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Thread: Summer hats?

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    Default Summer hats?

    Hey! I'm looking for a summer touque or hat that's stylish but could be worn 24-7. Any help? It cannot look 'too warm' for spring / summer, but I like the style of touques. I don't want regular hats / baseball caps.

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    Don't do it man. You'll likely end up looking ridiculous. The hat is effectively used as a crutch for hair loss sufferers. You should not try to hide from your hair loss in such a fashion. Just my 2c.

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    All you're serving to do is further cement your insecurities.

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    Really? I'm a nw6, and 23. I was thinking a hat would be better as it wouldn't show much. I think it's a turnoff for younger girls.

    It's not an insecurity, I'm very aware of what people think. So if you think that's the case, I'll keep that in mind. But basically, the same could be said for any other piece of clothing, insofar as they tend to reveal more or less or fit looser or not.

    What kind of approach should I try? I'm into lots of music and fashion, but I always associated bald dudes as douche types with bottles of cologne, who wear ed hardy. I can't wear the stylish-in-a-band type looking clothing anymore.

    What styles are out there for people with shaved heads? Just curious.

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