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Default loosing hair on top and front of head and need help!

I am lossing hair on top and front of my hair. I have lot of itch and scalp irritation all over my head however i see hair loss mostly on top and front. I have been using nizoral and other shampoos for last few year . But of no use.
I also went to a dermatologist and he prescribed a amonia solution to get rid of the itch and white powdery thing in my hairs. The itch reduced however i can see my bald patch now. Is there anything I can do to stop hair loss ? I also want to stop the itch so that i don't scratch and make more hairs fall.
Any suggestions about any kind of treatment to get rid of hair loss and itch and get it growing back is welcomed. please help!
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Old 01-15-2010, 01:53 AM   #2
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Hey! Welcome to hell man . Sounds like you have probably have MPB hairloss. On the upside you joining a pretty big club, a big depressing club . Also scratching your hair probably isn't making it fall out by the way, the itching is probably follicle irritation caused by DHT, the testosterone derivative thaaaat causes hair-loss.

There isn't too much you can do except these things.

1. get on Propecia,it reduces the DHT in your body (look up generic proscar, same drug different dose and much cheaper, you just gotta cut the pill yourself, no biggie)

2. Nizoral, they say it helps, so what the hell, why not use it? I know I do.

3. Minoxidil, AKA rogain, it smells like crap, is annoying to apply, makes your head ichy, and will probably ramp up your dandruff, and causes initial shedding....BUT it can help. I know it helps me, I use it solely on my hairline, I let propecia (generic proscar) deal with my crown.

4. Smile, won't help with the hair, but life is short only thing worse than hair loss is hair loss and being bummed and sad.

p.s. don't go for a hair transplant. You end up with a big scar and your hair will still look like crap but I'm only 21, so what do I know......
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Old 01-18-2010, 09:14 PM   #3
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Do u think i can use rogaine for my hair loss ? I have some hairs on front of my head its mostlty the top I am lossing hair ? I am reading online alot to see what treatments i can do.
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Old 01-19-2010, 05:32 PM   #4
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It's all relative man. Different people respond differently. Manufacturers say that rogaine isn't intended for the front of the scalp, but that's the only place I use it and it works great. I see lots of regrowth, but at the same time I'm only 21 and my hair is still mostly only thinning vs. bald. But at the same time I am seeing the regrowth of thin hairs creep forward again within that 2 or so inches I have lost.

I guess the point is - all you can do is try. But also realize that it will probably irritate your scalp to a degree, so be realistic about the area of scalp you want to treat. I'm not sure I could put the stuff all over the entire top of my head, I would be a dandruff covered, itchy mess.

Also, another thing, I only apply Minox. before bed when I brush my teeth, ever-other day. I also only take a a milligram of finasteride every-other day. I have been really interested in using the minimum of everything while still getting results. It saves me money and time

I really recommend you look into finasteride, and have a dermatologist set you up with the stuff if you can. The reports of side effects are extremely overblown. I'm sure lots of other people on this forum will tell you the same thing. I think I also read somewhere that finasteride works quite well on the crown/mid head. Whatever you do man, I wish you luck.
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