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    Default Good Shed vs. Bad Shed??


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    I had a very noticeable amount of regrowth at the 8 month mark, and all shedding had stopped while on Propecia.

    Not sure why you're shedding, but I believe that these drugs you're taking do not cause hairloss. In all likelihood, if you had not been on them for the past 8 months, you would have even less hair on your head right now. They slowed down something that was in your case inevitable.

    Don't beat yourself up over it, it's not your fault, and no, chances are you did not cause yourself to lose hair permaturely.

    Talk to your doctor before making any changes to your regimen. If I were you, I wouldn't stop. Chances are Propecia is helping you hold on to the other hairs.

    I am not a doctor, so that's just my layman opinion. Sorry about your hairloss.

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    When I started my rogaine regimen and used a ton of it I shed a decent amount. It got worse and worse with time until I added topical spironolactone to my regimen, then all the shedding stopped. I shed 5 times less now, easily. Maybe less. I only see about 2-5 hairs in my hand in the shower, as opposed to 40 or so. I see much less hair in the sink after washing off rogaine now.

    I think spiro has something to do with it stopping but I can't be sure. I have been on finasteride for 29 days now. I don't think I am losing ground anymore. I might...just might be having slight regrowth in the months to come, who knows. I really hope I do.

    I recommend you at least try spiro. I also have a really aggro regimen.


    Finasteride 1mg (April 21, 2010)(1mg/day)
    Minoxidil 2% (April 13, 2010)(I use a lot twice daily to increase the concentration)
    Ketoconazole 2% / salicylic acid 3%(April 21, 2010)(Every morning, 10-50min leave on)
    Spironolactone Lotion 5% (May 8, 2010)(twice daily)
    MSM(Methylsulfonylmethane) (May 10, 2010)(2000mg-8000mg daily)
    *******-PLUS Minoxidil 15%(May 11, 2010)(Use a small amount every other day, just easing into it for a month or 2, I dont want massive sheds)


    Derma Roller 1mm(will use together with minox 2%)

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    Quote Originally Posted by KeepTheHair View Post
    MSM(Methylsulfonylmethane) (May 10, 2010)(2000mg-8000mg daily)
    MSM is one of the worst and most bitter thing I've ever tasted. How are you able to down that much? Are you sure it helps?

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    Of all the things I use, MSM is probably the most skeptical one.

    Although I have read a ton about people saying it improved their hair growth and sped it up, so why not. I have seen on websites similar to drugstore.com that some people give reviews and say that it increased their hair growth(speed? anagen phase? I don't know which, I am still trying to figure it out).

    I am only 9 days on it now, I skipped a day since I got some acne with this stuff. I take about 4mg-6mg a day or so I would say.

    I honestly have no idea if it is helping or not. I will report back and tell you in a month or 2 if my hair is growing faster or not, who knows.

    The thing I can FEEL working the most is the shampoo I use...I just love how it makes my scalp feel! Amazing. I love it.

    I hate how minoxidil/spiro makes my scalp look! But I really don't care about the short term.

    I take MSM in PILL form, so I only taste it for a second.

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    I'm not sure the tingle you feel on your scalp translates to the shampoo making hair grow, but it's a nice feeling.

    With all the stuff you're taking, it's hard to tell what's helping your hair grow and what's not. I personally will give all credit for any growth you see to Propecia primarily, and then to *******.

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