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    Hello all, Just putting my 2 cents worth in. I am 26 and I had some hair loss. I have started using Finasteride and right away after starting (less than a week!) I noticed that I have hair loss no more. Even when I intentionally try to pull my hair out! For help to grow new hair, well I have used this medicine for about 4 months and I can say YES it works but gradually. I bought it online with cheap price without a prescription.

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    Default UK online doctor services

    Am amazed at the cavalier attitude to your personal health all!

    Finasteride 1mg (or 5mg) is prescription only. If you are buying from a website that is not fully licensed and regulated you could be buying expensive fakes or sub-standard products.

    Fully regulated services obtain medicines where each batch produced has been quality assessed. Approved medicines are then subject to a regulated/recorded supply chain from manufacturer, to importer, to wholesaler/distributor, to pharmacy and finally to you.

    By ordering from non-licensed unregulated websites you put not only your health at risk but also your personal details and payment card details.

    Finasteride 1mg is available from regulated services in the UK/EU from as little as 55p to 60p each, so why bother with cowboy services??

    See a price comparison table from one of those suppliers:


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