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    Quote Originally Posted by ccmethinning View Post
    No, efficacy wasn't more important than proving safety. But efficacy was a whole lot more important than many here are making it out to be.

    This is a tiny little public company with funding problems and competition (ARI, Histogen, Follica, etc). Because of this, they had to design the trial to produce as much success as they could in a phase 1 safety trial to develop investor interest. This isn't some massive university cancer research department with government funds where they can just throw shit at the wall and hope it sticks. They needed results, and they definitely underwhelmed.

    Over the past couple months, the company completed offerings worth a couple million dollars or so at $1.50/share (which at that time was well below market value). Now market value for shares is $1.27. They are going to have to sell more of their interest for less money now. Not to mention, whoever it was that bought in at $1.50 has to be pretty pissed off to be sitting underwater now and might not throw any more money at the company.

    I think this sums up Replicel's position very well. Right now, Replicel is hoping and praying that something good happens at the injection sites over the next 6 months; as i think everyone is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jman91 View Post
    have they confirmed another trial yet?
    They said in the release that we will proceed to phase II. Does this mean they actually will? IDK. But I feel it is very likely that they do proceed to phase II based on the release and interviews.

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    If something did happen over the next 6 months then that means we will have to add an extra year on top of however long it takes to get a cure out before we get hair. So 3-4 years. Thats starting to sound too far away for me personally. Whatever happens a hairloss cure has come too late for me.

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