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Thread: Big forehead!!!

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    Default Big forehead!!!

    I have a big forehead and would like to get frontal hairline advancement/forehead reduction. Can anyone tell me the closest place to Atlanta GA that offers this procedure? Thanks so much!!!

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    I am getting this procedure done in CA, I don't know anyone near ATL that does it. I have been researching it for 5 years now and I am excited that my dream is coming true.I have my expander in now and I have talked to other women who have gotten it and have had no problems..if you really want it I would highly reccommend it

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    Dr Jeffery Epstein in Florida does both hair transplants to lower the forehead AND the hair line advancement surgery .

    this is his website: http://www.foundhair.com/

    I personally used a doctor in Arizona because it was closest to me. But, in my research Dr. Epsteins name kept coming up as a skilled doctor in this field.

    Good luck. I just received the hair transplants in April for the same reason; A high forehead. Pictures of my album are on this site. I am posting updates each month.

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    Can we get some updates? I plan to get hairling loweriing and forehead shaving this year.

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    Default Hairline advancement vs. hair transplants

    If I am wanting to lower my hairline about an inch, would it be better to get the hairline advancement/forehead reduction procedure or to get hair grafts?
    I know the ha would cost around $7,200.
    How many hair grafts would it take and what would the cost be?


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