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Default Noticed balding in it's extreamly early stages...

I'm 27 year's old. Have in my past had an extremely thick head of hair and within the last two weeks I had noticed I could see my scalp easier. I originally just chalked this up to paranoia until I noticed an abnormal amount of hair in my hands after washing and drying. Though still a very gradual amount. I'm not running my hands through my hair and pulling out 10. I'll pull out 2, but I'll pull out 2 every time I do so.

I haven't noticed the shape of MPB so I had just assumed it to be thinning of the crown. So I started to research all the various treatments from Propecia, Avodart, Minoxidil, to even the laser treatments. However, now I've noticed that my center is shedding less(though still shedding more then I am used to), but my sides and even back are shedding in larger amounts, which doesn't fit with almost anything I've read.

I've read up on human shedding patterns and how we shed more in the spring and fall. And here in SC we had a very late spring, this combined with my generally poor nutrition and the stress of a trip I just finished that I had been dreading for a month leaves me confused as to what is actually going on with my head.

When I thought I was simply balding the solution seemed simple, start the treatments and hope for the best. Worst case scenario I adopt a shaved head style. But now, I'm not sure what my hair is doing I'm concerned about starting the treatment and having jumped the gun and instead forced my hair into being addicted to minoxidil and Propecia, on the other hand if all the other stuff is just poorly timed I might be missing a key time to start treatment early before it's noticeable.

The only step I have currently taken is to start taking a daily multivitamin to help the nutrition side of things.

Appreciate your time and help regardless.
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Default See your doctor

Dr. McAndrews is a dermatologist who specializes in hair loss and hair restoration. He advises patients in a situation like yours to do a hair count for 10 - 14 days. To do this, you gather up the hair you shed each day from brushing, styling, shampooing etc and count it. If it averages 50 - 100 hairs, this is a normal amount of shedding and not a concern. If it is more, you should see a dermatologist.

Shedding conditions can be caused by stress, poor diet, and a host of other physical, emotional and mental issues. If it is a physiological issue, then the dermatologist can refer you to the right person to address it. If it is emotional or mental (stress), then there is no direct treatment for the hair loss. But the good news is with the great majority of shedding conditions, you will eventually return to normal shedding, typically within a few months, and within a 6-12 months, the hair that shed prematurely will regrow.

So, see a dermatologist. (Look for one that treats hair disorders). In the meantime, do the hair count. It will help you to see what's going on, and will be helpful to the doctor for his/her evaluation.

Hope that helps, but if you have other questions, let us know!
I am a representative for Paul J. McAndrews, M.D.
My goal is to help answer questions about hair loss and hair restoration in an unbiased and informative manner. For more information on Dr. McAndrews, click here or
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