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Old 11-04-2011, 09:57 AM   #61
Follicle Death Row
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I think maybe Mr. 4000 could send pics to someone like Joe from Staten Island, the admin, Gillenator or Spex to confirm this. I myself have absolutely no reason to doubt Mr. 4000 whatsoever but it just might be an idea. Of course only if he feels comfortable doing so.
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Originally Posted by gillenator View Post
Because we all know any judge in a court of law would throw out your case as simply heresay without any evidence to support what you are saying.
Uncorroborated testimony is not the same thing as hearsay. What Mr. 4000 is saying may or may not be accurate, but it's not "hearsay" because it is based on his direct knowledge as a participant in the event and not on information acquired from someone else.
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HTN, Balding Blog and more or less at this point in time hair site are very very bad sources for people to get informations.

I was reading at HTN and WOW there technological standpoint is actually from mid 90s at best, they dont talk about new technologies, they dont give stuff like Gho or Replicell or Follica a place to be presented.

Balding blog is a selling blog for scalp tattoos because rcently almost every subject is somehow connected to scalp tattoos.

Hairsite, people there are really bat shit crazy people, the forum lacks moderation and they dont interfere when people call themselve names but on the other hand they censor words like scam or fraud which speaks volumes. Also provoking people are allowed there and i have to admit i am not an angel but at least i wanna really help people rather then only attacking them.

To be fair, i think that BTT is the last english speaking forum which should be taken seriously because it does wat a forum should do, even when clinics can advertise here, they provide informations even about solutions which will some day drive old transplants out of business.

One of the funniest memories was when Jotronic was asked if he believes that HM is possible in a near future and he said yes and ten people started to go ape shit and crazy with attacks or something like that.

Even when they have a Gho HST subforum, this doesnt mean anything if this place is filled with real lunatics and psychopaths. Also i finally withdraw myself from this place, because my posting priviledges got restricted so many times and i felt that i simply dont wanna discus the same thing all over again.

You know when you have to explain HST every time to the same people, you start to feel very insane in your head, or when you or patients show HST patient fotos with donor regeneration and people say " I dont see anything" even when bright and fat hairs come out of reddish hole, that was actually a point where i considered that one hair loss forum is enough to participate in.

There are people at hair site who really think of themselves to be smarter then all HM researchers combined, this includes Gho and those Ari, Histogen people etc.

Anyway all i wanted to say is that i believe this thread starter, because such a very pitiful story, nobody would freely pull out of his ass, because i dont fell hate for this doctor, i feel more sadness because this patient had to suffer through this.

But this is actually something i really feel a lot lately when i see the repair patients for example, i always think, man with a buzzcut you would have looked great and with hm around the corner, your life wouldnt be a problem at all and why did you cut the back of your neck now or did scalp reduction.
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Originally Posted by Mr. 4000 View Post
I posted many pictures on their site for a long time, that is a fact, and plunge knows that, for a fact. He read my blog religiously. My thread was negative and they do not want negative on their site. Plunge protects ALexander on the site their relationship is clear. Plunge get a discount and the Doctor gets protection.

The other clown Bill "the expert", did not read my post and he just thought I never posted pictures.

If you want the details go read the fraud hairloss website thread. It explains everything.

As far as my credibility, you can judge this thread however you want. Matter of fact go schedule a date for a HT with Dr. Alexander if that is the way you feel. I don't care what you do either way. It is your time and money.

You can take this information however you like, you have that right.

I feel the need to tell my story, that is my right, no matter how you feel or how you feel I should tell it. I am not asking anyone on this forum to validate a thing for me.

Again, Dr. ALexander is more than welcomed to come out and address anything I typed in any thread at any time. I question his credibility as a Doctor and his credibility as a human being.

Alexander has my photos, Shapiro has my photos, Hasson and Wong has my photos as well, and at some point I may upload them here. My pictures are not going away, they are saved.

In closing, if you don't want to read or believe the information in this thread move on my friend.
sometimes hair surgical can go wrong .I to had a bad experience with a doctor wirth a good name .Some time this can just happens ,no hard feeling if they come with a good solution.The grafts did not grow and i lost a lot of money .But when i told my experience (and only that the grafts did not grow nothing else ) i was banned by bill ,,the expert ,,.why ? because the doctor is sponsoring his community and you are, i think,allowed to say good things.Now i did not say any bad things ,the only thing was ,, the grafts did not grow and the hair transplant is not a succes .Bill ,,the expert did not like this so i was banned ,because it was not good for the reputation of this good doctor and this doctor only has good Surgical Hair Restoration according to Bill ,,the expert ,,.
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