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Default What should I do??

New kid (47 here with a little background on myself.

Early (17) but very slow recession. Took 1o years to become symmetrical then just stopped. Around 36-37 crown spot started forming on right side and quickly spread despite Minox. A year later it was much bigger so I went on Fin. Fin was great as it shrank my spot like crazy and even teen hairline started returning.
But after a couple of years I got sides so I had to stop. After a big shed 50-60% of my fin hair returned so I was happy and could accept that. For several years my mpb seemed dormant and I even almost completely stopped minox for awhile but eventually went back on. A few months ago I wanted to see if I could stop but I started shedding pretty badly and new pics show further crown enlargement so back on it again.

I never fully recovered from Fin and later got worse (no energy, sick all the time for starters). Rather than simply complaining about it on web boards, I took action and went to my Dr. Turns out I have borderline Low T so he put me on a low dosage T and already feel like 18 again I can run 2 miles again with no problem so back on the road to recovery. But I have a feeling that the T will make my mpb progress at a faster rate.

My pattern follows my mom's brother which means a slow but eventually advanced pattern. My question is what would you do if you were me? I can still conceal my spot most of the time though recently a few friends have noticed. Thinking about just accepting mother nature.

I uploaded a pic to the album showing 10 year 3 year and 1 month ago pics so you can judge how I progressed over 10 years.

Thank you....
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There doesn't look to be any massive change over the past decade. Lucky you! You're especially lucky if it began at 17.
I am a representative and patient advisor for Dr Rahal. All opinions are my own.

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Thanks-always prefer honest feedback pro or con. It may have started even sooner. When I was 14-almost-15 my mom took me to her stylist to get a cut for my 15th birthday. The woman mentioned that it looked like it was starting at one temple, though I didn't notice anything until shortly after I turned 17. I really didn't think mpb could start that soon but who knows.

I think my progression is mostly genetics as my uncle was the same way-very slow most of the time ,but very aggressive spurts at other times. A hair doc explained to me that it is just one variation of mpb where you get rapid progression about every 10 years with slow advancement in between. Thinking back, I saw this happen to my uncle-first in his late 30's then again late 40's. I am almost due for another spurt so keeping my fingers crossed
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