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    Default Cit

    Having Dr Cole perform CIT with donnor regeneration would be incredible news, Hopefully Dr Cole will be able to communicate with Dr Gho and he will tell him what he is doing so as to Dr Cole could start doing it in America.

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    i doubt dr.cole would be willing to pay to attend one of dr. gho's seminar. you couldn't pay him to attend one of dr. gho's seminar. LOL

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    any update on acell? anyone recall when dr. cooley is going to present his research?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Havok View Post
    any update on acell? anyone recall when dr. cooley is going to present his research?
    Should be this week.. hope someone can relay what he says, would be interesting.

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    very interesting , be good to hear Dr Bernsteins views also

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    Yes it is always interesting to read history repeated and continue to watch the cycle. Here is an interesting article, oh wait this is not Acell, nevermind.

    Aug 12, 2002 10:00 ET

    Innovative Intravenous Drug for Treating Severe Burns in Children Starts
    Phase II

    SEATTLE, Aug. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Each year, thousands of children suffer
    burn-related accidents, often with long-lasting consequences and
    disfigurement. Burn injuries constitute one of the greatest hazards of
    childhood, and infants are at higher risk of death from burns than adults. Currently there are no drugs available to treat severe burns in children. This might change in the coming years. Professor Keppel Hesselink, manager at Gho Pharma BV in the Netherlands, announced at the International Society for Burn Injuries in Seattle, USA, the development of an innovative treatment for severe burn wounds in children. The company plans to request an orphan drug designation, based on the fact that fewer than 200 000 patients annually suffer from severe burns.

    The compound, bis(maltolato)oxovanadium (BMOV), an organic vanadium salt, has been studied by the founder of the company, Dr C. Gho, in animal studies using a standardized pig model of burn wounds. When administered intravenously following the burn injury BMOV has been shown to promote wound healing significantly, leading to the formation of thinner, more supple scars with less contraction, and better preservation of hair follicles and sweat glands.

    Investigations of the wound healing have shown that vascularization of the wound was better in treated pigs and the development of granulation tissue was less extensive. The re-epithelialization of the wound was also more rapid in BMOV-treated animals. The magnitude of this effect appeared to be dose-related following intravenous bolus injection.

    BMOV acts by limiting or preventing the secondary injury which arises as a result of tissue damage caused by the actual burn trauma or primary injury. By administering the compound intravenously, we can ensure that it reaches the target area directly. BMOV has undergone a full animal toxicological testing program using intravenous administration. In a recent human Phase I study in healthy volunteers, there were no drug-related and dose-limiting side-effects at the anticipated effective dose level.

    In early 2003 Gho Pharma is planning to start a large pivotal multi-center study of BMOV in children with hot-water burns, in cooperation with some major European Burn Centres. The company is currently contemplating a new finance round to support the pivotal trial program.

    Source: Gho Pharma BV

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    Well it is almost three years since the doctors in this thread made the claims of acell being beneficial to hair transplant clients.

    It would be great to see some results from this procedure, especially the client/from London who I believe had 3k plucked grafts on a virgin scalp. please feel free to post before and after photographs at your convenience

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    Default Acell

    I have not seen anything from plucking follicles that I feel has been successful or promising yet. That was my original opinion and that opinion has not changed.

    By the same regard, we have submitted a paper for publication documenting our experience with Acell as a regenerative device. Briefly, following administration of Acell to minimal depth extraction sites, we are unable to locate a mean of 47% of the extraction sites. In a case study we discovered that 48% of the extraction sites had some follicle regeneration (one or more follicles). In a follow up case study we saw no follicle growth in the control site and a lower regeneration of 24% in a deeper extraction. This supports the notion that stem cells arise from the extraction site as opposed to adjacent follicles as the follow up study was a deeper extraction with the same size punch. I feel that product seepage definitely negatively impacts the regenerative capacity of the Acell Gell we use.

    Presently, we are looking at a new product that has much smaller particles and a far greater potential for regeneration. It is derived from human amniotic membrane. Head to head studies against Acell with this product have shown a marked advantage for the amniotic membrane. This is be interesting follow as time progresses.

    I was interested in BMOV and I still am, but I have not been able to get Dr. Gho to respond to the interest I expressed. No response what so ever. I have an open door policy. When the door is closed with no line of communication, I am suspect.
    John P. Cole, MD
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    So the smaller particles may prove to have a better degree of absorption?

    Awesome update...
    Independent Patient Advocate

    NOTE: I am not a physician and not employed by any doctor/clinic. My opinions are not medical advice nor are they the opinions of the following endorsing physicians: Dr. Glenn Charles, Dr. Jerry Cooley, Dr. James Harris, Dr. Bob True & Dr. Bob Dorin

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