bald Truth 8/9/09 - Good News for Hair Loss Sufferers
  29. Tonight on The Bald Truth 8/16/09 – The Future of Surgical Hair Restoration and Patie
  30. Nalts “Comes Out” To Talk About Hair Transplants | This Week on The Bald Truth 8/23/0
  31. Cutting Edge and Future Hair Loss Treatments - Will Regenerative Medicine Change Ever
  32. Hair Transplant Infomercials - Selling The Dream
  33. This Week On The Bald Truth 11/1/09 - Actor, Writer, Director Greg Benson
  34. Greg Benson’s Getting A Hair Transplant And He’s Telling The World!
  35. Live Hair Transplant Webcast - YouTube Star Greg Benson Takes The Plunge
  36. Diary of A Hair Transplant
  37. Histogen’s HSC-Highly Anticipated Hair loss Treatment Due to Hit “Shelves” As Soon As
  38. UK Hair Transplant Surgeon Takes Stand – “You’re Too Young For a Hair Transplant”
  39. Discount Hair Transplants - No Consultation Needed - ?We Work Weekends.”
  40. DermMatch, Toppik or GLH - There’s No Shame In “Painting Your Bald Spot.”
  41. PRP Therapy For Hair Loss
  42. $50 Million Awarded to Avacor Victims
  43. Celebrity Hair Transplants - The Speculation Continues
  44. No Tax For Hair Transplants - TanTax In, Botax Out
  45. The Bald Truth Ranks #1 On the Web's Most Popular Live Social Network
  46. Hair Transplants -The Bald Truth On ABC News
  47. Hair Transplant Docs “Clone” Hair – Is MatriStem® The Next Great Hair Restoration Bre
  48. MatriStem® Micro Matrix - Hair Loss Breakthrough or Hair Loss Hype? Updated Commentar
  49. Hair Loss Education Done Right - Greg Benson’s Hair Transplant
  50. I’m 16 and I’m Going Bald!
  51. Sex, Lies and Hair Transplants - Former Bosley Employee Sues For Sexual Harassment
  52. Silvio Berlusconi’s Hair Transplant - Apparently Bill Gates Doesn?t Approve
  53. And The Survey Says?Hair Loss Sucks!
  54. Hair Loss Has It?s Perks - Tulca Restaurant Discounts on ?Bald Tuesdays?
  55. FDA Issues Warning: CT Scans Reported To Cause Hair Loss and Other Serious Injuries
  56. Woman Loses Hair After Shampooing With Pantene - Similar Complaints Found Online
  57. The Bald Truth Live on Your Mobile Phone
  58. The “Cold Cap” Might Put A Freeze on Chemotherapy-Induced Hair Loss
  59. Genes May Predict Treatment Efficacy For Women Suffering With Hair Loss
  60. Early Onset Male Pattern Baldness May Be Linked To Lower Incidence Of Prostate Cancer
  61. Live Bald Truth “Drink and Chat” Tonight 7pm PST / 10pm EST
  62. The Bald Truth?s Tuesday Night Pilot Broadcast Draws Nearly 20,000 Viewers
  63. Matthew McConaughey?s Hair Loss Turn Around
  64. Live Bald Truth*“Drink and Chat” Tonight 7pm PST/10pm EST
  65. Histogen’s HSC Shows Continued Hair Growth At One Year - Listen to Exclusive TBT Inte
  66. APCDD1- Researchers Identify Hair Loss Gene
  67. Histogen?s HSC Complex - An In Depth Discussion
  68. Hair Loss Consumers Beware: Double Check All Online Resources, and Then Check Again W
  69. The Importance of Choosing The Right Hair Transplant Surgeon
  70. Hair Transplants Can Be Life Changing - But It Is Important To Find The Surgeon Who C
  71. Life After Hair Loss - Choosing To Evolve
  72. TBT “Drink and Chat? Hit’s #1 Stream Rank With More than 21,000 In Attendance
  73. 2 Million Viewers And Counting - Hair Loss Radio Carves Huge Niche Online
  74. Choosing To Wear Hair and Loving It!
  75. Mastering The Art Of Attraction - Neil Strauss Living Life After Hair Loss
  76. Follica, Inc. - It’s Not Personal, It's Business
  77. Conversations With An Unsung Hero - TBT Listeners Give Thanks To “Joe From Staten Isl
  78. NeoGraft Hair Transplant Warning - Let The Buyer Beware!
  79. NeoGraft Warning - A Closer Look
  80. Advice From a Hair Transplant Veteran - The Importance of Good Communication and Afte
  81. Hair Transplant Marketing - “Selling the Sizzle”
  82. Philadelphia Radio Personality Reaches Out For Hair Loss Help
  83. NeoGraft Hair Transplant – A Physician’s Perspective
  84. To Hell And Back - A Hair Transplant Patient's Journey
  85. The Sobering Reality of Living With Hair Loss
  86. Celebrity Hair Hair Transplant – What’s the Deal With Matthew McConaughey’s hair?
  87. AOL’s StyleList Speaks With Spencer Kobren About Women’s Hair Loss
  88. From Hair Cloning to Celebrity Hair Transplants - 17,810 View This Weeks TBT Drink an
  89. Hair Transplant Success Vs. “Buyer’s Remorse” - Why Some Patients Thrive and Others D
  90. Hair Transplants – For Some, Great, For Others, Not So Much
  91. When Propecia Stops Working - Spencer Kobren Responds To TBT Caller Concerns
  92. Spencer Kobren – Life After Hair Loss
  93. Fitness Icon Monica Brant Undergoes Live Hair Transplant Surgery
  94. Treating Hair Loss - Spencer Kobren Discusses The Dangers of The "One Size Fits All"
  95. When Hair Loss Strikes Young - Learning to Survive and Thrive
  96. Spencer Kobren Interviews Dr. Jerry Cooley | ACell MatriStem Plucked Hair
  97. Spencer Kobren - The Bald Truth Draws More than 14,000 Viewers For Live Streaming
  98. Spencer Kobren Speaks With Dr. Robert Bernstein About ACell MatriStem
  99. Spencer Kobren Interviews Dr. Gary Hitzig - The Pioneer In Using ACell MatriStem For
  100. Dr. Gary Hitzig Presents His Preliminary Findings Using ACell MatriStem For Hair Rest
  101. Hair Transplant Success And The Anxiety That Follows
  102. Dr. Gary Hitzig Responds To Dr. John Cole?s Recent Analysis of The Use of ACell Matri
  103. Male Pattern Baldness Possibly Caused by Stem Cell Inactivation
  104. Hair Loss Strikes Cord At Los Angeles Film Festival
  105. ACell, Stem Cells and PRP- Are We Really Getting Closer To a Cure For Hair Loss?
  106. Propecia Does Not Increase Prostate Cancer Risk According to Chief Medical Officer of
  107. Spencer Kobren?s The Bald Truth 8/7/11
  108. Spencer Kobren's The Bald Truth 8/14/11
  109. Jason Gardiner Helps To Educate Thousands During Live Streaming Hair Transplant Proce
  110. Spencer Kobren's The Bald Truth 8/21/11
  111. Spencer Kobren's The Bald Truth 8/28/11
  112. Spencer Kobren's The Bald Truth 9/4/11
  113. Spencer Kobren's The Bald Truth 9/11/11
  114. Spencer Kobren's The Bald Truth - Live From NY 10/2/11
  115. Spencer Kobren's The Bald Truth - 10/9/11
  116. Spencer Kobren’s The Bald Truth – 10/23/11
  117. Robot Assisted Hair Transplant Streamed Live On The Bald Truth
  118. ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant Surgery Draws 70,000 Viewers For LIVE Broadcast
  119. Spencer Kobren's The Bald Truth - 10/31/11
  120. Spencer Kobren's The Bald Truth - 10/30/11
  121. Spencer Kobren's The Bald Truth - 11/6/11
  122. Spencer Kobren's The Bald Truth - 11/13/11
  123. FUE Hair Transplant ? First Live YouTube Surgical Event
  124. Spencer Kobren and Andrew Zarian Break New Ground On YouTube LIVE
  125. Spencer Kobren's The Bald Truth - 11/27/11
  126. Spencer Kobren's The Bald Truth - 12/18/11
  127. Spencer Kobren's The Bald Truth - 1/8/12
  128. The Bald Truth Show - 1/15/12
  129. Spencer Kobren's The Bald Truth - 1/22/12
  130. Spencer Kobren's The Bald Truth - 1/29/12
  131. The Bald Truth - 2/5/12
  132. Spencer Kobren's The Bald Truth - 2/12/12
  133. Spencer Kobren The Bald Truth - 2/19/12
  134. Spencer Kobren The Bald Truth 2/26/12
  135. Spencer Kobren The Bald Truth 3/3/12
  136. Spencer Kobren Speaks The Truth, The Bald Truth 3/11/12
  137. Spencer Kobren Talks About Propecia - The Bald Truth 3/18/12
  138. Prostaglandin D2 Link to Hair Loss 3/25/12
  139. Spencer Kobren Speaks with Baldtruthtalk.com Regular Spex About Morgan Spurlock’s Ma
  140. Propecia Relabeling To Add Long Term Side Effects 4/15/12
  141. Being Comfortable In Your Own Skin 4/22/12
  142. Cell Based Hair Restoration 4/29/12
  143. Spencer Kobren Discusses Post Finasteride Syndrome 5/5/12
  144. Spencer Kobren Discusses Moving On and Living Life With Hair Loss 5/13/12
  145. Is It Safe For Women To Conceive While Their Men Are On Propecia? 5/
  146. Hair loss, You’re Not Alone. 6/3/12
  147. Spencer Kobren Takes A Stand In The Hair Loss Industry 6/17/12
  148. HeadBlade Founder/Inventor Todd Greene 6/24/12
  149. The Bald Truth Moves To Tuesday Nights Beginning July 3, 2012
  150. Spencer Kobren Speaks With Radio Personality Kevin Rolston About His Hair Transplant
  151. Spencer Kobren – A Bald Truth Blast From The Past
  152. Bald Truth Blast From The Past 2
  153. Bald Truth LIVE Event – Spencer Kobren Streams Dr. Alan Bauman Performing Celebrit
  154. Hair Loss Show 7/17/12
  155. Spencer Kobren Hosts LIVE Streaming Pro Bono FUE Hair Transplant Surgery
  156. Young Guys On Propecia
  157. Dubai In The House
  158. The Truth About Finding Love On The Internet, and Women With Hair Lo
  159. The Emotional Toll Hair Loss
  160. Bald Is Not So Beautiful According To Online Dating Study
  161. Hair Loss, It’s Not Cancer
  162. On Hair Loss Hiatus
  163. Surviving 9/11 and Hair Loss
  164. What Happens at Kobren's, Stays at Kobren's
  165. No News Is Good News
  166. Head Shaving Talk
  167. The Dumbing Down of The Internet
  168. FUE In The House
  169. Spencer Kobren Speaks With Chicago Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr. William Yates
  170. Spencer Kobren Speak With Dr. Coen Gho - Is Hair Stem Cell Transplantation(HST) The
  171. Histogen's Hair Stimulating Complex (HSC)
  172. Navigating Hair Loss Forums
  173. Hair Loss, A Cancer Of The Spirit
  174. Hair Loss Isn't Fun!
  175. Spencer Kobren Speaks With ITV's Jason Gardiner About His Hair Loss Struggles
  176. London Hair Transplants, Do your Due Diligence!
  177. An All Too Familiar Hair Transplant Story
  178. Dodging A Bullet in The UK Hair Transplant Industry
  179. Hair Loss For Christmas
  180. Once You're Cut, You're Cut
  181. Propecia Side Effects
  182. Hair Loss In The UK
  183. Propecia In The UK
  184. Beard Hair Transplants, What You Need To Know
  185. It's The Hair Loss Show!
  186. Hair Transplant Bait and Switch
  187. FUE Hair Transplant Via ARTAS in the UK
  188. Shaving My Head Is Not An Option
  189. Football and Hair Loss
  190. The Best Hairline Wins
  191. Stuck in The Club
  192. Body Hair Transplants, The Last Resort
  193. Hair Transplants And The Hair Loss Diet
  194. Cheap Hair Transplants
  195. The Cost of Propecia
  196. Get This Thing Off My Head!
  197. Hair Loss, Putting It Into Perspective
  198. UK Hair Restoration, What Have I gotten Myself Into?
  199. What Would You Do For Hair?
  200. Journey of a UK Hair Transplant Patient
  201. Scarless Hair Transplant?
  202. Working Out And Hair Loss
  203. Joe Has A Hair Loss Buddy in Boston
  204. Can A Hair Transplant Be Truly Scarless?
  205. The Psychology of The Sufferer
  206. You Can Take The Boy Out of Queens...
  207. Staying In The Game
  208. Coping with Hair Loss In The UK
  209. Allergan's Bimatoprost For Hair Loss
  210. For The Young Norwoods
  211. Mike's Hair Transplant With Dr. Scott Boden
  212. Follica Grows New Hair In Humans
  213. Talking About FUE In The UK
  214. FUE or FUT - A Hair Transplant Surgeon's Personal Journey
  215. Chicago Hair Transplant Surgeon Discusses Online Hair Loss Education
  216. Hair Loss - The Future Is Bright, But Still The Future
  217. Having A Hair Transplant - Do You Really Know Who Your "Surgeon" Is?
  218. Hair Transplant Surgery - An Ounce of Prevention...
  219. Dave's UK Hair Transplant Saga Continued
  220. Propecia - Giving The Drug A Second Chance
  221. Hair Cloning - Will Cell-Based Hair Regeneration Ever Become A Reality?
  222. Hair Transplant Photos ? The Truth About Before and After Pictures
  223. Talking Hair Loss - The Bald Truth 7/30/13
  224. "My Name is Ed, And I'm a Hair Loss Sufferer."
  225. Hair Loss - I Think It's Threatening My Career
  226. Who's Investing In Hair Loss Research?
  227. Hair Loss and The Internet - The Confusion Continues
  228. Hair Loss Cure - It's A Miracle!
  229. Hair Loss - And The Beat Goes On
  230. The Cure For Hair Loss…Again?
  231. The Next Evolution In Surgical Hair Restoration - Can This Be What We've Been Waitin
  232. I Paint My Bald Spot…Deal with it!
  233. I Won A Free Hair Transplant…Now What?
  234. Eyelash Transplants ? You Need To Find The Right Doc!
  235. The "Dumbing Down" Of The Internet, Part 1 - Can't We All Just Get Along?
  236. Hair Transplant Message Forums ? Is It Time For A Change?
  237. Hair Loss Consumer Education - A Never Ending Uphill Battle
  238. Hair Transplant Surgery - Telling Them What They Want To Hear
  239. Pilofocus - Will This Become The New "Gold Standard" In Hair Transplant Surgery
  240. Wayne Rooney - Hair Transplant Advocate
  241. Wayne Rooney's Hair Transplant Part 2 - We Want The Stats!
  242. LIVE From New York - It's The Bald Truth (Kinda)
  243. What's Life Like After A Great Hair Transplant?
  244. Hair Transplant Marketing - How Do Patients Navigate The Hype?
  245. The "Gospel" By Anonymous - Hair Transplant Patient Education On The Web
  246. I’m An FUE Hair Transplant Expert, Just Ask My Marketing Guy…
  247. People Still Seem To Want To Talk About Propecia and Stuff - The Bald Truth LIVE Is
  248. Who Drives The “Evolution” Of Hair Transplantation? Bet You Think It’s Medicine and T
  249. Hair Transplants Abroad...Bait And Switch, A Cautionary Tale
  250. Not All Body Hair Is Created Equal - What Works Best For Surgical Hair Restoration