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    I have been losing hair since i was 18, and for the last week my crown area hair has reached its end. With in a week, anyone would be able to see my crown area bald, from far away. I am sick and tired of depression, and crying at nights over my hairless. At this age i should be out partying, and worrying about school not hairloss. I don't feel like going to clubs, or even see my friends for that matter. I am a very shy guy, and going bald is killing me. I spent 2000$ on light laser therapy, and that was a complete waste of money.
    Sometimes i feel like moving away from my town; somewhere i don't know anyone. I can't do that until my university ends, and my university is close to home.
    I also think that me being so young and losing hair will also affect my professional life.

    I went to a dermatologist and he told me about propecia about 1.5 years ago, but he said that it has many side effects, plus its expensive. So 6 months back i refereed to this website and went to a hair specialist listed in this website. The doctor told me not to take propecia because it also causes breast cancer, apart from all the other problems. They told me to do light laser therapy, and they gave me a laser comb with it. That costed me 2 grands. Money i am still paying to my credit card. This was an act of desperation. The fact that it dint work made me cry for days.

    I don't want to shave my head because i know my head shape is weird. I am tall and skinny, which will look it really bad. While all my friends are out partying with full hair; ill be home making excuses not to come.
    I know this is my future. I know there is no point in being jealous, but it is what it is. I am just telling you all how I'm feeling lately.
    I don't know what to do. Should i start wearing baseball caps for a while? so that at least i can get out sometimes with my buddies for drinks.
    Get a hairpiece? I don't know where to get a good hairpiece from. If anyone could tell me where to find a good one, then that would be really helpful.

    IF anyone could please help me out, and give me some kind of emotional support; it would be really helpful.

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