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    Yeah dude, your hair looks fine and I'm kinda jealous because I used to have that much hair just a few years ago and I styled and got it cut exactly like yours looks and I must say I always thought it looked really good. However I don't have the hairline or density anymore to make that haircut work.
    Rock the haircut while you can and don't worry too much.

    Just keep an eye on your hair and luckily by the time you become noticeably balder there will probably be a cure or significantly better treatment than what is currently available. (i.e Replicel, Histogen..) I would stay away from propecia if i were you, at least for now. I'm not saying it is an evil drug or anything but I believe it is far more likely to cause side effects in younger guys just based on experience from myself and other guys on this forum.

    Good luck and for your sake, I hope to never see you back on this forum again.

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    By the way, to kd@fuehairtransplanttruth

    No one has wished you luck yet on this thread so good luck and I hope it all works out well for you as I'm sure it is an event that causes excitement mixed with nervousness.

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    go out and live your life...by the time you "bald", if you ever do, there will be a cure.

    Please live your life and stay away from HELL !!!

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    thanks again guys for your replies and sorry for my late reply and that again i feel insecure, just made this pictures right now having oily hair. they still unclear.. bad camera i know, but i did them in the light and it kinda look like the hair is thin.

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    You have a textbook Norwood 2 hairline at this point. This is also commonly referred to as a mature hairline. Most men between the ages of 18-25 develop a similar hairline. If it progresses much beyond that, you likely have male pattern baldness. If it doesn't, you likely don't.

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    You're not going bald, my man. I honestly don't even see a mature hairline, it looks like a NW1 to me. If you do see your hairline go back a little, it's likely just maturing. Go enjoy your great hairline and your youth.

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