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Originally Posted by Tracy C View Post
That recent study you keep cluster bombing this forum with was not a reliable study. At best the conclusion of that study is that more study is needed.
I did not read the study you are talking about but apparently they are now going to put prostate cancer warnings on these products after some company called 'Health Canada' has found it can increase the risk of high-grade prostate cancer. But the increased risk is supposed to be 'small' whatever small means.

No research has been done on the 1mg dosage but the 5mg dosage was studied and thats where they saw risks, but the 1mg dose has been described as a 'potential risk and has not been ruled out'.

They also believe Breast Cancer is a risk and have added this risk to packaging.
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Last year

Information Update
August 4, 2011
For immediate release

OTTAWA - Health Canada is informing healthcare practitioners and patients of a labelling update for finasteride drugs to add safety information on rare reports of breast cancer in men.

Finasteride is a prescription drug sold in Canada under two brand names, "Propecia" and "Proscar." Generic finasteride products (1mg and 5mg) are also available on the market. Propecia (1 mg tablets) is used for the treatment of male pattern hair loss, while Proscar (5 mg tablets) is used in the treatment and control of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), which is a non-cancerous enlarged prostate. Finasteride is for use in men only.

Male breast cancer has been reported in a small number of patients worldwide with both the 1 mg and 5 mg formulations of finasteride. Most of the reports have been in association with the 5mg formulation.

The labelling for Propecia, Proscar and several of the generic finasteride products has already been updated to include information on the potential risk of male breast cancer. Updates to the remaining generic drugs will follow.

Patients taking finasteride should report any changes in their breasts to their doctor. Changes might include breast enlargement, lumps, tenderness, pain or nipple discharge.

Patients with questions or concerns about their finasteride treatment should talk to their health professional. Drug labels, or "Product Monographs," contain important prescribing and safety information for health professionals and patients, and are available by search of Health Canada's Drug Product Database.
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Originally Posted by 25 going on 65 View Post
The examiner story is nothing to worry about. Dr. Irwig conducted his "study" by ranking 71 members of on the Arizona Sexual Experience Scale. In fact Spencer Kobren covered that story a year ago.
There isn't currently scientific evidence that finasteride causes permanent impotence or anything of the sort. I generally would advise against reading pop media articles about hair loss treatments.
Also, there are lawsuits against all kinds of drugs on a regular basis. They mean nothing in themselves. You often see lawyers advertising on television about a particular kind of medicine; it's how some of them make a living.

The rate of side effects for finasteride is quite low (though I agree it may be higher than 2-3%), and those that come up often resolve on their own while continuing the medication. I have been on 1.25 mg for over a year and I'm fine.
If you experience side effects on this drug, you can try a lower dose (.5 mg is a fine place to start).
Finally, don't take StressedToTheBald seriously. He's the resident troll on The Bald Truth at the moment, and probably won't have his account for long.

Good luck.
From the comment section at the end of the article:

This article needs some serious clarification. First off, it has been known for years that individuals with *EXISTING PROSTATE CANCER* might experience accelerated tumor growth if they started 5ar treament. This is NOT THE SAME as saying Propecia "Causes high grade prostate cancer". The difference is huge. If the FDA released a *new* warning that is different from the one a few years ago, this should be clarified, and you should be linking to it in your article. Secondly, lumping in 5mg of finasteride with 1mg of finasteride is also a huge error in facts. They are not the same. Side effects are significantly higher at 5 times the dosage. That would be true for any drug on the market today. Viagra has killed some people. Try taking 5 Viagras and see how long your heart lasts... You can't compare the two. Most importantly however, you need to clarify if this is for people with pre-existing tumors, or people who are perfectly healthy, AND taking 1mg of Finasteride. If Propecia has been shown to cause *new* cancer in such individuals, then there's a huge problem with this drug that has been overlooked since it went on the market (cough) 25 years ago. That's quite a long time for someone not to have noticed. If this article really is just about the 10% of men who experience sexual dysfunction on Propecia, then this is old news. Such individuals are advised to stop taking the stuff. Nobody forces them to continue it for 2 years and ignore the side effects. And in 12 years of working with people experiencing hair loss, I have never heard of a single person who stopped after 1 month and experienced "Irreversable" side effects. That also needs to be clarified. Did these individuals keep taking it after they knew the problems, out of fear that they'd lose hair? If so, who's fault is that? Your article needs more clarification.
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