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    Default has anyone tried stimulair?

    was thinking about gettin it and it seemed pretty legit, but thats the point with most of these products, they all seem legit haha

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    Wow - this is horrible. "Saw Palmetto: Nature's Minoxidil"? Give me a break. They even list Minoxidil as a DHT blocker. Where do these guys come from?

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    I just bought the Stimulair treatment. Just the pills for right now. Has anyone been on it for 6 months with good results? Is the shampoo and conditioner really necessary?

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    Wow there are a lot of positive feedback on the net when I searched for "stimulair" who claims they have used it. Unfortunately, I haven't read about it from "real" people on the forums.

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    Iíve been taking Stimulair for several months now and have mostly good things to say. I had tried Propecia previously, but was really concerned about the extent of the initial shedding and stopped after just a few months. When I got blood-work done after that, my doctor told me I was biotin deficient, and I came across Stimulair looking for a product containing biotin. I do like that itís a natural supplement, so I donít get concerned about any side-effects, nor is there a period where hair loss gets worse before it gets better. In the months I have been taking it, Iíve noticed my thinning slow and then stop altogether, and I even feel that Iíve regrown some of the hair that I lost during my Propecia experiment. The results were definitely slow, and subtle at first- after a few months I almost decided to give up, but Iím glad I stuck with it because I started noticing definite changes probably around month 4.

    I ordered the shampoo and conditioner along with the pills for the first two months but the whole program was a little pricey for me so I switched to just the supplement.

    The auto-ship program can be a little annoying. They send you monthly shipments of the pills so you get a new bottle around the time you run out. I do wish they would send the shipments a bit earlier- thereís been a lag a couple of times where I am without pills for a few days before the next shipment arrives and I wonder if itís impacted the effectiveness of the program?

    Unlike a lot of online companies, I actually found it pretty easy to talk to real person. I called early on to change my order, and called again a few months ago when my shipment was late. Both times I had no problem getting in touch with a customer service person.

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    Its just Saw Palmetto, rather pay £8 for a 3 month supply of high quality extract tbh.

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