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  1. Coping with Hair Loss in Every Day Life
  2. Losing your Identity through Hair Loss - You are NOT your Hair.
  3. Spencer Kobren - Depression and Hair Loss: My Story
  4. I'm Scared.
  5. Sp apart from hairloss...
  6. Impact on your looks
  7. Dreaming of hair
  8. Whatís on Top of Clive Davisí Head?
  9. Thoughts on Hair Loss
  10. Drug companies are deliberately shelving cure research
  11. When you get hair, what's next?
  12. Do you tell 'em?
  13. Shave Your Head, Get a Tan, and Get Your A** to the Gym
  14. How do you get a girlfriend with hairloss...
  15. Scorpion
  16. Being Happy
  17. Hair or No Hair
  18. Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
  19. I'm starting to like my receding hairline
  20. The girl I was after....
  21. Worst Part of the Day for the Balding Guy?
  22. What do your girlfriend/wife say?
  23. Just something to think about...
  24. Guys with mature hairlines
  25. Do you feel better or worse about your hair loss posting about it?
  26. Beating hair loss with attitude
  27. Being out of work made me lose my hair
  28. Found this on Hairsite...
  29. Im very depressed now..Scorpion is right
  30. Read this scorpion
  31. Is there anyway to explain hairloss...
  32. Picture This
  33. I think people need to put hair loss in perspective
  34. Do Looks matter
  35. Head Shaving Topic Makes Me Uncomfortable
  36. The world is a brutal place
  37. Had a terrible night
  38. Bald Battle with the Sun
  39. should i tell my gf i'm going bald young
  40. The Halo effect
  41. BALD references in MOVIES
  42. JUSTIN BIEBER Prince William Should Be ASHAMED of Thinning Hair
  43. There Are No Bald Models
  44. Call me Maurice!
  45. I have to pretend.
  46. Desperate to make money for a transplant
  47. Life would be simpler if I didnt...
  48. I have reached NW3. Beginning of the end. Must Battle Now.
  49. Feeling so low...
  50. NW4+s when did you start losing
  51. 23 and struggling dealing with this
  52. Fake Confidence vs Real Confidence
  53. Zero guard.
  54. Highlander is right
  55. hairloss,porn and propecia
  56. I wonder about aesthetics.
  57. I'm tired
  58. 3AM Can't sleep!
  59. A new lease on life
  60. Anti Depressants???
  61. Anyone else hoping the world ends on 21st Dec
  62. What is classed as depression?
  63. A broscience theory
  64. Is this all getting a little too serious?
  65. Temptation to shave... don't do it!!
  66. Comments, criticism;
  67. I don't enjoy doing most things any more
  68. Well the world is still here...
  69. Happy New Year!
  70. Alpecin Liquid
  71. The look Id like to attain
  72. lmao is there actually any way a bald guy can look good without looking like a thug?
  73. Bald guys with weak facial aesthetics who still look good ( no homo)
  74. NW3 is the tipping point
  75. You know your life is sad...
  76. Styling thread
  77. Dealing with the comments/jokes
  78. Met a girl, what to do about mpb???? Help!
  79. Breasts or Baldness?
  80. Need some support
  81. Nioxin
  82. How do you react to your hairloss
  83. 5mg Finpecia ordered, pill cutter bought -- it's time
  84. I need to apologize to someone today
  85. Is it true that men with thin face look better bald
  86. St Johns Wort and Depression?
  87. Taking Fin is an oxymoron and absurd
  88. How to deal with or supress ridiculous insecurities?
  89. hairloss-zoloft-more hair fall-suicide
  90. Facial hair styles to suit shaved head
  91. Suggestions for the girlfriend
  92. HT's should be available on the NHS
  93. is there a day that you dont think about baldness?
  94. Mother nature is a ****ing bitch!
  95. If you use minoxidil...
  96. One of the most confident and aesthetic humans of all time had a receding hairline...
  97. If the inevitable ever occurs...
  98. Oil to moisturize?
  99. Wearing hats....impressions
  100. prince harry balding
  101. Has Baldness Changed your Life?
  102. Male baldness 'indicates heart risk'
  103. A reprise on the importance of social well-being
  104. 5 Ways Your Brain Is Tricking You into Being Miserable
  105. Public Apology to Spex
  106. To those considering having kids...
  107. Has anyone ruled out ever getting a hair transplant?
  108. Any Tips for First Time Shaving Head?
  109. help me with a plan
  110. Highlander, cheer up My friend.
  111. Mpb link with heart disease
  112. I'm tired.
  113. I want to start reading books again
  114. The dangers of plastic surgery
  115. ******ing sides.
  116. Struggling!!!
  117. Reactions to shaved head. Advice?
  118. I'm scared I have DUPA. If I do is there any hope?
  119. Do I have to get my hair wet, when an Escort asks me to take a shower?
  120. Shaving head early in hair loss // save some pride, easier minox application
  121. hats
  122. How would you deal with your hairloss if you KNEW the cure was 5 years away
  123. "Spencer Kobrenís The Bald Truth Ep. 76 Ė 7-2-13" listeners review
  124. "Your hair is thinner in the back than the front"
  125. What do you think is more likely?
  126. Whats the most shameful thing you would do for a cure for Baldness?
  127. Almost got over it now anxiety is back in full force.
  128. A few comments.
  129. Life is shit.......being bald
  130. I give in!
  131. having trouble accepting it (fin has stopped working, but still having minor sides)
  132. The moment of realization
  133. What type of careers do you guys have?
  134. Will she notice my Hair system during a one night stand?
  135. Thoughts about hair loss
  136. Does hair systems damage natural existing hair on the scalp?
  137. finasteride and libido
  138. Where are the fallen soldiers of BTT?
  139. Hair loss can drive you to insanity
  140. Never let your career slip
  141. Are you alright?
  142. Buzzing Vs Longer Hair
  143. I can't do it
  144. Genuinely depressed because of hair loss/no social life/no confidence with girls
  145. The Balding Brotherhood
  146. I had a dream.
  147. Every day is a little worse.
  148. I'm as screwed up as Joe from SI is, because of hair loss...
  149. is it true that diffuse thinning is the worst form of baldness ?
  150. I'm sorry.
  151. giving it all up in 2 months
  152. Depressed with hair loss, so I killed an entire extra large pizza and 3 cokes.
  153. So tired of Non-Sufferers telling me to "get over it", "Hair loss is nothin. Move on"
  154. im broken....going to throw in the towel soon
  155. I've quit smoking because of hair loss.
  156. Fund raising?
  157. NW3, 31 and single it is lame...
  158. someone give me some support/advice
  159. For the morons who think that NW0 looks strange on older men...
  160. Why do I keep seeing old people with perfect hair?
  161. Why not just buzz it off?
  162. Why do some people progress faster than others?
  163. Resolution: do clinical research into hair loss
  164. This disease.
  165. Dealing with breakup, but thinking of hair
  166. Coworker with hair loss. Should I get involved?
  167. It's more in our heads than we think.
  168. Need some help..
  169. viagra
  170. Dreamt about Fin..
  171. Is it lying? Or what?
  172. Question for Doctors-Is hair loss considered a DISEASE?
  173. Finasteride struggles
  174. my brother was completely bald at 18, never stopped him
  175. People noticing
  176. Propecia Girlfriend Needs Help
  177. about holding hair style in place
  178. Workout supplements.
  179. Watch from 2.00
  180. rock and a hard place
  181. Need Support
  182. Importance of hair and looks
  183. Should I shave my head
  184. Facing family and friends
  185. I think I am dependent on hair loss camouflages
  186. People staring/acting differently...is it just me?
  187. Head shape suited for balding?
  188. Accepting/Embracing Baldness when nothing else you try has worked
  189. It's only as bad as YOU make it
  190. Need suggestion about taking Finasteride
  191. Hair loss, MPB, Alopecias alike, are deadl to the psyche
  192. Young and Balding - from a negative situation to a positive approach
  193. Anything help cover a transplant scar?
  194. Did you fear balding before it actually happened to you ?
  195. Considering Antidepressants
  196. Girlfriend dumped me this Thursday... For a guy with a full head of hair
  197. Got Found Out for concealing hair loss
  198. Life isn't worth living if you're bald.
  199. Nice song
  200. If you say this guy doesn't look better, you're delusional.
  201. Body Dismorphic Disorder
  202. Nj housewives concealer fight video
  203. guy's perspective on balding and peoples opinions
  204. I seriously feel liek shit, justw anna give up on everything!
  205. Using a mental health professional to cope with hair loss
  206. I was the only Norwood 7 in the gym today..(No other man had hair loss) :(
  207. Jesus Christ I'm only 18! :(
  208. Just had a hrrible thought
  209. Would you make a deal with the devil to keep your hair thick and un-receded forever?
  210. hiding hairloss is "sad"
  211. Sorry to write this
  212. The emotional rollercoaster that is a balding man's contemplation of the future
  213. Lol at what my Manager said to me
  214. Really lost hope here gentlemen, I'm about through.
  215. balding and heart disease
  216. how do i delete my account?
  217. "You know I like guys with long hair".
  218. can i pull off the shaved head??
  219. This place is depressing (long rant)
  220. proof that chics are not disgusted by bald guys......
  221. I feel like im less than everyone.
  222. Has anyone ever heard of Xtrands?
  223. Above average looking guys don't really need hair
  224. I look great in the mirror but awful in pictures
  225. What is it that makes Jason Statham beautiful?
  226. Friends in Denial
  227. you know what pisses me off?! guys who...
  228. "How does it FEEL to be bald?" A social experiment!
  229. hey guys, think I'll look alright bald?
  230. how much hair is it normal to lose in shower or when styling / geling?
  231. The Bald Illusion
  232. I couldn't take it anymore and buzzed my hair, how do I look?
  233. Finally took the step and went for the razorblade
  234. really great self tanner
  235. Hair matters some, but not near as much as most here make it out to be
  236. I am disgusted by the hate against the men who lose their hair. Pathetic
  237. Need help
  238. Rogaine shedding
  239. 4 months of baldness: my experience
  240. Is there a way that I can hide/treat my hair loss? 19 yo.. (pics)
  241. Massive hair loss after stopping minoxidil-pls help!
  242. proof that women don't care......
  243. bald vampire picks up chics
  244. THE BALD EXPERIMENT! Do girls care?
  245. Feeling crappy about my balding head
  246. Almost 19... losing hair and I'm falling apart.
  247. What's with the frizz??
  248. The last time I went to a bar/club
  249. Is it always going to be about looks in this world?
  250. I had a strange dream last night...