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  1. my experience with rogaine foam once a day
  2. Hello! About to start 5% Minoxidil - any advise grateful!
  3. Hi. I'm 17 years old and I think I'm balding
  4. My story - already on fin & minox
  5. Am I going bald?
  6. This is an interesting situation - please spare a moment(analytical people step in)
  7. Balding is so acceptable nowadays., re-consider going down the fake hair route.
  8. Shaved head look!
  9. Hi, I'm George. George Mcfly. Concerned about my hair.
  10. 4.5 Month update - propecia
  11. A little bald humor
  12. Is it receding and leading to future balding? Pics
  13. Longhair beginning to bald?
  14. 31, New to the forum
  15. 28yo I think my best option is to shave it off...
  16. 20 years old, is this a receding hairline?
  17. Anyone from mumbai or nearby?i am here to take advice & make new friends
  18. Please help.. 19 year old.. Early mpb or not?
  19. Am I diffuse balding
  20. Never Thought I'd Be Here
  21. Is my crown thinning???
  22. Donar shock loss
  23. 21 year old, losing hair and have no idea what to do.
  24. 17.5 years old, not sure if balding or not
  25. 27 UK, answers needed. Help!
  26. About to take the plunge - my story
  27. I'm 17 and afraid. PLEASE HELP
  28. 25 years old and aggresive hair loss
  29. 26, back on after months away. Receding hairline help?
  30. New Guy; Same Story...
  31. Rapid hair loss in past two days, pretty worried.
  32. 29-yrs-old with long hair, am I balding?
  33. 26yr old, have questions, need advice
  34. How to mix these topical things up?
  35. My 8 week result with Minoxidil, Derma Roller, Saw Palmetto and Nizoral
  36. 4 months and no new hair seen
  37. Am I going bald?
  38. Uh, help?
  39. (23 male) crown thinning cowlick
  40. Started at Norwood 6, radical treatment, not for everyone...
  41. I'm 24, balding with a beard. Thoughts?
  42. What should I do
  43. 19, better pics I guess,receding or nah?
  44. When I balding?
  45. I'm not sure if I should be worried about my crown or not
  46. 30 y.o thinking about it surgery. Do I need it or not?
  47. Learning more about hair loss
  48. Am I Balding?
  49. am i losing hair
  50. What's my Norwood?
  51. balding?
  52. Should I shave - need truth
  53. balding on crown?
  54. Hello Everyone. I need some honest opinions
  55. 24 but bigheaded from birth. Has it receded more?
  56. I am the new guy
  57. mah hairs
  58. 21M, What Norwood am I
  59. 38 bald
  60. Am i getting bald im 16 and im nervous as i dont ever wanna be bald
  61. Where to go from here?
  62. Im glad I finally signed up
  63. 39 Noob with a lot of questions
  64. Great to be here. My current hair medications.
  65. Finasteride only results (5 months) 20 yrs old
  66. My story (with a bunch of pics!). Warning: long post
  67. should I be worried?
  68. 26 years and worried
  69. 13 Months back on Propecia after being on Generic for 4 months; Losing hair/shedding
  70. 16 Year Old Prescribed Oral Minoxidil (1mg) for Hair Thinning (Australia)
  71. 16 Am I going bald? (pics)
  72. Do I have any hope?
  73. Im glad I finally signed up
  74. Propecia Lawsuit
  75. 19 Years old and want to know if I am balding
  76. Newly recognised hair thinning.....and in summary my options?
  77. Worried and lost, what to do
  78. Confused 21 YO
  79. Acknowledging hairloss + solutions
  80. I am the new girl
  81. Am I balding??
  82. 10 months rogaine foam 7 months propecia
  83. Hair Club or no? Help!
  84. Am i balding?
  85. Have I started balding?
  86. Matured hairline or balding?
  87. Help me!! Cowlick or thinning hair???
  88. Where am I at on the Norwood scale? Diffuse thinning?
  89. Dr.Suneet done high density hair transplant
  90. I think I'm starting to lose my hair
  91. New here, new hair (fingers crossed)
  92. Dutasteride-induced effluvium or rapid MPB?
  93. Help please, time to start fin?
  94. 36yr old male, tried propecia and regain, now decision for FUE
  95. is this mpb or telegon effluvium
  96. 35 and sudden hairline receed
  97. Help! 17 now got a haircut what's up with crown
  98. Photos from January to 16 November
  99. 20years and sadly going bald
  100. Help me assess
  101. I'm back after 5 years 😉
  102. Just wanted to say Hi.
  103. 21 and in need of advice
  104. Finasteride (1 mg)- strange side effect
  105. Hello...My Story..recommend?
  106. From Propecia, to Ginseng, to Ayurveda (it works!) - with photos
  107. Hair styling tips and how much loss is on my vertex
  108. PRP Questions - Need Advice
  109. Propecia and high testosterone!
  110. Mature hairline or MPB??
  111. Am I balding?
  112. What's going on with my Hair?
  113. Brief introduction to a new story :(
  114. James Huckabee
  115. 22 year old male. Bald father and grandfather. Mom and entire side has hair
  116. MPB, Telogen Effluvium, or something else?
  117. 32m. Is this MPB? I'm a newb at this and very concerned.
  118. Can't tell if receding or naturally high hairline?
  119. Am I balding?
  120. How many grafts do you recommend. Pictures included!
  121. Am I Receding, Norwood Scale. Pictures Included. Need Advice
  122. Teenager - Am I getting MPB or just developing a mature hairline?
  123. 22 years old with diffuse thinning
  124. 19 years old, diffuse thinning and going bald, please help!
  125. Help with Propecia
  126. 26 And need help!
  127. Norwood stage -2 and only 24! can anyone help
  128. 22 male suffering shock loss
  129. Dont listen to anyone on this forum. If you lose even a bit of hair get on minoxidil
  130. 21 yo - DEPRESSED, STARTING TO BALD.....
  131. Fin, shed, itch
  132. Is there anything wrong with my hairline?
  133. 15 year old male picture included
  134. 17 Year old male with thinning hair
  135. Should I go on rogaine/midoxidil , im 20 years old
  136. Help please and thanks
  137. Hair loss 24 years old
  138. Am I losing it?
  139. help me....................!mpb alert !
  140. Will i get back to my former thickness if the stress is gone/ how long does that take
  141. Hi! Confused with weird temple hairs
  142. 17 and losing hair
  143. Do I have a receding hairline at only 18 ?
  144. Am I Balding?
  145. Hairline regrowth?
  146. Propecia indecision driving me crazy.
  147. What doctor to go to for advices?
  148. Can soneone tell me if I am blading
  149. Hairline gone but it gets worse. Need advice QUICK.
  150. Am i balding
  151. Im happy I finally signed up
  152. Am i balding? I have long hair hellppppppppp
  153. What Should I Do?
  154. 27 year old Asian. Ready for Hair Transplant. Need some Advice. (Pics Inside)
  155. Can AA trigger AGA or MPB?
  156. Hey, I'm new here
  157. 18 year old male, I think I might be going bald :(
  158. Hypochondriac here. How to stop freaking out can i be sure im not balding?
  159. Researching Doctors
  160. Newly transplanted hairs immune to MPB? I don't think so.
  161. Do I have a receding hairline ?
  162. 17 Years Old & Losing Hair - Where do I go?
  163. very glad I now registered
  164. Horror at lebeau clinic pensacola florida
  165. horror story at lebeau clinic oensacola fl
  166. Widow's peak? Balding or a simple receding?
  167. Need some advice on whether or not to keep taking finasteride
  168. My experience and advice seeking
  169. SMP my solution to hair loss - might suit you if you are active
  170. Am I balding? What Norwood Level am I?
  171. 43 - Venting
  172. Very confident that I'm going bald, 19, advice/tips?
  173. Propecia/minoxidil General Information.
  174. Seeking information
  175. Norwood rating + advise needed
  176. New to the board. Here's my story so far
  177. Goatee Beard Styles
  178. My experience with Dr. Glenn Charles, Boca Raton, FL
  179. 26 Year Old Receeding hairline
  180. Shredding
  181. Physician/patient who highly Recommends Charles Medical Group, Boca Raton, Fl.
  182. Losing more hair and Depressed
  183. 23 years old, receding hair line on temples. Started 5mg finasteride
  184. I'm worrying about my hair with pictures (18 yo) Right side worse than left ?
  185. New Here - Dealing with some sudden hair thinning and would really appreciate advice
  186. Should I continue Propecia?
  187. Telogen Effluvium, or MPB, or both?
  188. should i start propecia
  189. It hit me, so I did something about it. A few questions
  190. Hair In the Shower Drain
  191. whats happening with my hair-help
  192. 29 year old- Am I balding?
  193. 25 years old and balding
  194. Do I have anything to worry about?
  195. I'm new here and i have a question
  196. Just another victim
  197. One for the younger generation of those who lift weights.
  198. Thinking hard about SMP
  199. 20 years old, have long line in the middle of my head.
  200. Any Younger Guys have Finasteride Success?
  201. 19 year old having hairloss.
  202. 50~ Doctor Glen Charles!!!
  203. 22 years old, sudden change in hair texture (with pictures)
  204. 18, wan't to stop hairloss in England
  205. 16 and I think I may be balding
  206. 24 years old, am I balding?
  207. Hello guys! I have 20 years old and receding hairline..Im going bald ?
  208. Lighting, Cowlicks, Thinning - Treatment?
  209. Chronic telogen effluvium and miniaturization
  210. 26 y/o NW5 - Transplants and Systems
  211. I think baking soda permanently destroyed my hair
  212. 24 years old, Am I balding or is this a maturing hairline?
  213. tell me a little aboute hair transplantation in turkey please
  214. 18- Mature hairline or receding?
  215. Losing hair from back? or is it injury?
  216. uk guy, early forties, disapointed and frustrated.
  217. chronic telogen effluvium or diffuse unpatterned alopecia?
  218. 20 - Uneven temples, what do y'all think?
  219. Is this a sign of balding? 20 years old male
  220. I have no where to go. No life. No hope.
  221. Help me choose the right HT surgeon!
  222. Getting Scalp Micropigmentation in New York, My Story....
  223. PRP at home with Centrifuge and Mesotherapy Gun
  224. Curious of my hair.
  225. my weird diffuse hairloss.
  226. Balding at 21
  227. Need some advice, and feedback
  228. What Norwood stage am I at? Decided to start Finasteride
  229. Help - Receding hairline or mature hairline? Do I have male pattern baldness?
  230. Hello, 43 years old 1500 Artas FUE grafts. Looking for any opinions. Thank u
  231. Will I look good Bald/shaved (no homo srs)
  232. 21 thinning fast on the crown. Is this definitely mpb?
  233. Balding
  234. incredible hair loss within 2 years, help?
  235. Hair loss ruining my life
  236. Double crown thinning?
  237. Don't know what to do w/my hair
  238. Balding runs in family. Balding only in the crown?
  239. Itchy scalp=hair loss ??
  240. Should I shave it off or not?
  241. Have I got male pattern baldness?
  242. MPB or Hair Type?
  243. 14 years with Proscar 2.5 MG (Propecia for 8 years)
  244. 20Y shedding since last week