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  1. ME
  2. Cure Hair Loss
  3. 20 years old and worried i might be losing hair
  4. Testosterone replacement therapy and loss of Propecia/Minoxidil Fill-In Hair
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  8. 32 years old. Significant hair loss. Is it too late to do anything?
  9. Scheduled for 2500 fut next week with Dr.Rahal
  10. 23 yo Should I start Minoxidil?
  11. 13 Year Transplant Veteran.
  12. beat my horrible genetics - 17/18 yrs old nw 2.5 - nw1 in 5 months
  13. Is this MPB (diffuse) or something else? Please help.
  14. 20 years old losing hair! Please help!!!! :(
  15. 28 years young - Dr. Rawnsley FUE Hair Restoration (2500 Grafts) - Review/Procedure
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  17. Odd hairloss at 23: Extremely depressed and suicidal. (PICS)
  18. 19 years old and no doubt going bald.
  19. 30 yrs old, been thinning for 7+ years, extremely noticeable now, $ not a big concern
  20. A Big Day with Dr. Keser in Turkey - FUE 2500 grafts
  21. I got better results with non FDA approved products but how?
  22. Have you tried anything natural that's worked?
  23. 18 months on Propecia and i think its stopped working...
  24. Yesterday popped my first pill and I'm a little bit confused....
  25. My story (please read)
  26. Best Non Surgical Face Lift
  27. Strongly Balding at 18, what it wrong? with pics PLEASE HELP
  28. ii can't take propecia-what can i do?
  29. New member with smp PICS
  30. Propecia/finasteride users: Did the drug help the sides/sideburns/temple area?
  31. Bulimia Nervosa and hair loss
  32. Now I am free!
  33. Thinning in the middle of hairline + Norwood Help
  34. Thinning top, nw3
  35. Took my first pill today, waited too long tho. What Norwood am I, 3? 4? See my pics.
  36. Hi everybody, new here and seeking desperate help... Is it starting? (18 years old)
  37. Going Crown First?
  38. 29 former hair loss sufferer - now work in the industry...
  39. Infection after hair transplant with UK Surgeon
  40. Balding has ruined my life
  41. 19 and losing my hair?
  42. Taken the plunge to get surgery...where to spend my money?
  43. UK or oversea FUE procedures... Where are the best practices/clinics
  44. To everyone thinking or starting to take Fin ! ( 9 month progress with pics )
  45. Just turned 17 and suffering hair loss....please help me.
  46. Thoughts?
  47. Kicking Myself. Advice, Recommendations, Support. 28 Years Old.
  48. Telogen Effluvium (Questions)
  49. Blond'ish, balding, 27, what drugs etc. min, fin or natural?
  50. Substantial Balding
  51. Help when to start fin
  52. 19 Year Old Fashion Model, Need Some Help
  53. Hi guys!
  54. 22 year old - stage?
  55. Don't know if this is normal- help please, urgently
  56. 18 year old suffering from male pattern baldness. Help me fight this battle? :(
  57. 26 Years , Thinning / MPB ? or Diffuse hair loss.
  58. 28 years old, need advice.
  59. The good hair conundrum
  60. Receding or maturing at 24..What's your opinion?
  61. Liverpool Fue
  62. 21 y/o losing hair & need help!
  63. what pattern of hair loss do I have..plsssss help
  64. Telogen effluvium or accelerated MPB
  65. John kelby / Hair Again Program / Real or Disappointing
  66. Propecia advice please.
  67. 22 year old male experiencing hairline recession [PICTURES]
  68. PRP hair loss treatment - reviews needed
  69. Guys not going bald!
  70. Do I have a receding hairline? if so, how bad is it? Pics included.
  71. My Story Up To Here
  72. Help for hairline recession
  73. worried I've lost hair grafts after hair transplant
  74. 16... Hair thinning
  75. Introduction and questions
  76. OBSESSING over my hair
  77. Is my crown thinning now???
  78. Does minoxidil work for younger people? Like 17 year olds...
  79. Hair loss in 20s..
  80. Bald at 24 please read
  81. Alberta doctor feedback
  82. Need advise , bosley , hasson and Wong ?
  83. Starting late
  84. Highly recommend Dr. Glenn Charles, CMG Group
  85. 20 Years Old
  86. Please read guys.
  87. 9 Months on Rogaine - I think I'm worse off
  88. Offered a HT at early loss, now rejected by same doctor yrs later when its progressed
  89. I went bald and wish i'd taken the plunge sooner
  90. 23 year old male with thinning hair, scalp problems, PLEASE HELP!!
  91. 21 and rapidly losing hair
  92. Going bald? What do you think? (No Pictures)
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  94. Need help, not sure if balding
  95. How bad is my hair loss?
  96. 20, Chinese guy, worried.
  97. Can i have transplant in severe winters ?
  98. Hey Everyone. First Time Poster. HT Candidate? Wait a while?
  99. Weird form of hair loss not sure what it is? (Pic)
  100. Am i going bald?
  101. new here
  102. 18 year old with nw 2 and thinning all over.Had a growth spurt at 15 and it started..
  103. Questions about Ketoconazole, TRT, and propecia.
  104. Minoxidil causes Erectile Dysfunction
  105. I'm fairly certain it's too late.
  106. What are the chances of going bald for me? (No pictures)
  107. Losing Hair at 19. Advice Wanted for Best Course of Action
  108. Are there any ketoconazole success stories out there?
  109. 14 years later......
  110. 27, almost bald, really depressed - my story.
  111. Minoxidil/Finesteride
  112. Really notice my hair thinning - please help
  113. Is Nizoral enough for this? Pictures below
  114. I'd honestly rather be dead than deal with hair loss
  115. Which surgeon this time? 3rd HT
  116. My Story
  117. How old do i look ?
  118. Story I needed to share
  119. First time on a hair loss forum, help very appreciated!
  120. need some advice please. possible nw, what do I do ?
  121. Hello, hoping someone can give me advice here.
  122. How long to give Dutasteride
  123. 10 years on prop. my story. good and bad.
  124. Thinning at 18 years old, My Introduction.
  125. 32 & beginning to lose hair - sorting through what to do
  126. 24 and worried about my hair
  127. 22 Year old 1mg Fin my story and begin of progress
  128. 20 and beginning to worry about my hair
  129. Surgeon Known for Dense Packing in NY Area?
  130. significant hair loss at young age
  131. I've accepted that I am balding and am ready to do something about it.
  132. What's this? o.0
  133. 21 and my problems with my hair
  134. 37 thinning and balding
  135. 22 Years Old -- Two Year Update Without Meds (Pics)
  136. Can you have thin hair on top of head and not be balding?
  137. 19 and balding
  138. I think I'm balding / 19 years old
  139. Balding too early.
  140. taking Avodart for a month and loosing more hair then with Propecia
  141. Hair loss Cause
  142. Seeking Information
  143. Nioxin / Spectral RS post Propecia
  144. Been on Propecia for 15 months now.
  145. 25 - losing it - doc seriously against fin
  146. New to the forum - introduction + my experience with hair loss (minox. and Fin)
  147. MPB at the age of 17?
  148. Started experiencing hair loss at the age of 20.. Please send help
  149. 27, Bald, and lost confidence
  150. nizoral and zx42 extreme
  151. Looking for contact details?
  152. Am I balding?[PICS][23 yo]
  153. On the Norwood scale my baldness is number 7
  154. My Hair Loss Journey
  155. 25 y/o with receeding hairline. Need advice
  156. Newbie with frontal thinning (pics included)
  157. 21 yo with hairline recession, possibly mpb?
  158. I'm new here... 23yo is this the beginning of the end?!
  159. 1 year on rogaine, am I worse off?
  160. Rate my hair loss - 24 y/o
  161. Hello everyone
  162. 22 year old needing some help
  163. What is going on!!!
  164. Recommended doctors in NJ / NY?
  165. 21 years old and balding
  166. Need help from experienced on finasteride and hairlines
  167. The start of impressive results?
  168. just looking for help
  169. I'm only 16
  170. 15 - Worrying I may be receding
  171. Wig for some work
  172. Hair thinning improved
  173. Starting hair Re-growth Journey
  174. FUE Surgeon Recommendations in Turkey for a Black Male
  175. Signs of progress?
  176. Hti and How my hair shedding stopped?
  177. 17 years old Norwood 3V
  178. Need some advice.. Start Fin? MPB or something else?
  179. Need Verification: Am I balding? Currently 21 years old Asian
  180. What norwood am I? Should I start fin?
  181. Receding hairline/sign of MPB?
  182. taking the plunge!
  183. MY Hair restoration experience
  184. What to do?
  185. Turning 24 in a few months. I think I'm losing hair...
  186. Vinci Harley St London
  187. Propecia side effects
  188. IS my hair thinning will i go bald? (pics)
  189. My history and please advice
  190. My story and advice request
  191. no good god im bald
  192. My situation - advice sought (pics included)
  193. Agustin's Hair Loss Story
  194. Losing hair on sides and back of head?
  195. Where would you place me on the Norwood Scale?
  196. My Story/Am I likely to go bald or am i already balding?
  197. what should i do? definently starting to bald.
  198. First post and I have no idea what happened and why it happened so quickly
  199. Early Signs of Balding? 24
  200. Would u consider hair transplant at this stage?
  201. Newbie
  202. Im new and I need your help please...
  203. First Post Here. What Do You Think?
  204. Advice or help please
  205. Dicided to shave my head finnaly after posting here Thanks guys!
  206. Stick with it guys, It eventually does work.
  207. Can extreme stress trigger MPB
  208. Frontal thinning- PLEASE HELP
  209. First Bald FaceBook Post
  210. Hello all
  211. My horrible hair loss experience and my new regiment.
  212. Extremely fast receding temples at 19. Want to give up on life
  213. Any eperience with Nisism Biofactor Shampoo
  214. Im 16 and have been losing my hair for half a year.
  215. Saw Palmetto oil
  216. Frontal Hairline
  217. Norwood 2.5 on Finasteride
  218. Started propecia yesterday. Harder to get boners.
  219. 24: Save it while you got it!
  220. I began to loose hair about 5 years ago.
  221. Hello all.
  222. Hope For Me?
  223. Anxiety going bald any advice?
  224. Am I balding?
  225. Considering a hair system, here is my story.
  226. 23 w/ receeding temples looking for advice
  227. How bad is it Doc? Mature Hairline or MPB?
  228. My hairline is running away, I just want to know why
  229. Almost 18. MPB or normal hairline or maturing hairline?
  230. How bad is it? Start propecia now? 23y/o
  231. Thinning in the front?
  232. hi have i been robbed
  233. My first post - a bit of a rant
  234. Am I candidate for hair line transplant?
  235. Vincent's sad story
  236. the start of my journey (pics)
  237. New to forum. Need advice.
  238. Newbie Here and Needing Some Advice
  239. Please Provide Your Opinions On My Progress
  240. Hi plz read this
  241. ripping out hair causes more to grow?? hmmm...
  242. Will working out cause my hair to fall?
  243. Hello, need advice post consultation
  244. dr thomas mantse
  245. Introduction!!
  246. Greens and hair oil treatment
  247. I desperately need some advice
  248. hair transplant first 8 days what to expect
  249. 26 y/o temple recession
  250. My Children Are Destroyed For Lack of Knowledge