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  1. Balding is f***ing mental torture.
  2. CONS of using Topical Fibers (Caboki, Toppik, etc)
  3. Why are doctors such retards?!
  4. I can't imagine ever being happy again
  5. How to tell if you'll look good bald
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  7. Strong hold hairspray that isn't SHINEY as F*CK?!?!
  8. Baldness and anger
  9. Why am I missing a chunk of eyebrow?
  10. where the hell is rouser?
  11. mental health approach to deal with depression caused by appearance?
  12. How you're gonna deal with hair loss (longer hair) from now on.
  13. Has anybody here made his wife pregnant/got a baby while on finasteride?
  14. Imagne a magic staff of baldness
  15. Merry Christmas my brothers
  16. u know balding is bad when..
  17. had a dream I had a full head of hair
  18. Dating a new girl and she wants to....
  19. Transplant from other donor...but with a twist
  20. 'Little' Behaviours Caused by Balding
  21. Is the undercut a good hairstyle for balding guys???
  22. hair is everything
  23. Should I get SMP like Fouseytube?
  24. My plan for hair loss. Anyone feel the same?
  25. I want to ask a question but be honest
  26. My Hair Loss Blog
  27. Really struggling at the moment
  28. Want to shoot myself in the head
  29. lost girl due to being bald
  30. Hair loss makes you a freak
  31. Hate Getting Haircuts
  32. MPB at 18, steadily getting through it but kinda down.
  33. What's wrong with SMP?
  34. i can't take it anymore !
  35. Neyo not wearing hats anymore in 2016
  36. Honest opinion - I'm 16
  37. One doctor said I have mpb and another said I don't??
  38. honest opinion of hair loss
  39. Feeling awful/down about losing my hair. Please help/advice
  40. A question to all hairloss sufferers
  41. Does anyone here actually prefer the bald look?
  42. Toppik users
  43. Examples of supportive women
  44. Perspective from a forty something on hair loss.
  45. saw palmetto
  46. The buzz cut
  47. Young guy need life advice from you guys. Depressed and low libido
  48. There will never be a solution
  49. I'm in hair limbo...
  50. What is causing my scalp flakes?
  51. Monoxidil, Volume 'Cover Ups', Transplant, SMP: my story, results may vary
  52. Going To Nightclubs
  53. No Bald Ken Dolls?
  54. Hair loss question
  55. Balding really is a curse
  56. Do i pull off the buzz cut
  57. Toppik works well to cover receding hairline