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Default 28 year old hair thinning questions

Hello everyone. I am 28 years old and started to notice my hair thinning about 2 years ago. I was working night shift at the time and thought that my hair loss had to do with me working nights 7 days in a row and then having 7 days off but switching back to sleeping at night and being awake during the day. I have been working normal hours and sleeping normal for the past year and still notice thinning.

My hair thinning doesn't seem to be following the standard male pattern. It's almost like it is following a female pattern with hair thinning all throughout the crown area. How likely is this? My dad has a full head of hair that is very thick, but my mom has very thin hair and very noticeable that her hair is thinning. My hair line is still intact, it's just that all around my crown my hair is thinning.

My questions:
1) Has any other males out there experienced this type of thinning, almost following a female pattern rather than male?
2) Could I have inherited this type of thinning from my mom?
3) Would the standard therapies out there help with this type of thinning? (propecia, minox, keto, HT)
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The type of hair loss you describe is quite common and is likely androgenic alopecia, which refers to female or male pattern baldness, and is hereditary. You might want to consult with a dermatologist, however, to rule out any other likely causes.

If it is indeed MPB, you are somewhat fortunate that it is only presenting in the crown, as medical therapies are typically most/only effective in this region. Propecia is a good first defense and works to treat hair loss in the vertex and anterior mid-scalp area. It should help you maintain your existing hair, and can even regrow hair in a small percentage of lucky individuals. Minoxidil/Rogaine is not quite as effective, from what I’ve seen, but many men feel more comfortable using a topical treatment and there are plenty who have seen satisfying results.

You are probably not a great candidate for a hair transplant at this point because of your age and because you should definitely try some of the medical therapies available to slow or stop your hair loss before making that leap. Hair transplants are not ideal for those who are experiencing thinning in the crown, as this region is somewhat of a ‘black hole’ for grafts (it requires more than anywhere else to achieve acceptable levels of density). Hair loss is progressive and your donor supply is limited so you would be wiser waiting to see if you will need to save grafts for your frontal hairline later on.
Disclaimer: I am not a physician. My opinions are not necessary those of Dr. Cole. My advice is not medical advice.
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