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Bobman's 1st Surgery/Front & Top - Diary & Pics

Posted 11-26-2008 at 01:44 PM by Bobman

[B]September 2004 marks the year that we harvested 4,849 grafts.[/B]
September 23rd. Arrived in Vancouver. Stopped in at Hasson & Wong to fill out paperwork for the next day and met my mentor above all mentors...Joe Tillman aka Jotronic. The man is great. Also got a chance to meet his friend that came to visit, Scott. The funny thing about Scott is, I saw him at the airport when I was waiting to fly in from O'Hare. There was a guy at the terminal waiting as well...and you could tell he had a bad transplant...plain as day. Then this blonde guy with a semi-****y look to him walks by sporting a short, almost buzz crew cut style. I checked his hair out and thought, "I wouldn't mind being able to do that if I had that kind of hair". So being that this is such a small world...when I saw the blonde guy walkin in behing Joe..I said, "HEY..I know were at the airport!" We both agreed that the other guy's transplant was bad. I just could not believe his hair was a transplant! So needless to say, I slept well that worries, just excitement. September 24th, Day of Surgery. Since I slept SO well...I was up three hours before I needed to be at the clinic. Showered, dressed and headed out to Denny's. After breakfast, I ended up at the clinic an hour before my scheduled time. Slava was so nice to me and made me feel very comfortable. Dr.Hasson came in and introduced himself. Great guy. He "eye balled" my head, made some reference points, found the best approach and then we got down to business.

[B]Staples Out[/B]
There we're 75 staples on the day we removed them! Day-14: I've lost most of my scabs. Just a couple left on the top. My scar seems very healthy, and I'm using neosporin on it nightly. I'll use mederma in about two or three more weeks. Two days ago I buzzed my hair and have gotten many compliments. Lets just see what happens when the shedding begins. AH! Sleeping has become easier. At first it was difficult to lay on the back of my its not too much of a problem. I still want to "protect" my head from sleeping too aggressive. I guess I just want to "hang on" to those hairs as long as possible.

[B]Shedding Shall Occur[/B]
Well...major shedding left me with just 20-30% left up top. I decided to buzz down the middle area to look somewhat presentable. It's a depressing stage and I realize it will be like this for a few months...but at least I KNOW there is light at the end of this tunnel. I plan on letting it grow out from here on in. As long as it doesn't come in to uneven...I'll just let 'r grow! I look forward to visiting an old friend that hasn't seen me in about a year...gonna wait until my hair really kicks in to see him. I'll keep ya'll posted. At least the redness is about gone and my scar seems to be healing well. Also, some of the numbness is subsiding. Right now, it feels like I have a long lasting 5-O'clock shadow.

[B]Week 10...AH![/B]
Well...I am offically hating this stage of the game. Hairs are growing in at an odd manner, I suspect coming out of their dormant stages and each one by one making their way up. I'm trying to remain hopeful that things will get better...after all I've seen with other patients, intellectually I know it will...but emotionally its a killer.

[B]Week Eleven[/B]
Week 11 and its official...I'm driving myself crazy watching for new hairs all the time. I don't think I'll I'll just piss and moan about it until 75% of my 4,849 grafts grow in. At that point, I think anything after that will be fun...right? Seriously, my redness is pain at all (not that I had any) and the numbness is going away little by little everyday. I'm still wearing my baseball cap out in public...but hope to toss it in two months! So by my calculations...02/09/05 should be the date...wish me luck.

[B]Month 3 (week 12)[/B]
This week I went out in public without my ballcap. The feeling was both good and uncomfortable. Uncomfortable due to not exposing my head for three months since surgery. I was used to "hiding" and "waiting" for the right time. Good because after giving myself a buzz cut to more match what is now growing up top...I felt "normal" again, sort of liberated. I know that my desire to throw the hat on still inhibits me...but I'm feeling myself now really not needing it anymore...every day is getting better and better. I hope my hair will now start to take off like a rocket. I'm hopefull for good, dense growth. I've also figured out why my new hair coming in looks kinda wierd. From whay I can gather, as the hair is coming out of it's "dormant" stage, the first part of it is thin and the thicker part is following behind, thus giving it a kinky/still coming in look. The next couple of months should prove to be very exciting.

[B]Week 13[/B]
I'm feeling better every day. Some day's better than others. This should mark the start of the growth phase. Let's hope for the best. My scar is virtually undetectable. Some minor itching from time to time in the very back middle area. I think it's due to nerves kicking back in. Some numbness still, but very little.

[B]Week 14[/B]
Man...I look in the mirror and every day now, I'm lovin' it! I know that I'm in the begining stages of my growth and the maturity level of this new hair isn't even near where it's going...I just can't contain what excitement I feel about the next four months or so.

[B]Week 15[/B]
Not much of a difference from last week. Still feel some numbness, wonder when it will go away for good. I was checked out by various ladies on the internet dating sites. Guess it helped when I posted my Buzz Cut photo instead of the "bald Bob" photo.

My hair seems to be growing alot more rapid. I'm enjoying the fact that I need to actually brush it to get the look, instead of just using my hands. I can't help but get excited about how the "finished" product will be by next year this time.

[B]Week 17[/B]
I'm noticing that the hair is now starting to grow at a more rapid pace. Last night I combed my hair downward and just slightly snipped off the "jagged" ends to form a more uniform line. What a trip!

[B]Month 5 (week 20)[/B]
Well...I've made it to the Five Month Mark! I'm trying out a couple of new styles now. Nothing too intense just yet. I'm looking forward to just letting it grow and grow until June if I can. Maybe just one haircut for shaping, but overall I'm going "hippie" style. I'm noticing my hair is getting thicker and little baby hairs throughout are starting to come up. I'm concerned about the area that had the blood spot on it for so long...seems to be thinner than the rest. My hopes is that it kicks in eventually. If not, I'll probably sprinkle some over it in HT #2.

[B]Week 22[/B]
Been noticing my hair getting thicker when I dry my hair after a shower. I took a look at the scar and found it to be very thin and well healed. Now that my hair is getting longer, it's making my bald spot more pronouced. Something I'm willing to deal with for the short term. But June can't come soon enough. ;)

[B]Week 23[/B]
Got my first haircut two days ago. Didn't touch the top, only the sides and back. My hair seems more able to style now than a few weeks ago. Looking forward to having some "body" to it over the next coming month.

[B]Month 6[/B]
Wow...The infamous Six Month Mark !!! These past months just flew by. I have some hair on my head and now its just a matter of allowing the hair to mature and thicken over the next four months. Not much to say accept that I like the way the mirror looks and HT#2 is just around the corner.

[B]Month 7[/B]
Month Seven! I feel great about my new look, but now dread the "bald spot". Only a couple months to go until HT# 2....can't come fast enough. I got a haircut today for the first time "all over". Got to admit, it felt great and weird at the same time. She cut the sides nice a trim and only hit about a quarter of an inch off the tiop...just enough to clean it up and rid those jagged edges.

[B]Month 8[/B]
Wow...did the time fly by! Not much of a difference other than my hair seems thicker and grows faster now more than ever. These pics are taken today, just before my second "overall" haircut. Next month this time I'll be filling in the crown...wish me luck fellas. I might take a few pics just before I leave and post them for my nine month...that is, if I don't forget with being so excited about HT#2.

[B]Two Days Before HT#2 !!![/B]
Man o Man, I cannot wait to get'r done!
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